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NBA Draft Lottery- 8:00 PM ET Wednesday on ESPN.

The highly anticipated NBA draft lottery is now just two days away for the Bobcats organization and it’s fans. It seems that the chatter has been about the coveted number one overall pick for months now, almost as if it’s already in our possession. That, though unfortunate, is far from the truth and history can prove it.

ESPN Stats & Information digs deep into the lottery’s history and shows us that not only could the Bobcats miss out on the number one overall pick Wednesday night, they likely will.

2 comments to NBA Draft Lottery- 8:00 PM ET Wednesday on ESPN.

  • Edmond

    We need my boy Anthony Davis! The best props

  • Edmond

    … Prospect since lebron James, and the best big man since Dwight Howard or Shaquille o’neal. Getting a solid number one pick is what swings franchises around, just look at the recent teams ( except for the wizards maybe). Contending NBA teams are built around superstars, and that’s exactly what we’ll get with Anthony Davis. I can only imagine what a starting lineup with Davis and Bismack would bring. Drafting Davis would definitely shorten how long the rebuilding process will take. I would probably be devestated if we don’t get the number one pick, knowing anything short of it would only be a small consolation prize, but would still be a roster improvement nonetheless. Regardless.. If we get the number one pick on Wednesday, I’ll need to get my Davis jersey that night.