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Live together, die alone

If we can't win together, we're going to lose alone

I took this photo on Monday – not knowing it would be one of the last times I’d “see” Gerald Wallace in a Bobcats uniform. And throughout this season, the Bobcats’ motto of “Win as one” has reminded me of the oft spoken phrase from LOST – and the Bobcats have now put themselves in the latter portion of the cautionary statement.

3 comments to Live together, die alone

  • Eric Lloyd

    Out of all the people to trade why Wallace? He is a dogged competitor, provides needed rebounding, was the best defender on the court, and provided leadership on and off the court. If they wanted Henderson to start, they should have traded Jackson.

  • Of the Bobcat’s three big contracts (including Boris and Jax), Gerald’s was most in line with his production and expected future production – making him the most desirable to other teams. With the Bobcats seemingly committed to rebuilding, I wouldn’t be surprised that they might make efforts to move the other two this off-season.

  • The trade is easy to understand. Wallace was our only desired piece. He never complains, is a team first player with defensive intelligence and always plays hard. Show me another player on the roster with those qualities. In the end, Bernie got revenge on MJ.