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Dante Cunningham & D.J. White – What Can Fans Expect?

After all the dust settled and the Bobcats had traded Gerald Wallace and Nazr Mohammed, the team was left with some cash, picks, Dante Cunningham, D.J. White, Mo Peterson (since released), Joel Przybilla, and Sean Marks (described by Ryen Russillo of ESPN’s NBA Today as a “dude with hair”). Although Przybilla has played and will more than likely continue to play decent minutes going forward, the two players that Bobcats fans should pay attention to are Cunningham and White. Both players are young, cheap and possess some measure of upside. Let’s take a closer look what we can expect to see from each:

Dante Cunningham
6-8 230 lbs
Career PER – 11.1
Contract – 1 year at $762K with qualifying offer of $1.059M to retain for next season

After getting selected in the 2nd round of the 2009 draft and seeing just over 11 minutes/game as a rookie, Dante had since pushed his way into the rotation for the Blazers before being dealt last week. The Bobcats are hoping he can step in and provide much of the same for them, as he’ll most likely spare Diaw at PF and may even see some time at the 3 depending on matchups. In his first season and a half Dante has fared well on the boards considering his size (11.7 Rebound Rate), while also contributing blocks and steals (According to ESPN’s John Hollinger he was top 20 amongst power forwards in both blocks and steals per minute last season). On the offensive side of the floor you’re going to see the majority of his shots come off the catch outside the paint, as 54.8% have come from the 16-23 foot range (shooting a respectable 45.0%).

Overall, the Bobcats are hoping they’ve just acquired a player who can step in and give them 15 minutes/game, defend opposing forwards, and knock down open 20 footers. If that’s the case Dante could be a solid contributor for years to come.

D.J. White
6-9 251 lbs
Career PER – 16.0
Contract – 1 year at $1.109M with a team option for $2.001M next season & qualifying offer of $3.002M for 2013

Although this is D.J.’s 3rd season in the league, he had seen only 451 minutes of play before being traded to the Bobcats last week. Due in large part to the depth of the Thunder he had spent a portion of his two and a half seasons in the D-League, averaging a near 20 & 10. D.J. should also see some time at the 4, though much like Dante matchups may more than often dictate who gets more run. He’s a solid rebounder who has shown the ability to convert on mid-range jumpers at an exceptional rate (56.3% shooting from 10-15 feet range). At the defensive end he’s able to hold his own on the boards despite sometimes struggling with more athletic forwards.

Considering D.J.’s contract he may have to outplay Dante in order for the team to be willing to pick up his option for next season. However, both are cheap by NBA standards so don’t be surprised if each is retained if they play well down the stretch.

5 comments to Dante Cunningham & D.J. White – What Can Fans Expect?

  • Cool Hand Luke

    That’s fantastic midrange shooting for DJ White, I wonder where he’d end up on that given more minutes (I very much doubt that’s sustainable, it’s such a great number).

    Uh, kind of a silly question not related to this post – I love the counterpart stats offered on this site. I was wondering if somewhere there’s the numbers for past years/playoffs? If it’s somewhere obvious than I’m being stupid and can’t find it. Thank you so much.

    • Mathew Lewis


      Thanks for the comment. Yes, D.J.’s probably converting at a higher rate than can be expected over the long run. However, he has shown the ability to knock down mid-range shots since entering the league. The longer he continues to do it you have to consider the fact that it may be for real (though admittedly probably not at the rate he’s shooting right now, as you pointed out). If you’re looking for statistics such as the ones we use on the site check out hoopdata.com and basketball-reference.com. Both are great resources and hoopdata.com is part of the True Hoop Network. Thanks again for the comment and make sure you keep letting us know what you think.

      • Cool Hand Luke

        But they do not keep the counterpart true shooting %s. Or I’m terrible at finding it. There’s great stuff there, but queencityhoops is the only place I’ve found this.

        Thanks for the reply.

  • Why did Portland cry over losing. Cunningham and Pryz. Obviously our coaches have seen nothing from Cunningham because he can’t get off the bench and Pryz reminds me of a poor mans Vosgul/Primoz with no offense and a tendency to accumulate fouls quickly. Talk about how Bernie broke it off on MJ and tricked MJ into screwing Silas just like he did Larry :(

  • SRS

    Watch out Bill Simmons