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BOOM: NBAPlaybook look at Bismack Biyombo

Sebastian takes an in-depth look at Bismack. You should take a look at his look: NBA Playbook on Bismack Biyombo

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  • Nova fan

    You spend much time comparing Jax with Maggette and neglect a possibility that may become a probability:
    Dante Cunningham, if given the opportunity, will out-battle Maggette for a starting post. Since you are
    dwelling on “perhapses,” then consider that DC is a far superior defender, a far superior passer and team
    player and a willing student who is just becoming a better-than-average scorer. Stats can be arranged
    to favor anyone, but check out his last month of the season and register DC’s points, shooting percentage
    and time on the court. Where he falls short is in the free throw category. Where he shines are the intangibles
    and spectacular, such as the block/rebound on Garnett and his shot that won that game vs. the Celtics.
    Bobcats fans tend to dismiss his ability and potential since he was part of the trade that gave up a legend.
    We will not go into his penchant for stupidity — racing in Wayne, Pa., with weed in the truck!
    I can only imagine the rectum tearing he went through when and if he returned to a strict family.

  • This is a gamble in a weak draft by the Bobcats.