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Recap: Bobcats vs Heat, game 32

Boxscore of Charlotte Bobcats and Miami Heat – 01/03/2011

Score: 96-82 Miami
Bobcats record: 11-21
Offensive Efficiency: 91.1
Defensive Efficiency: 106.7
Meritorious Player:

What did you think would happen to the Bobcats, minus Gerald Wallace and down to one center, against the Heat? This is a bad offensive team facing a good-to-great defensive team without its best player and no offensive option at the 5. A certain bit of optimism may have been built around the 2-game win streak over Detroit and Cleveland – but losing to Golden State (and scoring at just 103.3 points per 100 possessions against such a poor defensive squad) had to have been a wakeup prior to this one. It was the Bobcats 13th game under the point-per-possession mark this year, and if they continue to have health issues, Charlotte could wind up the worst offense in the league.

With that said – you can still be a good team without beating great teams: Just look at Atlanta. The Hawks have just 3 wins this season against teams over .500 – The Bobcats are only 2 behind them. Just trying to be a little optimistic to close – it may be time for the Bobcats to throw in the towel and get a lot of ping pong balls.

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  • MJ these are players I’d like on my team. CP 3, J Rich, Gerald Wallace, Javal McGee, Al Jefferson ! You can do it !!!

  • Jeremiah Karrs

    can we hang on to tyrus thomas?
    i mean, he’s kind of cool, hes young he still has potential,
    it seems like teams get good by holding on to good players when they rebuild, example, spurs, they’ve been rebuilding for half a decade, lakers, they trade shaq, keep kobe, makes sense, jazz, they lose booz, use trade exception, rockets, lose ming, but they’re just a ming away from contending, charlotte should try it, they should probably buy it