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Introduction: Blogger Spencer Percy

Queen City Hoops readers,

As some you may have noticed that a new blogger named Spencer has been posting on QCH. I apologize that I haven’t formally introduced myself yet so here is a little bit of information about myself, background, interests and plans for what I will be able to bring to QCH.

My name is Spencer Percy and I currently live in Fork Union, VA where I work at Fork Union Military Academy as assistant to the athletic director, assistant high school basketball coach and high school golf coach. My hometown is Statesville, NC where I was born and raised all of my life. I still consider it my hometown as this is only my first year in the “real world.” I graduated from Wingate University with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Sport Management last May.

I plan on bringing good insight to this blog about the Charlotte Bobcats. I am focusing on pre and post game posts for now on the blog that will include some opinion about where I believe this team is going for the remainder of the season and their upcoming off season that will include the 2011 draft and free agency. I will also be breaking down Bobcats offensive/defensive plays and I am in the process of receiving the tools I will need to share the playbook on the website.

I hope that everyone enjoys the opinions and insight I have to offer as a supporter and follower of the Charlotte Bobcats.

Spencer Percy

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  • Wingate huh, small world. What’s your opinion on the trade and should we tank now for higher lottery pick or should we thy and make the playoffs. Also looking ahead to 2012 is DJ Augustine our future leader, go to guy and stopper (I think not) or should we package picks and call Golden State for Curry or NOH for CP3 ? Go Bulldogs !

  • Spencer

    To answer your question concerning Curry and CP3, I don’t believe we really have a realistic chance at either one of them. I don’t really believe that Golden State would be willing to trade Curry, they are planning on building everything in that franchise around him and I actually think we’d have a better chance at getting Monta Ellis as I believe the Warriors would be more willing to move him for equal/better value. I don’t really know what the Bobcats would have to offer in a trade as far as players go and although we have draft picks to trade I don’t know why we would if we have made it clear that we’re going to somewhat put our future in the draft but again the trade sending Wallace to Portland could be mainly to get back enough picks to put together a legit package for a player like Curry so you could very well be onto something. As far as CP3 goes, I don’t think that Bobcats fans should waste their time fantasizing about the idea of him being in Charlotte because who are we kidding; this guy is off to New York as soon as he becomes a free agent…

  • Reminder that CP3 is a member of Jordan and this is home for him. Also, don’t you think GS would take DJ and a pick for Curry ?

  • Spencer

    I don’t see CP3 wanting to spend the middle of career and possible final destination to win a championship (if he signs a long term contract) in Charlotte. And no, I definitely don’t think that Golden State would take on DJ and draft pick for Curry….what are they getting that is equal in value??? NOTHING



  • Norman Dale

    Your head’s way up your “behind” (edited) Spencer. Nice quote in ESPN how “a team can’t win a title with Kendrick Perkins as their starting center.” Did you start following basketball this year, or just miss the 2008 season?

    • Spencer

      Thanks for the love Norman. Was implying that Garnett was the inside presense that won that team a championship. Worded badly, lesson learned. You win sir, now go celebrate.