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Larry Brown – Still thinking

Whether Larry Brown remains in Charlotte as the Bobcats head coach for next season is the most pressing question surrounding the team here in the off-season: That is why I will pass along pretty much any updates I see on the matter, even when all they say is that Larry Brown still does not know what he is going to do next year.

With that in mind, Sam Amick over at did a quick interview with Larry – so go check it out: Larry Brown still mulling uncertain future. A quick quote and then be on your way: “Three sources with knowledge of the Sixers' thinking said that while Comcast CEO Ed Snider has considered firing Stefanski and even looked into at least one replacement candidate, he has no interest in the prospect of Brown filling that role and only wanted him as a coach…And Brown, who has said repeatedly that he will not coach for anyone other than Michael Jordan, won't likely be joining him.”

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