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The streak ends as the Bobcats win in Toronto

Charlotte Bobcats 98 Final

Recap | Box Score

91 Toronto Raptors
Corey Maggette, SF 26 MIN | 5-12 FG | 6-8 FT | 4 REB | 2 AST | 16 PTS | +8A very-Maggette line – 16 points on 12 attempts and 8 more at the free throw line. Filled his role.
Boris Diaw, PF 29 MIN | 3-8 FG | 0-0 FT | 6 REB | 3 AST | 6 PTS | +5Too careless with the ball, finishing with 4 turnovers. Had a couple during a stretch in the 3rd where the Bobcats turned it over 4 times in 5 possessions, threatening to let Toronto build a lead.
Bismack Biyombo, C 32 MIN | 3-4 FG | 2-4 FT | 13 REB | 0 AST | 8 PTS | -4A triple double with blocks seems like it could very well be in his future – it’s amazing to watch Bismack cover ground both recovering to his man on a pick and roll and in help defense.
Reggie Williams, SF 31 MIN | 9-13 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 22 PTS | -6That’s what you want out of your shooting guard – points and efficiently. 22 on 13 attempts for Reggie. Well played, sir.
D.J. Augustin, PG 32 MIN | 3-7 FG | 4-4 FT | 3 REB | 10 AST | 11 PTS | +5D.J. moved back into the starting lineup and ran the offense well, finishing with a double-double and just 3 turnovers.
D.J. White, PF 18 MIN | 5-8 FG | 0-0 FT | 5 REB | 1 AST | 10 PTS | +2A great spark off the bench, Big D.J. provided rebounding toughness and a couple of key baskets, including the layup to seal the win.
Kemba Walker, PG 30 MIN | 5-15 FG | 3-3 FT | 3 REB | 8 AST | 14 PTS | +14While Kemba finished 5-15, he was at 5 of 11 at one point. Overall, a nice game, with the 14 points, 8 assists, and a huge steal off Leandro Barbosa late (earned the bump from a B to a B+ with that play).
Byron Mullens, C 14 MIN | 1-3 FG | 2-2 FT | 6 REB | 1 AST | 4 PTS | +7Better rebounding – generally – for 7-feet of smooth. Still slacks a bit and doesn’t do a great job of getting a body on a man prior to looking for the board, and that bites the Bobcats at times, since Byron is not a high-riser and the opponents can get over him for a board if he is not slowing them down.

Two Things We Saw

  1. A win. For the first time in over a month. The Bobcats played well (for the most part) during the fourth and earned this one. Happy birthday, MJ – the streak is over.
  2. Kemba and D.J. played side by side for a large portion of the second half, and with Toronto going with Calderon and Barbosa in the backcourt, the Bobcats were able to make do, while staying in a man-defense.

17 comments to The streak ends as the Bobcats win in Toronto

  • charliehayes

    It ends! Great game for Bismack. I love that guy.

  • S.D.S

    ima go on a limb here and say the bobcats arnt the worse TEAM in the NBA, the Wizards are the worst, now the Bobcats do have the worse talent in the nba easy, but what no espn “analysis” talks about is how the bobcats have had 3 starters hurt this season, all at the same time for nearly 2 weeks, in henderson, augustine and Maggette, where as the wizards have been very healthy this year and still suck, so the bobcats are a top 5 to 2 worse team in the league, not the worse, thats good news right? lets get henderson back and this team could actually compete and nobody will be mocking Jordan for being the worse gm in the league just cuz he had to scrap a team that wouldn’t have gotten anywhere except a 7th seed at the highest and L in the series…Jordan ignore the credits exspecially ESPN of which very rarly knows anything about what its talking about

  • S.D.S

    oh one last thing, does anyone think that Bismack has a mix of Mutombo or whatever hs name was, Wallace on the pistons and Rodman? he could have a mix of all 3, or not lol?
    but still he defensivly i think for the season as of right now according to per 36 minutes, it better then Dwight Howard, litterally Bismack could be the steal of the draft even at the 7th overall pick…everyone knew he was good, but did anyone see him being this good? plus hes averaging like 8 pts over 36 min, so that i think is slightly better then most people saw him getting early on,-which is due to his very good rebounding skill sets
    i wonder how good he would be if he grew 2 more inches since he is only 19, damn Bismack defensivly has the sky as the limit if he can get better offensivly we have a future all star on our hands

  • No question about it, Biyombo has ‘future Superstar’ written all over him. Kemba has a great chance too, no doubt about it, but Bismack could very easily become the next Shaq, only even better because he’s so athletic. There is so much talent on this team, with Augustin, Walker, Hendo, Williams, Mullens, and of course Bismack, we’re choc full of future All Stars, especially with an incredible coach like Paul Silas really helping these guys improve, he is such an awesome teaching coach, nobody gets the most out of young players like Paul. If he’d had an off-season, and a pre-season, to help coach these guys up, I don’t think there’s any doubt we’d be in the playoff hunt right now. I hate the thought that this will be his last year, I hope they can somehow get him to sign on for one more, full year, to really help get these guys to the very top of their awesomely high potential. In any event, tonight was awesome, Happy Birthday to MJ, congratulations to Paul Silas and the awesome Charlotte Bobcats! They’ve come so far so fast, and they’re really making it super fun to watch them play now!

    • Cp

      There is a ton of talent at the 4/5, which is exciting. I’m curious to know what they do there in the offseason.

      I love Biyombo. DJ White and D Brown are playing pretty great. And Mullens continues to develop his game. The odd thing is that our least promising bigs are also our most costly — Diop/Diaw/Thomas. Which, although unfortunate, is one of those good problems. Overpaying for players that dont’ perform is unfortunate, but at least we have some great cheap players who are serious emerging talents. If we can find a way to unload some of this excess weight (*cough*Diop*cough*Diaw*) we’ll be in an outstanding position from both a talent and salary-cap standpoint.

      I guess unloading those two guys will be priority one in the offseason — if we lock up the #1 pick. It would be absurd to have 7 4s & 5s and then pick up A Davis.

      Also, how much do ya’ll love Reggie Williams? This guy is a Harden-light (for now) in my eyes. He’s got great potential to be a scorer and an elite 6th man.

      Another big question is the PG situation. But again, it’s one of those good problems. DJ is playing great, and Kemba is developing nicely. One of my issues going into the season (w/ Kemba) was his ability to get open shots. It’s clear that he’s able to create his own looks, now he just needs to work on improving his fg% from 10-15 ft. If he can do that he’ll be a real killer in this league. Worst case scenario he is lightning off the bench. Best case scenario he’s racking up scoring titles in the mold of iverson/ellis. Again, not a bad position to be in.

      • S.D.S

        my only problem is the mentioning of davis, yea he has he potential to be the next Dwight, but he could also be the next tyrus thomas, i wouldn’t draft him in the top 5 unless he bulks up by at least 10 pounds by the nba combine, he is listed at 220, which is absurd at most he is 200…
        love the mentioning of shaq, but he wont be the next shaq unless he ggrows another 2 inches which is very possibly at his age, but still, plus u cant say Shaq wasn’t physically gifted or athletic, look at him when he was a rookie one he “only” weighed around 260 and was actually very atheltic for his body size untill he was around 32ish, Shaq could be one of the last great offensive centers,
        anyone that says dwight is better then shaq is laughable, Shaq would have literally destroyed Dwight if they were both in their primes at the same time…
        the last part was kind of random but whatever

        Starting lineup of the future possibly? Kemba, Henderson, Williams, Dj White/Mullens, with Biyombo manning the center? that looks good in my opinion
        the future is bright, just ignore Espn, very rarly do the actually know what they are talking about-unless they are talking about new york, boston or LA

      • S.D.S

        Kemba is alot like an iverson 2.0 with better pure point guard potential, he can create shots for others, were as IVerson never did that, he was a sq in a pgs body, Kemba is a scoring pg, can score like crazy but knows how to create shots for his teamates and is willing to look for them, the opposite of IVerson
        Bismack obviously going to be great, exspecially if he can grow another 2 inches and get an offensive low post game
        i’ve officially stopped listening to Espn if its about any small market team, they rarely actually know what they are talking about, they only know about LA, Boston, or New York, anything else they only “know” what some of the critics say about the team and then say that is true

  • Cp

    I see no comparison of Anthony Davis and Dwight. I think the closest comparison to Dwight (in college right now) is Andre Drummond.

    It’s very hard to peg a direct-comparison to Anthony Davis, as his entire development has been so unique. I can’t think of a player who went from the 1 to 5 so effortlessly (or at all). And it’s not like he’s playing the 5 as a 1. E.g., Kevin Durant REALLY is a 2 to me, but b/c of his height he plays the 3, James is a 1 to me, but he plays the 3 b/c of his size. Plus, we already have a 5 that plays like a one and his name is Byron Mullens. Anthony Davis is a legit big man after 2 yrs at his current height. He’s set the block records a 3rd of the way through the ncaa bball season. His motor is absurd. And his bball IQ is off the charts. The guy can fit in and do absolutely anything. He’s somewhere between a Garnet/Jokim Noah/Marcus Camby and he runs the floor like James Worthy (I don’t get the Chris Bosh comparisons, as he is nowhere near as soft as Bosh and his game isn’t built around a 12 ft jumper) . Pairing him w/ BIyombo will (IMO) give us the (one of the) most athletic front courts in the NBA. I think it would be absolutely incredible to watch those two guys down low, providing help defense all over the place, and blocking shots left and right. I see zero tyrus thomas in Anthony Davis.

    I have no idea where this “Biyombo being the next shaq” is coming from. I look at Biyombo as being a hybrid of Ben Wallace-Mutumbo-Rodman — the ultimate defensive stopper and trashman. To me Shaq is a 300 lb monster who can dance on a wire. Both are freak-of-nature athletes, but I don’t see Biyombo (or anyone) ever be able to develop Shaq’s touch on the block when they are already at the nba level. It just doesn’t happen. Hakeem didn’t have his dream shake in college, but he had the touch. Biyombo won’t just develop it out of nowhere. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be a passable offensive player in the nba and still be the man and start for 10 seasons.

    I always get a bit frusterated when I try and explain why I think Biyombo will be great. For some reason folks got in their heads that a great basketball player is someone who scores a lot. Obviously there are great players who score a ton, but there are also amazing players who put up 10-15 pts a night but who are absolute forces on defense – pulling down 15 boards and denying everything that comes down the lane. Elite teams 100% need those badass elite defenders. Look at any multi-title team and you’re going to see guys like Ben Wallace/Rodman/Bowen/Artest who need to be there (obviously the BEST players are ones who can do those things, guard the other team’s best guy, and score more points than anyone — but now we’re only talking a/b Kobe and MJ). If you’re team is made up of Greg Ostertags and Dan Majerles you are never getting a ring.

    What’s odd to me is that some basketball fans don’t get this. Other sports fans do. You watch the NFL draft and you see Left Tackles picked #2 and the fans are like “smart pick, good pickup”, but when a team takes a defensive oriented player in the NBA in the lottery everyone is all suddenly like “OMG, WHY DIDN’T THEY DRAFT (insert random SG from CA who was a McDonalds all American, led his team to a first or maayyyyyyybe a second round exit from NCAA Tournament) b/c those guys are allllllllllllllllllllllllllll over the place. The kind of guy who can block 7 shots in a night and only commit a single foul are not.

    • Cp

      Buuuttttttt it would be cool if Bismack grew three more inches, put on some shaq muscles, and developed a dream shake.

    • S.D.S

      the reason and really the only reason i compare Davis to Dwight is because they were both fairly small, weight wise, when entering, i agree with u on the mutombo Wallace, rodman type, i think i said that, yes i did:), someone mentioned shaq…so i kinda got side tracked on that, but Davis and Dwight where somewhat the same, both extremly athletic for their size, both known good defenders that on offence would only get easy dunks etc, no real post game in place yet when going into the nba, that is my comparisions between the two,my only problem for davis at the 5 is that 1, he weighs less then tyrus thomas, two he also has no low post game like dwight when going into the nba, and only gets dunks and layups, Now Anthony does show great will power to be great, hopefully he can gain weight, then i take him num1, but if he dosent gain any muscle, i say no
      thats just my opinion, oh and i would like anthony davis to do something about that unibrow, like wtf? man up and either shave that (excess hair follicles – Brett’s edit) off or wax it off, noone is ever going to want to be with u, and if they do it isnt because of your personality or looks, its your MONEY…

  • Bryan

    The most common Davis comparison I’ve heard is Kevin Garnet. Apparently the kid is not just a defensive monster who prays on floaters and weak lay-ups. He has a sweet mid-range jumper and can dribble the length of the floor (he played guard in high school until he hit a 7 inch growth spurt). He’s not going to be a center in the NBA, from what I’ve read.

    Unless Biyombo grows another 5 inches and puts on a ton of weight I can’t see him being compared to Shaq. He’s like a perfect replica of Serge Ibaka, only raw-er (right nowa). Ibaka has turned into a solid player on offense (finally has a decent short-jumper) and a great player on defense (3 blocks per game) and on the boards 7.2 rebounds per game) and he’s only been in the league for two years. He’s going to develop into a threat on both ends. If Biyombo grows his game like Ibaka has over the next year-and-a-half I’ll be absolutely thrilled. Also, Once Biyombo learns some post moves and gets a decent jumper he’s going to be a double-double machine. Him and Davis as your starting C and PF of the future has all the inklings of a well oiled defensive machine.

    • S.D.S

      my problem with that, is that Bismack is considered another IBaka, although i think better defensivly, while Ibaka is also considered a rawer, as u like to say, kevin Garnett, Ibaka is compared to Garnett since he IS getting that mid range game and does play like Garnett in alot of field, so now we have 2 Kevin Garnetts? that isnt good against Dwight Howard, but then again how cares? dwight howard cant guard both, i just went against my own argument so i would like two Garnetts, how bout that?
      Yea some news on Davis, forgot he was 6ft 1 as a junior in high school….the problem is he still dosent ahve a low post game, YET i just want to see him gain weight, and iff ibaka can gain 2 inches he will be a monster i doubt he wont gain weight, considering how he got to 230-240 at the Congo and Spain is amazing, but u saw what the problem it will be with him becing a center tonight against Hibbert, he was just to small for him and they had to put diop on hibbert, who did terrible, and made things almost worse,
      as of right now im either taking Davis or Barnes, alot of people dont like Barnes because he isnt scoring 20 a night on a very good Carolina team of which can make it deep without having to ride his ass all the way, let Barnes stay healthy before u put it all on him, which i think is why we arnt seeing Barnes go off everynight, Drummond maybe, but he looks like he has no interest in basketball, Sullinger HELL NO< he will be a average role player, not physically gifted enough to be elite, he has all the moves of an nba low post player, just not the physical attributes, Robinson-who i love, is a tweener and could be a sf i think in the nba, very good ball handling skills for his ssize and a sick spin move when driving and down low, he just needs to get some more low post moves then a fadeaway and a spin move

      • Bryan

        The thing with Barnes is UNC is so good they don’t need him to score 20 ppg to win the ACC. The same can be said for Davis though. If Kentucky needed him to drop 20 ppg he could definitely do it. I read a post on that said Kentucky doesn’t even run plays for him on offense. I don’t think Charlotte should even think of picking anyone else besides those two if they have the #1 or #2 pick in the draft.

        Biyombo will be fine at center even if he doesn’t grow (height wise). Ben Wallace won defensive POY awards as an undersized center, because he could get up, get rebounds, and push people out of the paint.

        • S.D.S

          Biyombo will be fine, but he will be limited against guys with just size, but there arnt many big centers anymore so that isnt that big of a deal, but if he can grow those two inches, talking like he can force himself to grow, he could be the best defensive player in the league, he is extremly quick for his size, he runs the floor more like a sf, and is just a physical specimen of which there are few in this world, if he had been born in the U.S. and still his efforts at working hard and just being older then he is mentally, he would have been considered a future Lebron James…or K.D., but still that is saying IF he had the same work ethics as he did since he grew up in the congo, of which is very doubtful to have happened
          got off topic but hey fun discussion, new question, do u consider Ben Wallace a possible hall of famer? he was and still shows flashes of being one of the best defesnive big men in history, and yet no one talks about him going to the hall of fame, mainly due to his lacking offensive skill set but still, what do u think?

          • Bryan

            I’d put him in. He’s a top 6 defender (when it comes to defensive-rating), top 15 in defensive win-shares, top 20 in block percentage and top 20 in total rebound percentage all-time. He’s also won defensive POY 4 times, made the NBA first team all-defensive-team five times and made the All-NBA second team three times. He’s also got a ring. I hope that is enough to get him in.

  • Bryan

    This is the most lively comment thread going so I figured I’d throw this in here. (also the Lakers would send Charlotte their 2012 first round pick). I’m not a big fan of thinking up wild, maniacal never-gonna-happen trades, but I think this one is feasible and helps all three teams.

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