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Bye, Kwame

Kwame Brown leaves Charlotte for Golden State, at $7 million for 1 year.

I said it yesterday in the Southeast Division DDL on ESPN (still trying to find a link to the transcript) – Kwame will get more from someone else than the Bobcats want to pay.  So, here’s my Transformers Chart for Kwame, as we bid adieu.

2 comments to Bye, Kwame

  • Bret

    I thought Jordan wanted to win. This organization will continue losing seasons until we start signing players. Put up money for some of these free agents PLEASE!

  • Tate

    Paying for players is one thing – overpaying is another. I would have loved to have seen Kwame stick around, but if someone is stupid enough to write a check for $7 mil on a reclamation project with one good year, then its best to let him walk.

    With the new CBA, the Bobcats realistically are 2 years from being able to be aggressive in free agency. Large market teams are having to grab the “names” now before restrictions on spending kick in, which inflates the short-term value of a player. The playing field really won’t be level until the new luxury tax and exemption structure kicks in after the 2 year ramp-up period.

    If foresee 2013-14 being when we can pass judgment on MJ’s commitment to build a championship team. Until then, we’re obviously building through the draft and hoping for the best.