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Bobcats vs. Heat: Pre-game notes & quotes

  • It was quite clear the expectations that Coach Paul Silas has about his young team’s game tonight against the Miami Heat. “We’re going to have to have a great game tonight in order to just compete. You’re talking about three guys that are just outstanding,” realistically stated Coach Silas is pre-game press conference.
  • Silas was asked whether or not the Bobcats will play any zone defense tonight, and especially after the success that Boston had in the zone D against Miami last night. “I don’t know, we haven’t really worked on it that much. We’ll see how it goes, but, you know, we’re just going to try and play as tough as we can defensively and hopefully we can have them shooting outside shots rather than getting to the hoop. If that’s the case then I think we’ll have a shot,” commented Coach Silas about his defensive strategy.
  • Silas commented that dealing with players like Dwayne Wade and Lebron James is tough, and “we have a concept of where to send players.” Commenting about the fact that you must force Wade and James to use their off hand and move left (both right-handed) in order to make them less comfortable on offense. “Wade can finish like I’ve never seen anybody,” added Silas.
  • I asked Coach Silas if he felt that is up-tempo style of basketball could go shot for shot with Miami considering how explosive they are in transition. “One thing we cannot do is turn the ball over. If we turn the ball over they’re going to score every time we do. So we have to take care of the basketball, but we have to run, you know, we have to get out and get up and down the court. That’s our agenda this year and we have to stick with it,” commented Silas about the up-tempo style of his team and how it matches up against Miami.
  • Miami Heat Coach Eric Spoelstra did acknowledge that his teams’ outside shooters will be an important aspect of their success tonight because of the fact that they’re expecting to see more zone defense.
  • Spoelstra also commented that his team is going to try and “take advantage of these guys (Bobcats) in the post.”
  • Tyrus Thomas is OUT for Bobcats tonight with his lingering left ankle sprain. Timetable is unknown.
  • DJ Augustin will play tonight for Bobcats with his mild left ankle sprain from Milwaukee game on Monday night.

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