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DeSagna Diop: Season Report Card

PER PER Against (Net)
DeSagna Diop 6.95 21.82 (-4.65)

Strengths: Diop provided Charlotte with a bigger body when the team faced physically imposing centers such as Dwight Howard. His only real worth was to go in games and try to slow down the opposing team’s front line by committing as many fouls as possible while in the game. The Bobcats were losing nothing, and actually benefiting, from Diop getting in foul trouble and being somewhat physical. Diop also served as a decent defensive anchor to the paint, clogging up the interior, when he wasn’t pulled away from the basket in pick-and-roll situations.

Weaknesses: Where to begin? Diop allowed a higher PER to his opponent than any Bobcat on the roster at 21.82, so to say that he was any kind of defensive anchor when in the game is actually highly inaccurate. Diop has absolutely nothing to offer offensively and probably had more air balls then made FG’s this season. He’s not a good passer either, so the usage of Diop on the offensive end of the floor is basically inexistent. I could continue with the list of deficiencies, but what’s the point.

Reasons for Optimism: Diop’s awful contract is only on the books for one more season!

Reasons for Pessimism: Bobcats still have Diop’s contract on the books for one more season.

Forecast: If the Bobcats are somehow able to trade Tyrus Thomas and his bloated contract then Diop likely becomes the leading candidate for Charlotte’s amnesty clause. If the Bobcats are unable to deal Tyrus then he should become the leader in the clubhouse for the amnesty and Charlotte takes on paying Diop for one more season. As far as production goes, I couldn’t even begin to forecast anything other than him being a last resort at the center position. If Diop ever decided to cut 30+ pounds and get in better shape, he could potentially be a serviceable backup in this league again, but I have no inclination to make me even entertain the thought of that happening.

7 comments to DeSagna Diop: Season Report Card

  • Edmond

    Don’t forget he had one of the worst free throw attempts ever.. Which sadly resembled the bobcats season.

  • SDS

    are you going to do this for every bobcat player?

  • Spencer


    Yes. We’ll be spending the next few weeks recapping the season for every player that was on the Bobcats roster last season.

  • mAD dOG

    “Forget” YOU DeSagna Diop!!!! YOU ARE THE WORST PLAYER EVER!!!!

    GET YOUR “forgetting behind” OUT OF HERE!!!!!
    Brett’s edits

  • Butch reitzel

    I think “D” is much too high for Diop – this guy is an “f” if there ever was one. Matt Carroll might be a “D”.

    • The grades that we will be using in these posts are the average grades the players received in the game recaps throughout the season. Some of the time when Diop played, it didn’t even warrant a mention in the recaps, so no grade was accumulated.

  • NIk

    A “D” is very generous in my opinion. Diop never got into shape, only played a handful of minutes, and rarely showed passion for the game (I can think of one awesome spin move.) Air-balling free throws was priceless. If I were the Bobcats, I would just eat his contract next season and cut him.