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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Queen City Hoops fans,

I’m excited Brett has asked me to join the site as a contributor. He’s done a great job offering unique perspectives on all things Bobcats over the past few years – I aim to provide another point of view which hopefully you guys find interesting.

A little background on myself: I graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in finance in 2008 and have been working in banking the past three years. Given my background, a majority of my posts will likely focus on topics such as over/under value & performance of players, roster composition/salary cap management, and uncovering trends based on advanced statistics. Although I’ll for the most part take an advanced statistical approach to making arguments, I’ve grown up playing the game (along with football and baseball) so I have a pretty good grasp on the X’s and O’s as well.

I know we all share the same goal – to see the Bobcats compete for an NBA championship. I hope to provide compelling analysis along the way.

3 comments to Allow Me to Introduce Myself

  • bigred28655

    Welcome,I look forward to reading what you have to say. Brett gives a great point of view in his in game statistics. It will be good to see if a players performance really does stand up to the cash spent for him.

  • Hey Matt, do you think the team would be better off losing and drafting high and what do you think we need, Center or SF ? Chris in U.C.

  • Mathew Lewis


    Yes, I do think the team would be better off losing and getting a high draft pick, although this year’s class is looking pretty weak. The worst place to be to be as a franchise is middling (30-40 wins) because you’re not good enough to win a championship as currently constructed and you won’t draft high enough to get a potential franchise player. Unless something changes (possibly Jordan getting very aggressive recruiting stars) big time free agents are not going to be signing in Charlotte. This puts even more emphasis on the draft, and drafting high. I’m sure we’ll all have some posts on the draft as we approach the end of the season/off-season so stay tuned.

    As far as C or SF, I’m not really sure. There are really only a hand full of legitimate C’s in the league so I don’t know if you can say we “need” a C. Regardless the position, the Bobcats need a franchise player. Although Wallace was a very good player and a fan favorite he was not a franchise guy, so I liked the trade in theory (you can debate whether or not they received a good package for him).