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Placing the point guards

61 point guards – and the Bobcats have two solid ones. This was a much more pleasant report to gather than the wings post, as D.J. Augustin and Kemba Walker have both played fairly well in the early going for the Bobcats. Among the 61 point guards with over 150 minutes played to this point in the season, Charlotte has two that have complemented each other better than expected given their similar, diminutive stature. The two categories where both players ranked in the same half of the breakdown was in scoring and turnover rate – both were above the midpoint in points scored per 100 team possessions and turnovers. Across the remaining categories, one was in the top and the other the bottom, with each taking 3 categories. D.J. has been more efficient and a better distributor, and Kemba is more disruptive defensively, while both are posting a PER above 15. Here’s the breakdown and their numbers:

Player Pts per
100 Team Poss
TrueShooting% PER Defensive
Rebound Rate
Block Rate Steal Rate Assist Rate Turnover Rate
Kemba Walker 24.2 (15) 47.7 (45) 15.56 (32) 11.1 (17) 0.6 (15) 2.1 (29) 25.5 (39) 12.6 (9)
D.J. Augustin 22.1 (24) 52.8 (28) 17.70 (23) 8.4 (34) 0.1 (45) 1.2 (54) 33.6 (16) 15.0 (20)

Final notes: Both players are strong with the ball, though in different ways. Kemba attacks aggressively with the ball in his hands and looks to score when he gets by his man, so he has very few bad pass turnovers. As for D.J., he has been solid in turnover rate throughout his career, and that is in part due to his reliance on smart, safe passes – you will not see him try to thread the needle through traffic like Boris Diaw does, and it is reflected in a strong turnover rate and assist to turnover margin.

I expect to see Kemba slowly creep up in TS% as he learns better how to finish around the paint (and maybe pull up from midrange a little more). In D.J.’s case, I’m not as sure – his 3-point shooting isn’t quite as high we may think it should be, but it falls in the middle of his previous seasons’ performances, so this may be a happy medium for him.

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