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Bobcats tripped up in Detroit

Charlotte Bobcats 107 Final

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110 Detroit Pistons

Three Things We Saw

  1. Foul:

    Gerald Henderson was called for a foul on this play, negating a block on Greg Monroe’s dunk attempt. Monroe hit both free throws to turn a one-point Detroit lead into a three-point lead with less than a minute to play in OT.
  2. Not a foul:
    This, however, was not called a foul. Gerald Henderson was driving to the basket and is tripped up by Greg Monroe and turned over the ball. The Bobcats are forced to foul and the three-point deficit becomes five.
  3. The Bobcats had a chance to win this game at the end of regulation – Gerald Henderson missed a contested layup as the clock wound down that would have given the Bobcats the win.  Or he could have passed the ball to Biyombo for a dunk. 

1 comment to Bobcats tripped up in Detroit

  • A picture is worth a thousand words, and the above is perfect evidence of that. We played a much better game than usual last night, very much good enough to win. We were up by 8 points with 2 minutes to go, then Detroit hit three 3 pointers and had a layup+foul. Its not often a team scores 3 points per posession 4 times in a two minute span, it was a combination of defensive breakdowns and a huge amount of luck. Still, even despite all that, we could’ve won if Henderson had either passed the ball to the wide open Bismack for the winning dunk, or simply hit the winning layup himself. He didn’t pass it, he missed the layup, and that meant we had to go to OT. In the OT, we didn’t play that well, and were down a point, when if things went as they should, we’d have gotten the ball after that bigtime block, and gotten a foul call on Hendo’s drive, where he could’ve put us ahead with about 16 seconds to go. Whether or not we’d have won, we’d certainly have had an excellent chance. Instead, the refs screwed us as they often do, but normally they’re screwing us en route to a 20 point loss, so theres plenty of other things to focus on instead of the refs. Last night, their screwjob cost us the game, so its impossible to ignore.

    The last play of regulation notwithstanding, I really liked how they went inside to Biyombo more last night. Obviously not a ‘lot’ more, but even just doing it a little bit more resulted in both more points for Biz, and easier opportunities to score for everybody else. Hopefully they will keep that up, keep increasing the inside opportunities for Bismack, don’t get too discouraged when he has some bad nights, just keep giving him chances, he’s such a hard worker and fast learner that he will just keep getting better and better when you give him that chance.

    The referees screwjob aside, and the blown easy win at the end of regulation aside, the good news is this is the one time when a ‘moral victory’ is not only worth something, but actually more valuable than an actual victory! If we’d actually won the game, that we totally should have won, we’d have lost ground in our chase for those ping pong balls and the #1 draft pick. By playing the game well enough to win, but not winning, we really did the best we could’ve possibly done. As a fan, watching the game, I wanted us to win, but now that its over I’m definitely happy we’re still firmly in first place in the hunt for the #1 draft pick. That draft pick is a heck of a lot more valuable than a win against Detroit, and this time next year when we’re dominating teams with Bismack and Davis, and the rest of our awesomely talented team, we’ll be quite happy that we lost games like this one. We’re finally getting better, hopefully we can keep it up!