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Recap: Bobcats vs Spurs, Game 7

Boxscore of Spurs and Bobcats – 11/08/2010
Score: 95-91 Spurs
Bobcats record: 1-6
Offensive Efficiency: 100.0
Defensive Efficiency: 102.2
Meritorious Player: Tyrus Thomas – I try to avoid selecting the high scorer unless there is a good reason – and Tyrus gave me one. 16 points on 11 attempts, 8 rebounds, 3 blocks, and 2 steals in just 23 minutes. All of those, except the attempts, were at least tied for team high marks.

The Psycho Squad made its presence felt last night, as that was the lineup that closed out the game for the Cats – Boris Diaw, Tyrus Thomas, Derrick Brown, Gerald Henderson, and Shaun Livingston gave the Cats a solid minute and then D.J. Augustin replaced Gerald Henderson to add a bit more 3-point potential for the final 30.  A 9-point Spurs lead was trimmed to 2, but with seconds left the Cats could not stop Manu from scoring and the Psycho Squad came up a little short.  However, it was some kind of fun to watch.

Not fun to watch?  Stephen Jackson last night.  Jax was relying on the Wade offense – drive into people and try to get a foul called.  It was not working – 4 of 13 from the floor, 4 of 4 from the stripe, and 6 turnovers with his 15 points.  No technicals for Stephen, but his displeasure was obvious more than once.   Oh, and just one assist – I don’t know if Jax wanted to prove a point to his old team or if it was just an off night – but there was a reason he was not on the court as the game wound down.

Back to good news:  Outside of Jackson’s careless ways last night, the rest of the team was very solid with the basketball, with just 10 more turnovers combined.  16 turnovers is still not great – but it is improvement for this group, as it is tied for their season low, with their last outing.  Hopefully a developing trend.

I’ll leave you with this (and hope to see your answers in the comments):  The Queen of Queen City Hoops asked last night:  “Why do they always seem to fall apart at the end?”

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  • Kevin

    Here’s a thought about why we always seem to fall apart at the end: our best “closer” is Jax. When he’s on, he does a very solid job. I remember some huge threes late in games last season after he was acquired that, really, helped us make the playoffs. Unfortunately, and this comes as no surprise, he’s not reliable. Without any reliable go-to end of game player, we are bound to struggle at the end of games. Manu is an excellent contrast; I had no doubt he was going to be the guy with the ball and probably score on the Spurs late possession last night.

  • Kevin

    Comment part II, for Brett: Do you have or know of any models showing players’ consistency or inconsistency? For example, I’d be curious to know how the shooting percentages and usage rates of various teams’ starters or top scorers compare with one another, and whether consistency (or possibly inconsistency) correlates to wins for the team, all-star appearances for the individual, etc.