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Even a 3-22 team creates highlights

Here’s a look at some of the bright spots from the first 25 games of the Bobcats season. I know that it seems as if literally everything has been painful, but maybe this will help sooth the pain.

3 comments to Even a 3-22 team creates highlights

  • Bryan

    Lot’s of Kemba, just the way I like it. 1:02 is my favorite (Kemba doin’ work). 1:43 is my least favorite… for extremely biased reasons.

  • Cp

    For real — at 41 seconds is amazing.

    Bismack comes out to the three point line for help defense, somehow the ball gets passed right in front of the basket, and bismack flies back for some more help defense and an amazing block. Just let that dude roam the court like a wild animal.

  • NOH Domination

    Can you guys please win a few more games… for the sake of the team that formerly inhabited your city.