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Stay Still, Bobcats

The site has been fairly quiet of late – partly because I have been working on some other projects and partly because there is not much news right now for the Bobcats: Larry Brown is still the coach – no player has broken anything – and the Bobcats do not have any picks in this year's draft. And David of Rufus on Fire makes the case it should stay that way:

So, what's the point of spending money on a second round draft pick? At that point, it's just as good a bet to gamble on reclamation projects, or never-weres…
-Why should the Bobcats trade for a draft pick? –

I cannot argue against his logic – other than to say that the draft would be a lot more interesting in the Queen City if we had a horse in this race. But that certainly is not enough of a reason to make a hasty deal for an unknown: Looking back now (and immediately after even), would it not have been better for the Bobcats to forgo the instant gratification of adding an additional first rounder 2 drafts ago? Alexis Ajinca serves as a reminder that the draft is not exactly a science.

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