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Reasons for Optimism in a Depressing Time

  • Bismack Biyombo was 9th in the NBA in block rate, rejecting 4.5 shots out of 100 attempts by the opposition.
  • D.J. Augustin was 11th in the NBA in assist rate, at 37%, and 10th in Assist to Turnover rate at 2.9 assists per turnover
  • Gerald Henderson raised his per game scoring average from 9.6 last season to 15.1 this year, while improving his FG% ever so slightly – 45.4% to 45.9%
  • Kemba Walker improved as a distributor as the season progressed, averaging 10.3 assists per 100 team possessions from March 1st on, after averaging just 7.0 earlier in the season
  • For the season, Byron Mullens was only 72nd among big men in defensive rebound rate, 17.6%. However, since the start of March, Mullens has been grabbing defensive rebounds with more aggression, going to 57th at 19.0%  (Both of those numbers are out of 120+ bigs who met the minutes qualifier).
  • Tyrus Thomas posted a PER of better than 18 in the 2010-11 season – so, while this season has been disappointing, don’t forget the strong play of last year. It wasn’t just potential – TT was playing well, not just flashes of talent.
  • D.J. White is not a starter – but as a bench player at the 4, he can be a solid contributor. At the PF position for the season, Big D.J. is averaging 16 points and 8 rebounds per 40 minutes with a 15+ PER.
  • Derrick Brown needs to be retained.  This is one of the Bobcats better draft moments, finding a solid contributor in the second round.  Derrick provides efficient offense and aggressiveness at the 3, with decent rebounding  – 14.4 points and 6.6 rebounds per 40 at a PER just under average, 14.5.
  • Reggie Williams is like Tyrus Thomas, in that this season has been a disappointment.  But don’t forget that it was considered a good signing for the Bobcats at the time, with Williams expected to provide perimeter firepower to a team that struggles from deep.  Give him the off-season to get healthy after his surgery, and let us see what next year holds.
  • The Bobcats have a 25% chance at drafting Anthony Davis
  • The Bobcats have a 100% chance at drafting someone from the group of Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Bradley Beal, Harrison Barnes, Thomas Robinson, and Andre Drummond.

Your turn.  Enough of the negativity, let’s hear some of your reasons for optimism going forward in the Queen City.

(I won’t delete comments that are rational and well-written in the opposition – but I will remove ones that are overly negative – let’s have this one bastion of cheer.)

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  • bobcatsFAN.charlotte

    even the great teams have had bad seasons, maybe not as bad as ours but they do go through down(rebuilding) seasons. i believe in the law of averages so sooner or later we will bounce back.

    i think the bobcats have the pieces in place to play well and maybe contend for a title down the line. if we can draft/sign a solid big man that can play down low and has a solid offensive game, with the pieces that we have so far, we can easily be a 20-30 win next year.

    i think its going to be impossible to actually do worse than we did this year so its no where but up from here

  • Edmond

    Anthony Davis, we can’t get any worse, and Paul Silas’ contract runs out in July, I believe. If we get our big man and a decent head coach, we can make this past year a past memory. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we have two first round picks? Anyways, it’s better to have one horrible year and draft a dude that is going to turn your team around than be a lottery team every year anyways.. Just look at the panthers and what happened to them when they got the number one pick. Bobcats can be legit again, just have to take the OKC approach.

    • Only one first rounder this year. However, Portland does still owe the Bobcats a pick from the Gerald Wallace trade. Next year will be the first chance to receive it, assuming it does not fall into the protections on it. It is top-12 protected through 2015 and becomes unprotected for 2016. Great reference for checking on draft picks owed:

  • MullensMafia

    Ok let’s be honest. Since Richard Cho came to town the soon to be Hornets have been on a path to legitimacy and we won’t get there until NEXT NEXT season. A 2013 Lottery pick is part of the plan. The ideal situation is to get Davis (and have a face, with a uni-brow, for the franchise) and win 20 games tops. We get people in the seats AND get a top 4 pick next year. So once you admit to yourself that next season is another tank year (it is, get over it), you can look forward to this…

    We have Hendo (an above average perimiter defender who has improved his offensive game every offseason. There’s no reason not to think he can develop a 3 point shot and a few off the dribble moves this summer)

    Kemba (I think his ceiling is a Jason Terry type, which is fine, because the league is flush with PGs right now, so we can get one in free agency in 2013, Steph Curry? $5MM qualifying offer in 2013)

    Biyombo (youngest player in the league, has great help side defensive instincts, which are hard to coach, athletic phenom, and an obvious hard working, team first kinda guy… can easily be the next Serge Ibaka)

    Mullens (by getting after rebounds in the 2nd half of the season, he proved is willing to try to be a real 4/5 back up in this league, will get better)

    R Williams (needs to get into shape. He will be much better once he can just sit in the corner and launch 3′s. He’s not James Harden. A good back up 2 guard)

    and D Brown (a legitimate back up 3 if he can develop a jump shot and become a better perimeter defender)

    That’s a decent set of players, but not a starting NBA rotation (evidence 7 wins). Add two lottery picks, and we’ve got 4 top 10 picks forming a very young, cheap core.

    Then there is the salary situation: assuming we get rid of TT, we have $0 committed salary for the 2013/2014 season. Think about that. Obviously we have options, players have options, and we will have to pay our next two lottery picks, but if you don’t think we will be able to get some solid free agent help in 2013, you’re crazy.

    Banking playoffs, not next year, not next next year, but next next next year. And contender possibility, none of this obvious sweep nonsense.

    Future optimism aside, I think the biggest potential hold up for the soon to be Hornets is the lack of a system here in Charlotte (when I say system think Spurs… from ownership to the water boy that organization is on the same page). Zero practice time makes it impossible to know if the Silas family is the answer. I like what Paul has done with Biyombo on limited training time and what he did with Hendo’s jumper during rehab, but it is hard to tell if he can do the following: get a team to commit to a concept and execute it, keep high risk players in line and performing (I’ll give him a pass on TT, he is insane), and develop young talent.

    If MJ can find Cho a Scott Brooks or the younger Silas can be that guy, in three years the Hornets will be back in the second round of the playoffs, and this season will be just another thing we can blame on Bob Johnson.

    Go Hornets

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  • Edmond

    Bottom line.. I would say a lot of optimism hinges on whether we get what we deserve in that number one pick, that being Anthony davis( although the other kid from Kentucky wouldn’t be a bad constellation prize ), and what MJ and the rest of the front office people decide to do regarding the head coaching vacancy. Call me crazy.. But I dont see the 2011-2012 bobcats as bad as their record indicates.. Just a team that lost track early, couldn’t rebound due to injuries, and pretty much tanked afterwards. This years team hit a perfect storm of problems in the same season.. Whether it’s the head coaching starting his first full season with the team, completely rebuilding going into a lockout with the team mostly being young athletes, more injuries than most teams ( which really hurts when you have to play every other day in a shortened season ), and needing to depend on their lottery picks late into the season just doesn’t help. Those might be ‘ excuses ‘ but for people to solely blame the 7-59 record of lack of skill is nonsense. Anyways, there should be plenty of optimism for the coming years for the bobcats, especially if we get the number one pick.

  • Eric

    Mullensmafia is spot on in his assesment.

    In regards to Mullens I hope he gets some good PT in the Olympics while playing for England. International ball tends to be a lot more physical and I believe he will benefit from that environment.

    With Biyombo, so many people don’t realize this kid is 19 yrs old. With his work ethic I think he has so much potential. There are two things I’d like to see him improve for next year. First is his free throw shooting. Set a goal for 70%. Second is his hands. If he can improve in just those two areas he could average a double double. Gotta love his toughness and enthusiasm.

    Overall, the Cats have some decent pieces to build with. I would like to see them bring in a younger coach who has a passion for teaching. This young team is going to need that. While I like Nate McMillan I don’t think he is going to be a good fit for this team. I think he is more from the Silas mold who will do better with a veteran team. With a full offseason we’ll see what we’ve got with some of these young guys.

    I am hopeful that Rich Cho will continue to execute the plan. Don’t overpay this free agency for someone. I would like to see a couple veterans added who can provide stability and help develop some of our younger talent. After next year (assuming his play doesn’t drop off)I would like to see the Cats(hopefully Hornets) make a push for James Harden.

    This past season was brutal, but looking at it from the long term perspective a lot of the younger guys got playing time they normally wouldn’t (Walker, Biyombo, Mullens). More than likely that speeds up their development by a year. Give them a full offseason with summer league, Olympics, and coaching and I’m anxious to see what they will have next year. Add a couple draft picks to the mix and the future looks bright.