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The Bobcats Trade – Goodbye, Gerald and Nazr

You’ve heard about it by now – The Bobcats have traded the final original Bobcat, Gerald Wallace, as well as Nazr Mohammed.  Gerald was sent to Portland for Joel Przybilla, Dante Cunningham, and Sean Marks plus 2 first round draft picks – New Orleans’ first rounder this year and Portland’s in 2013.  For Nazr, the Bobcats received D.J. White and Morris Peterson from the Oklahoma City Thunder.  You may notice that there are significantly more Bobcats coming in than departing:  The word is that Derrick Brown, Sherron Collins, Dominic McGuire, Sean Marks, and Morris Peterson will be waived by the Bobcats.  As Rick Bonnell points out in his blog today – No more Derrick vs Dominic debate – though probably not resolved in the manner the many fans of D-Brown were hoping.

So, where does this leave the Bobcats? Out of the playoffs – despite what MJ has to say about it:

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The Bobcats just lost their best player – and the best player coming back in return is…D.J. White?  Maybe.  Tough to tell because D.J. has seen so few minutes in the NBA because of injuries.  D.J. and Dante Cunningham are backups and the only ones I really expect to see in Charlotte after this year – the real win for the Bobcats here is financial.    Between Joel, Sean Marks, and Morris Peterson, the Bobcats received approximately $15 million in expiring contracts.  D.J. has $2 million due next year and Dante needs about $1 million for a qualifying offer. In Gerald, the Bobcats has 2 more years at $10.5 million per and Nazr was also expiring, due about $6.8 million this year.

Put all that together – and a couple of things jump out:

-The Bobcats are expecting something out of D.J. White or the Nazr trade doesn’t make sense – why give up an expiring for an expiring and player if you don’t expect something from the player

-The Bobcats salary savings next season is around $7.5 million – if they keep Dante; $8.5 mill if they don’t.  That number goes down slightly in 2012-13 as D.J.’s rookie scale contract goes up slightly.  And these numbers are excluding the draft picks due to the Bobcats.

-I wouldn’t expect either of the Bobcats draft picks received to be much better than a 20th overall – that’s where New Orleans currently stands in this year’s overall picture – and Portland still has a very talented roster that just got better and would get even better if Brandon Roy gets remotely healthy.

That’s all I have for now – I am going to look over the roster and try to guess at a potential rotation and then do a projection of the Bobcats performance the rest of the way.  I don’t expect it to be fun.

Links – ESPN’s coverage of the Gerald trade (with Nazr filler) and for salary info

7 comments to The Bobcats Trade – Goodbye, Gerald and Nazr

  • Bigred28655

    G.W was more than just an asset to Charlotte Bobcats. He was an identity. Crash poured out his heart in every game, despite the fact that he would get little glory or recognition out side of our little market. I wish for the best for him and his family, and for Naz to.
    Hard not to feel like we the fans just got dumped on though in Carolina again. A feeling of déjà vu when a local sports team cuts out popular players for the sake of cash.
    Coach Paul can bring out the best out of players, and I expect the team can step up. The question is will they. With Saints Paul and Michael looking over their at least there is hope…. Unless it can be released as a cost cutting measure? ;-P

    • BigRed – I’m with you – I put together some thoughts on Gerald that will be getting posted on Portland Roundball Society hopefully later today. I’ll excerpt and link at that point. It’s tough to see Gerald go and the Bobcats will have to make very good use of the picks received to begin to make amends with most fans.

      • Bigred28655

        It’s a bittersweet comfort having the draft picks. Larry Brown worked his magic at the cost of future mobility. I think we are getting to see the business savvy of MJ coming out in these moves. This pill provides some much needed breathing room, but as a fan delayed gratification is hard to accept….again. But it is necessary to build a solid foundation.
        Many saw Wallace as the foundation of the teams ’give all’ attitude. He brought a scrappiness that was infectious, and a passion that was always evident. It was this attitude that proved troubling I believed for teams like the Lakers. Teams that we were supposed to lose to and beat because we hung around. I am worried that, for this year at least, we just gave away the strongest link in the chain. Either way Portland landed a good guy in the trade. I look forward to seeing what the new Bobcats can.

  • dekko

    Dante is certainly not a replacement for wallace but is just as much a hustle player, I think he will be a little better than you expect and has a lot of upside.

    I half expect JoeL to ask for a buy-out. He is still pretty immobile from last years surgery but still is some help protecting the paint.

    Wallace will be a very welcome addition. I think he fits McMillan’s style nicely and Bickerstaff is an assistant in Portland and loves the guy.

  • Chris

    I saw that some ESPN talking heads were saying that they thought Bobcats won this trade, but fans in Portland seem to be pretty excited. I agree with dekko that Cunningham has a good amount of upside. I think he’ll be a solid contributor eventually.

    I’ll tell you what this blog really needs… some love for Gerald Henderson! I see no mention of his super-efficient game against the Lakers while guarding Kobe. G is becoming so money that it helped the Bobcats feel better about shopping their best player.

    For instance:
    “The Bobcats had been shopping Wallace for months, and the talks increased since Gerald Henderson’s recent emergence.”

  • I think that the team that gets the best player out of a trade typically wins – so unless the Bobcats unearth a gem with one of the draft picks, the Blazers are the winners. I don’t necessarily think it was a bad trade for the Bobcats – if they are deciding that a ceiling of 7th or 8th in the conference is not what they want, starting over is the right move and that includes moving Gerald, as he is old enough that a rebuilding project may well take more time than his prime will encapsulate.

    As for the younger Gerald – well, I’ve been slow posting about everything lately, but am trying to get back into the swing of things as work allows. Consider it noted that Henderson is earning some spotlight on these digital pages.

  • Bigred28655

    Just a question Brett or better said a thought. I remember earlier in the season when G.W and/or Jackson would be out that D.J would step up in those games and be more of a scorer. You mentioned Hendo I and was thinking the same for him, if memory serves me correct he had put up good number when stepping up to the plate. Do you think that D.J and Hendo could make up for the lose of Wallace? Not a fan for jumping to conclusions with just one game since trade but thinking back to when Wallace and Jackson had been injured I think they may. Just wondering if you have some numbers for that.