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If you want to rebuild…(pt III)

It’s not enough to have a sequel – there needs to be a trilogy. And this trilogy goes big.

In part one, a Utah, Dallas, Charlotte trade saves the Bobcats: $26 million dollars.
In part two, with the Bobcats sending Stephen Jackson and Gerald Wallace to Dallas, while playing the villian to Jason Terry, Charlotte conceivably saves between $28 and $33 million dollars.
In part three – prepare.to.be.blown.away.

$50 million

Here’s how:

The Bobcats could go for broke and clear Diaw, Jax, and Crash

In this deal, the Bobcats deal away three big contracts, but attached to players who can contribute – I’m not dumping “un-tradeable” assets like Diop’s contract – this is Gerald Wallace, Stephen Jackson, and Boris Diaw moving on. Here’s how the savings breaks out:

-The Bobcats send out $27.9 million in salary this year, bring back just $22.1 million. Savings of $2.9 million through the end of the season.
-Of the players coming to Charlotte, only Mahinmi and Turiaf potentially remain after this year – Mahinmi has an unguaranteed deal for next year at about $1 million and Turiaf has a player option for almost $4.4 million.
-Of the players leaving Charlotte, the Bobcats send out:

  • Boris Diaw – player option for next year at $9 million
  • Stephen Jackson – 2 years, $19.3 million remaining
  • Gerald Wallace – 1 year and then a player option year remaining, $21 million total

In total, the Bobcats would be sending out contracts with $49.3 million dollars remaining on them and remain with contracts of just over $5 million – so long-term savings of $44 million dollars.   So, where’s the $50 million above come from:  Well, Turiaf’s next year is a player option that he could conceivably skip out on – team’s are always looking for big men and Turiaf is a decent backup big who can start in a pinch (as he is doing currently for the Knicks) – so if Ronny decided to get the security of a longer deal elsewhere and the Cats wavied Mahinmi before his contract becomes guaranteed, the Bobcats would be back up to that $49.3 million number – no, it’s not $50 million – but it sounds a lot better.

Does this seem like something you would be interested in? I got real answers from real people this time:
New York (Mike from KnickerBlogger.net):

Don’t really see the Knicks going for this. At least I truly hope they don’t. Jason Terry is a good player, but D’Antoni isn’t fond of tweener point guards. He’s also 33 years old, so he’s clearly on the decline. And I don’t know if the team is willing to give up on Turiaf.  Although he’s a bit player, the Knicks are short at true center.

New York will probably look for another big man to play behind Stoudemire/Turiaf/Chandler. Add behind that a pure PG.

If D’Antoni and Walsh strike out on other free agents, AND if D’Antoni is really unhappy with Toney Douglas. I could see Terry perhaps in a Barbosa-like role.  In the end I don’t think it fits with their long term plans though.

Dallas (Rob Mahoney of The Two Man Game):

For the Mavs, I think it hinges very much on Cuban’s willingness to pay the rest of Jackson’s contract. The pieces make sense in the wake of Butler’s injury, but that’s a huge contract to swallow.

Charlotte (Me):

I wouldn’t have included it if I didn’t think there was a chance the Bobcats would do it – yes, it trims the team down and removes the core veterans.  But if that core is only good enough for a low playoff seed, then isn’t the thing to do blow it up and start again?  This would clear the way to give Tyrus Thomas, Gerald Henderson, Derrick Brown, Ian Mahinmi and Ronny Turiaf a chance to show if they should be part of the future in Charlotte.  Hollinger’s tool projects this move to cost the Bobcats 13 wins – considering the Bobcats have just 12 nearly half way through the season, that seems a bit high.  Saving $40 million and getting a fresh start may be worth it anyway though.

That’s what I’ve got so far – maybe a new potential trade partner will pop-up and give the opportunity for more of these exercises.  Most likely the Bobcats ride things out to a bit closer to the trade deadline and see if anyone will offer decent value for a guy (not 2 or 3) who can contribute to a team in the playoffs.  Going big was way more fun though.

7 comments to If you want to rebuild…(pt III)

  • Dave

    Knicks never do this deal, why do we need another douglas in jason terry? Also Turiaf is too valuable

  • Mike

    I love how the Knicks say they need a backup PG and a backup C, but they aren’t going to make any moves until they get action on a SF.

    The Knicks are a guaranteed first round exit even with Carmelo, but the Knicks front office (and the fans) have convinced themselves that other teams will come to them. Unless Isiah Thomas starts running the Bobcats (given Jordan’s record, who knows?), no one is in a hurry to send useful pieces to the Knicks for the junk currently on their roster.

    They don’t want Jason Terry and Boris Diaw for Rony Turiaf and Eddy Curry? That’s fine. But you’re not getting Carmelo for that package either, so quit kidding yourself.

    And finally, Jason Terry is Toney Douglas? I think Knick fans need to see the Sun a little more.

  • Tomares

    Gotta stop thinking about saving so much damn money with the Bobcats. That benefits NO ONE but Michael Jordan. Regardless of if we were swept out of the playoffs last year or will be swept out of the playoffs this year, this team needs to be in the playoffs. The city just isn’t in the mood to be suppporting a team that’s having to rebuild after just one playoff appearance in the first 7 damn years of existence. As for saving all of this money………why? What good does that do us? Have you seen the free agents available next year? GARBAGE!!! And go ahead and strike Melo and Parker off that list, and go ahead and scratch Duncan. Who are we making room for? Zach Randolph? C’mon man. Any trades involving Jax, Crash, and/or Diaw needs to be involving a draft pick (FIRST ROUND!!!) coming back to us. Otherwise, what the hell kind of plan do we have for rebuilding? Where is the talent supposed to come from? Do you see what the Nets did last year? Made all that damn cap room only for Jordan Farmar, Travis Outlaw, and Johan Petro to be their “key” signings. That is the same thing that would happen to us. I’m fine with being a fringe playoff team and I’m fine with building for the future through draft picks, but what I am not fine with is people presuming that thinking saving money somehow equals wins. Sacramento, New Jersey, Minnesota, so many teams have been “rebuilding through saving money” for years and haven’t been able to come anywhere close to relevancy again. Charlotte can’t afford to do that right now.

  • Henry

    Have basketball analysts developed a way of putting a monetary value on an additional win, the way the sabermetrics guys have for baseball? Even with baseball its hard and depends on where you’re at in the playoff picture. But that would make these trades easier and more interesting to evaluate. Based on nothing but speculation, effectively getting paid $3m for each win given up seems like a good trade.

  • dude1394

    This is insane for the mavs. They give up all guards except for jkidd and jackson??????? No backup point guard, nobody who knows how to run the pnr with dirk. Deshawn Stevenson who’s shooting 4th best 3pter in the league?

    Now I’d like to see Jackson in a mavs uniform for caron’s expiring and some stuff…but giving up all of your guard depth just isn’t feasible.

  • Moss Bliss

    All you’re talking about is saving money. If the team was winning games, they would be MAKING money. If Silas can get more out of the guys we have, why should we give away players like Gerald Wallace?

    I’m not sure Silas is the guy — he’s very likable, but not that successful with lower-level franchises. I can’t believe Larry Brown was so unsuccessful (even counting a trip to the playoffs) that the team was too tight to play, having been around the Denver Nuggets under his tutelage. But obviously we haven’t found the right coach (unless Silas does it) yet.

    I don’t see any of your trades helping the team on the floor as much as good coaching would, and that’s what I’m interested in seeing. Note that most of the better players we’ve gotten rid of to “help the team” have gone on to be big stars at their new teams, and we still have THIS team. I am not going to mention Kobe, am I? No. But even Raymond Felton is playing better now than he did here, and that speaks to coaching, not salaries.

  • I can’t see the Knicks doing this deal. Does Boris Diaw and Terry bring something to the Knicks that they don’t already have in Gallinari, Fields, and Chandler? If so, it is enough to take away the best physical interior defender on the team? With the extra salary, I can’t see them taking this route.