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BOOM: MullensMafia from the comments FTW

This was a comment by MullensMafia on the post Reasons for Optimism in a Depressing Time and I wanted to make sure all readers saw it.

Ok let’s be honest. Since Richard Cho came to town the soon to be Hornets have been on a path to legitimacy and we won’t get there until NEXT NEXT season. A 2013 Lottery pick is part of the plan. The ideal situation is to get Davis (and have a face, with a uni-brow, for the franchise) and win 20 games tops. We get people in the seats AND get a top 4 pick next year. So once you admit to yourself that next season is another tank year (it is, get over it), you can look forward to this…

We have Hendo (an above average perimiter defender who has improved his offensive game every offseason. There’s no reason not to think he can develop a 3 point shot and a few off the dribble moves this summer)

Kemba (I think his ceiling is a Jason Terry type, which is fine, because the league is flush with PGs right now, so we can get one in free agency in 2013, Steph Curry? $5MM qualifying offer in 2013)

Biyombo (youngest player in the league, has great help side defensive instincts, which are hard to coach, athletic phenom, and an obvious hard working, team first kinda guy… can easily be the next Serge Ibaka)

Mullens (by getting after rebounds in the 2nd half of the season, he proved is willing to try to be a real 4/5 back up in this league, will get better)

R Williams (needs to get into shape. He will be much better once he can just sit in the corner and launch 3′s. He’s not James Harden. A good back up 2 guard)

and D Brown (a legitimate back up 3 if he can develop a jump shot and become a better perimeter defender)

That’s a decent set of players, but not a starting NBA rotation (evidence 7 wins). Add two lottery picks, and we’ve got 4 top 10 picks forming a very young, cheap core.

Then there is the salary situation: assuming we get rid of TT, we have $0 committed salary for the 2013/2014 season. Think about that. Obviously we have options, players have options, and we will have to pay our next two lottery picks, but if you don’t think we will be able to get some solid free agent help in 2013, you’re crazy.

Banking playoffs, not next year, not next next year, but next next next year. And contender possibility, none of this obvious sweep nonsense.

Future optimism aside, I think the biggest potential hold up for the soon to be Hornets is the lack of a system here in Charlotte (when I say system think Spurs… from ownership to the water boy that organization is on the same page). Zero practice time makes it impossible to know if the Silas family is the answer. I like what Paul has done with Biyombo on limited training time and what he did with Hendo’s jumper during rehab, but it is hard to tell if he can do the following: get a team to commit to a concept and execute it, keep high risk players in line and performing (I’ll give him a pass on TT, he is insane), and develop young talent.

If MJ can find Cho a Scott Brooks or the younger Silas can be that guy, in three years the Hornets will be back in the second round of the playoffs, and this season will be just another thing we can blame on Bob Johnson.

Go Hornets


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  • S.D.S

    ima just say this, we had alot of injuries for an already bad team, i doubt we are the worse team in history-top 10 probably but not the worst, maggette was out for what 60% about 2-3 months? Henderson 2 weeks? Augustine 2 plus weeks as well, Henderson Augustine and Maggette were all injured at the same time at one point, Williams hurt early for a month or more and the last week?…Tyrus Thomas was hurt early as well
    alot of these injuries are SUPPOSED to happen in a season, but 3 starters for a long time isnt good for any team, think about the heat, get rid of wade Chalmers and James all for a while, then have Haslam and Miller out for a couple weeks as well, they are a barly over 500 team at best….

    The point is, we arn’t the worse team in history in my opinion, a bad to terrible team indeed…but not the worse….we have alot of good rotational players, a couple good starters, Henderson good starting SG that if he can develop an 3pt game could be a top 5 SG, Bismack youngest guy in the leage, defensivly IS going to be an Ibaka/mutombo type player, possible change of pace sixth man at the 4/5 if he learns how to play week to week…Brown good back up 3, Augustine if kept, although doubtful since i think he has already declined a long term new deal, and Kemba who i thnik could be a Iverson type player, but a little worse offensive skill set BUT a better pure point guard

    Next year at worse we get the 4th overal pick, which is good, then as the person said above we should have a top pick after next year, WRONG, i think we will lose that pick to Chicago who we still owe a top pick from when we got Tyrus Thomas, we might in turn demand for the pick Portland owes us, but i doubt we will get anything better then 10 compared to possible top 5 pick….

    This team ahs to fix a TON of problems from past management with bad trade, a.k.a Tyrus Thomas, and bad deals preventing us from getting anyone good in this coming off season but i would just like to say we are a twenty win team in my opinion in a normal season and off season were we can develop are young guys……

    One Question for someone who knows basketball management, is it possible that we re-structure Tyrus Thomas’ deal since he isn’t perfomring up to his contract, and then just amnesty Diop? so one we actually get money for this coming off season, and two we retain a guy that does have potential and could prove to be a good rotational/sixth man type of player in Tyrus?

  • S.D.S

    the guy mentioned as the possible change of pace 4/5 sixth man in my above comment is about Mullens

  • MullensMafia

    Just a correction to your attempted correction. The pick we owe to Chicago: Charlotte’s own 2012 1st round draft pick to Chicago (top-14 protected in the 2012 Draft, top-12 protected in 2013, top-10 protected in 2014, top-8 protected in 2015 and unprotected in the 2016 Draft.)

    So, unless you think we will be out of the top 12 in 2013… we will have a 1st round pick that draft.