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BOOM: Trade Primer from Rufus on Fire

Let’s start this off with an absolute: there are no untouchables on this roster. There are players who I’ll label as safer than others, but anyone on this roster is movable for the right price. OK, now let’s begin.

via Your Charlotte Bobcats Trade Deadline Primer – Rufus on Fire.

3 comments to BOOM: Trade Primer from Rufus on Fire

  • Timothy Caleb Benton

    what about trading tyrus thomas and 2 2nd roud picka dn dj for pau gasol and then take corey mag and reggie and next years 1st rounder for melo and then have kemba melo and pau and with the first round pick take kentuckys center or ohio states

  • Bobcats fan

    Timothy… I love love love the enthusiasm, I really do. But to think that the Lakers would trade one of their 7 foot centers (who has more skill than Bynum)for DJ Augustine, an underproducing tyson chandler and second round picks makes me think you’re not completely healthy. And the Knicks gave up their entire team for Melo so I think its safe to say that rookie Kemba Walker (while he has played very well this year he’s no Melo) and Reggie will not be NEARLY enough for Melo. I don’t care if you give them first round picks for the next 10 years, theres NO way the Knicks would even consider that trade.

  • Bryan

    I’m a diehard Knicks fan and if you would, gaze into my pain-filled, sorrow-glazed eyes: One story goes, Mike D’Antoni resigned after he had a meeting with owner James Dolan (who I’m convinced is really Reggie Miller, Knick killer #1, in disguise) in which he asked to make a Melo for D-Will straight up trade. Dolan wouldn’t even consider making a call to NJ. There is literally no deal for Melo that Dolan would make.

    The ‘Cats need to get something back for Diaw. Even a second round pick would be better than buying out his contract.

    I still think there’s a possibility of that Augustin for Crawford trade with Portland going down. That team needs a shake up more than any team in the league right now and Raymond Felton is not getting it done at PG for them. McMillan is probably on his way out the door too.

    Other than that I don’t see anyone else being shipped out.