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The point guards at (just past) mid-season

These stats are from games through the All-Star break. To be included, players needed 500 minutes played. Rankings are in parenthesis. Points allowed (and similar stats) are estimated from lineup versus lineup data from every game played, based on projected position. Net defensive stats are expected versus actual stats allowed, using a weighted average of possessions against a specific player.
Coming into the season, most Bobcats fans would probably have said that point guard was the position where the team was strongest, with D.J. Augustin coming off a solid season as the unquestioned starter, and a new lottery pick in Kemba Walker to back him up. The fans were right. But, at this point in the season, that says more about the rest of the roster than just these two players, as D.J. and Kemba have underwhelmed. Take a look.

Offensive Stats
Points Per
100 Team Poss
TS% PER Off Reb Rate Assist Rate Turnover Rate
D.J. Augustin 20.7 (30) 51.3 (34) 15.35 (32) 2.2 (22) 32.7 (16) 13.7 (26)
Kemba Walker 23.5 (18) 47.6 (49) 15.2 (35) 1.8 (31) 25.3 (35) 10.7 (8)

Mediocre offensive performance, at best. D.J. is right around the midpoint in both scoring rate and efficiency, while Kemba scores more than most point guards but needs far too many shots to accomplish it. Both are just above the PER cutoff line for above average performance of 15, but nothing to brag about.

There were 57 players who hit the minutes cutoff. Across these stats, D.J. had an average rank of 26.7, and Kemba was at 29.3. Mediocre.

Defensive Stats
Def Reb Rate Block Rate Steal Rate Points Allowed
Per 100 Team Poss
Net Points TS% Allowed Net TS% PER Allowed Net PER
D.J. Augustin 8.2 (36) 0.1 (51) 1.1 (55) 18.4 (3) 1.7 (9) 50.8 (14) 1.6 (12) 12.95 (10) 0.88 (22)
Kemba Walker 12.7 (3) 0.6 (13) 1.8 (32) 22 (39) -0.8 (39) 53.9 (41) -2.6 (46) 18.77 (52) -3.73 (53)

Thoughts on D.J. Augustin: We’ve all watched D.J. play. He is not a great defender. These numbers say he’s at least good. My thought? The Bobcats have enough weaker defenders that DJ has not been targeted.

Average rank of 23.6 for D.J. across the defensive stats, and 31.0 for Kemba. A little separation between the two – but still neither distinguishes (or embarrasses) himself. Kemba shows the potential for improvement in defense with his strong athleticism based stats (defensive rebounding and blocked shots), so there is hope Kemba will move up in these rankings as he better learns to play defense in the NBA.

4 comments to The point guards at (just past) mid-season

  • Bob Koca

    It is a little stange to call PER an offensive stat when it includes defensive rebounds, blocks, and steals. Does it really add anything beyond what is already listed under the offensive stats?

    • Agreed that it does have crossover between the ends of the court – but it’s value as a good summary statistic makes it worth including.

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  • charlottean

    I think there is something to be said about playing on a bad team. Sometimes you have guys like a monta ellis who stat stuff on a bad team that never wins anything. Other times you have guys that suffer by not having anybody else to play off of and I think augustin and diaw’s seasons both have been hugely affected by that.

    How many shots have been created that weren’t finished? If augustin were averaging 9 assists instead of 6, we look at it differently. If he had less defensive attention because we had other legitimate scoring options, he probably shoots a higher % and turns over less. I look at last year to justify this thinking. He LOOKS like a better player than last year but the stats are slightly worse. He isn’t a number 1 option at the nba level. he’s a number 3 option. So it hurts on this team because without hendo and somebody else stepping up, he’s been the no. 1.

    Walker of course would benefit from this all the same, but his shoot first mentality would still prevail. It’s still our strongest position.