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Matt Carroll: Season Report Card

PER PER Against (Net)
DeSagna Diop 5.34 14.61 (-2.08)

Strengths:Carroll has spent most of his NBA career with the Bobcats and has been a consistent role player, shooting some key threes both this season and in seasons past. With its ever fluctuating roster, the Bobcats have needed a seasoned player like Carroll. What he lacked in performance on the court, he made up for as an NBPA representative. You stay classy MC.

Weaknesses: If you are not a starter for the Bobcats, but play on the team, you might belong in the D League. The Bobcats signed Carroll to a 6 year contract after a strong ’06-07 season, but his minutes and production have steadily declined since then. Carroll averaged 2.7 PPG this season in 11.2 minutes per game and went on a 3 point hiatus from February 11 to April 12. In short, was Matt Carroll worth $3.9 million this season? Hell no.

Reasons for Optimism: If Henderson’s performance this season speaks to what we can expect from him next year, the Bobcats will not need to rely on Carroll.

Reasons for Pessimism: Carroll’s trade value is minimal and as the Cats look to rebuild next season, Carroll’s contract could be more efficiently used on young talent.

Forecast: Carroll is picking up his $3.5 million player option for next season. Unless the Bobcats can trade Carroll, they will ride the wave, tapering his minutes and effectively transitioning him out of the roster. Expect average playing time of 5-10 minutes per game. Carroll was rarely one to speak of, but watch his presence fade even further next season.

3 comments to Matt Carroll: Season Report Card

  • SDS

    Every team needs a few veteran leaders, Maggette is one of our few, Carrol is also, he is a modest smart guy who will hopefully be a good role model for the younger guys coming in, does he deserve 3.5 million dollars for being a player coach? hell no…hopefully he can just be a role model off the court, and maybe during practice, and stay off the court so he dosent influence any of are younger guys there…

  • Edmond

    Matt carrol gives me hope that I can make it to the nba and become a millionaire there. ( and I’ve never played organized basketball in my life. )

  • Crow

    Lousy decision by Jordan twice. A shooter who does not shoot well.