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Early look at 2012-13 promotional materials

Here is the banner and motto the Bobcats used for the 2011-12 season (in what was regarded around the internet as acknowledgement of tanking – see SBNation’s List of Worst NBA Slogans):

Here is one suggestion for next season:
(And yes, I’m still terrible with Photoshop)

4 comments to Early look at 2012-13 promotional materials

  • Jason

    What???? How about writting some articles on on who charlotte should draft with the 2nd overall pick. The obvious choice should be Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. The only team Charlotte should consider traded back with shuold be Portland because the have the 6th and 11th overall picks.

    • It was a joke, Jason. I was playing off the idea that Anthony Davis is a franchise changer, but the next few guys are only considered good picks. We’re working on coverage of the potential picks and trade scenarios. We have some time before the draft, let’s pace ourselves a bit.

  • CHAHornets

    I would change the name back to Hornets and trade pick 2 for Portlands 2 picks JUST SAYING.

  • SDS

    dont know where to ask this, but im hearing that the bobcats/(future) Hornets are contemplating to change their colors? i was wondering what you guys would want it to change to, personally i would like maybe a lighter shade of blue and then black possibly, with black being the away games colors