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What to do with number two?

As everyone now knows, the Bobcats have the number two overall selection for the June 30th NBA draft and nobody knows who they will take with that selection, or if they’ll even take a player at number two. The possibility that the team could trade the pick is still very alive depending on what offers Charlotte gets. Be sure of this, Jordan and Co. will listen to anyone who wants to inquire about the pick.

Scenario #1: Portland six and eleven selections for second pick. At six, Portland is in an extremely tough spot because of the fact that they’ll likely have to make a decision on Andre Drummond- a player who has more ‘bust’ potential than any prospect in this draft. Beal, Kidd-Gilchrist, Robinson and Barnes will likely be off the board. Considering Portland’s recent history with drafting franchise changing centers (see Greg Oden), they may not be willing to touch Drummond with a ten foot pole. That being said, the Blazers may be feeling the pressure to hit a home run in this draft by using their two lottery picks to move up.

Scenario #2: Stephen Curry/Golden State’s number seven pick for second pick/X Charlotte player. I’ve heard Augustin’s name be thrown in with this trade, but that isn’t possible because his contract is technically over and Charlotte must offer him his qualifying offer of $4,385,000 in order to keep him. The only other players that the Bobcats could potentially trade are Gerald Henderson, Kemba Walker or Tyrus Thomas. Henderson and Walker, well, that isn’t going to happen. Does anyone seriously think Golden State would take on Tyrus’ contract? Even if the Warriors were willing, this trade would only be possible if Charlotte added the Shaun Livingston trade exception with Tyrus because Golden State would be taking on too much salary due to Tyrus’ bloated contract and the fact that Curry is still on rookie contract. All that being said, I’m just trying to point out the fact that it’s highly unlikely Stephen Curry ends up in Charlotte via trade this off-season.

Scenario #3: Basically any team in the lottery that falls in love with a prospect not named Anthony Davis could call and make an offer to Charlotte for the pick. Teams of note: Cleveland owns the 4th and 24th picks. Houston owns the 14th and 16th picks.

Below, I’m posting some scouting videos that Mike Schmitz from Draft Express and ‘Valley of the Suns’ blog has put together. Awesome stuff and can educate us all on the prospects we’ll be debating about for the next month.

Thomas Robinson

Andre Drummond

Perry Jones III

Terrence Ross

Quincy Miller

Royce Webb (possible for Bobcats at 31 overall/second round pick)

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  • SDS

    personally i would love to draft perry jones and fab melo, fab brings in a defensive minded center, who is the size of a center..and helps our defence a TON exspecially considering our only defensive big man is biyombo…, then Perry gives us a mismatch offensivly we need alot, he can play the sf and at 6 ft 11, he will cause TONS of problems for opposing teams plus he is an extremly gifted athlete that has all the potential in the world, if we get the right coach who can develope young guys and knows how to get their attention, he can prosper,

    Kemba and biyombo were both under valued last year because of 1 big thing, their mentality towards the game and their drive, both want to become better and both hustle like crazy, this gives younger teamates good examples in the future of how to become good, work hard as hell and hustle,hopefully perry will watch them and learn how to practice and get better

  • SDS

    ALSO this is random, but i’ve said before that Ibaka looks like the next KG…i might have just been right:) i can’t wait for him and harden to go on the market, the thunder can only keep soo many future superstars on one team…:)

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  • Doc

    Hopefully we trade and add pieces. I like the way the Thunder did things when Cho was there so hopefully he does the same for us. At this point we need both quality and quanity so push hard for the Blazers trade.

  • Edmond

    With the number two pick we should just simply draft Bradley Beal or MKG. Both are solid picks with good attitudes and high basketball IQ’s. Neither one of those dudes is a sketchy pick unlike Drummond ( the next Hasheem Thabeet or Tyrus Thomas), Harrison Barnes ( very overrated ), or Thomas Robinson ( late bloomer with no post D). The picks 2-8 after Anthony Davis are somewhat equal talent-wise in my opinion, then there’s a drop off, so I don’t see the point in trading down especially when we have the 31st pick. We should take either Beal or MKG and we would be fine, and both are deserving of of number two pick.

  • Edmond

    @doc Not trying to hate dude, but Oklahoma city built their squad from lottery picks, and not so much trading down, just look at Durant (no. 2 pick), Westbrook(no. 4 pick), and Harden(no. 3 pick), which is where I get my Beal/MKG opinion from. I see MKG as the next Andre Iguodola, which would definitely help. Where the criticism from bobcats fans about Bradley Beal is really unnecessary too.. He may seem ‘ unfit ‘ since we have Gerald Henderson and Kemba carrying the offense, but why not upgrade that. We could either move Henderson to SF, or have Beal come off the bench( look at Oklahoma city with James harden coming off the bench, is that really a bad idea to have a playmaker at our 6th man?) Plus, improving a ‘ strength ‘ usually covers up a weakness or two anyways. Darkhorse for our 2nd round pick.. Austin Rivers. I know he probably won’t slip to 31, but it’s definitely worth the risk of trading up especially if DJ walks away.

  • Travis

    Try to get Portlands two picks and get a big at 6(Robinson or Jones preferably)and Terrence Ross at 11. Ross adds shooting/athleticism and is potentially a big time sleeper in this draft. Another big to would help out Biyombo and keep Mullens off the court as much as possible. Even Drummond at 6, if Robinson and Jones are gone(or deemed not good fits), would be fine because even if it takes a few years for him to develop into a truly good player will still be an upgrade from Mullens right off the bat because of his size/strength and shot blocking. This draft is deep enough that if a deal is possible I definitely think its worth it to try to get multiple picks or a later pick and some other value.

  • TBL

    The emphasis should be to look at all the teams with multiple picks and focus on what type of package you can put together to obtain them. Keep in mind you also need to focus on getting out of potentially four contracts of your own ( carrol, diop, maggette and maybe Thomas). I would try to add austn rivers and Harrison barnes and pick up a center in free agency or the 2013 draft.

  • SDS

    @edmond lol? no reason to trade down? that gives us a reason to trade down, some people man…, we just need talent if their is no difference between num 2 and 8 like u say, then all we get is MORE picks including another possible num 1 pick concluding that we get more picks for getting the equal talent, the only reason NOT to trade down would be if num 2 is considerably better then 3-8…it isn’t, we get equal talent plus another possible talent…that is a win win situation, plus beal is at one of the few positions we dont need, idk why everyone wants him considering we already have a good SG…, unless we trade henderon for a 1st rounder dont look for us to draft beal in my opinion…

  • SDS

    henderson could play sf but he would be crap defensivly in my opinion, he isn’t athletic enough of big enough to play the sf and would be a huge mismatch defensivly for us, plus i want starters, we don’t have a Durant or WEstbrook we need our best players on the floor all the time, harden isn’t on the bench is the 4th at the ending of games though, why because he doesn’t screw up the rest of their team having none of their other main scorer at that same position, having Beal would screw up our starting rotation since he just can;t replace someone,

    also the only reason harden isn;t a starter is because the thunder don’t need anyone else to score on their 1st team, we need people that can score in our starting lineup… not another bench offensivly player, a.k.a mullens who should be a 6th man, kemba or augustine, both good offensivly not so much defensivly, brown offensive guy and rebounder not very good defensivly, D.J. White more of an offensive guy, who is just a 6ft 9 shooter and can’t rebound all that good

    i say try and trade with portland, get their 6th and 11th, pick up Perry Jones, play him at sf, he gives us a durant type player offensivly, he’s built like a pf/c but he is quick enough to play the small and plays more like a 2 mentally, give’s us someone who can cause mismatches offensivly like we have never had, then with 11th trade down get like two twentys hopefully pick up fab melo and maybe another late round 1st point guard if we lose augustine or get two centers telling us that mullens will play at the pf which he should anyway, and have bismack be the starting pf…

  • SDS

    oh and 22 days left before the draft, by tomorrow all we have to do is wait 3 weeks

  • Jason

    The only two team Charlotte should consider trading back with is Portland with the 6th and 11th pick and Goldenstate with the 7th and Stephen Curry. If they trade back with Portland they should try and draft Perry Jones III and Dion Waiters. If they trade back with Goldenstate for Curry they should draft a big man with the 7th pick. Either way they should try to get a post and perimeter player. If neither team is willing to make a trade they should stay put a draft MKG because Charlotte desperately needs a perimeter player that can attack the rim and the SG or SF positon.

  • C336

    trade bacc need more piccs

  • C336

    i like royce white a lot he goin to b a superstar!

  • Edmond

    Sorry if I’m too much on the Bradley Beal bang wagon, but he seems like a sure thing. The only ‘ red flag ‘ for him is that his 3pt shooting dipped in college. Beal would definitely help our 2nd team with scoring, which was a problem late in the season when Augustine was injured and Kemba being promoted. I would say that Beal would definitely be a solid pick if we can’t bring back DJ, because Kemba would be promoted to the 1st team making our bench a bit weaker. FYI, to clarify my 2-8 being equal comment.. I would say talent wise, 2-8 seems to be about equal, and same goes for their potential. However, some of those guys have a few too many red flags or weaknesses, but MKG and Beal make up for their shortcomings because of their attitudes and basketball IQ’s.. At least that’s my opinion. I don’t think MKG, is a bad pick don’t get me wrong.. I just don’t think his ceiling is as high.

  • SDS

    @edmond, k, it just we need star talent to start, if the organization doesn’t think he can steal Henderson’s job then i don’t want him, plain and simple we need starters, MKG i like because one, he has a motor that rarely, stops, 2 he has the drive to be great, and 3 i personally probably overrate his athletic abilitys, but i would rather trade down and get more picks/ more possibilitys at starter star talent, plsu GS isn’t giving up on curry, one he is young as hell, two he is one of the best shooters in the league as a two year vet and knows how to play the point despite having the ablity to be a 2 guard with his pure shooting ability, Curry=hall of famer=GS isn’t giving up on him in 2 years, i would love portland to fall in love with beal or MKG though, or even drummond, if they do then they might trade with us, but i doubt that they even will want to trade for the second pick,

    in my opinion we need big men-centers, not power fowards, we have way to many powerfowards, and shooters plus 1 guy that is a mismatch offensivly at his position for alot of players in this league, Perry Jones brings the mis match and can shoot, if we get fab melo he helps anchor the defence and hopefully stops other teams from scoring 60+ a game down low on us…then we just need 3pt shooters, the main draw back with kemba and the reason “i think” that people arn’t seeing his potential to be a possible great point guard is that he has NEVER had a consistant 3 point threat teamate around him, he hasn’t ever really had anyone that he could trust to dish it out to at the 3 point and make it, if he can get a good team around him i think kemba can be deadly

  • charlottean

    I’m not understanding how OUR trade exception would help THEM take back salary. Does not make a bit of sense.

    If steph curry was on the table with the 7th pick for the 2nd and kemba walker, we would be foolish not to make that deal. move back 5 spots to upgrade walker to curry? No brainer. Especially if they threw in a 2nd rounder. I would take augustin all day every day of the week over walker, and I would take steph over augustin. Curry has the balls of walker with the skills of augustin and better size than both.

    I think quincy miller is the guy to target here in a trade back. If we can move back and take the risk on drummond or the sure thing on sullinger and also get miller in the process…….that’s a money move. Miller should have been a top 10 pick in this draft. I too, like fab melo for this team. He and biyombo on the floor together?! I have no idea where miller is actually going because some mock drafts have him mid 20′s and others have him in the lottery. I’m guessing he’ll wind up on the higher end after workouts. 6 and 11 makes sense to take drummond at 6 and miller at 11. Melo looks to be late 1st round and if it’s that the case, trading our pick at 31 up a few spaces to either miami or atlanta to save them some tax money should be do’able. Take back a small salary if need be.

    If Beal could run point for 12 minutes a game and it not horribly ruin his game (or the teams), he would be a no brainer at 2. I just don’t see that and can’t see value in taking him while having henderson up fot an extension. You can play 3 guys 36 minutes at the 1 and 2. You can’t play 2 guys 36 minutes at the same position. You could probably get away with 6 minutes of beal at pg and 6 minutes of henderson at the 3, or just 12 minutes of hendo at the 3. You have to be sure though if portland is offering 6 and 11. Drummond is kind of being forced on people but either sullinger or henson and then miller? that would really solidify our front court.

    We should definitely look into trading a future pick (like the one portland owes us) to get another pick in this draft to get miller. We walk away with a draft that looks like beal/miller/melo or drummond/miller/melo or something of the like….it’s going to be a solid draft. I just hope they don’t botch the pg situation. Augustin is definitely more capable than he showed at the end of this past year and kemba IS exactly what he showed to be last year. They can’t put too much stock in that. He shot horrible %’s and a lot of the makes were lucky to fall in after hitting all of the equipment. Horrible shot selection even for a rookie.

  • Edmond

    I just think that it would be a better idea to draft someone that could be another face of the franchise, whomever the front office believes is the best overall pick, than trade down and hope that a couple of guys pan out. Is it an impossibility to trade up to get Anthony Davis? Give NO our no.2, our no.31, the future pick the trail blazers owe us, and a player to be named? Think that would be too much, or giving too much away for the sure thing in Anthony Davis? Anyways, it would be a lot of what the redskins did to draft Robert griffin III

  • SDS

    @edmond too much in my opinion we STILL owe Chicago a pick, we are losing to many picks on 1 guy, adn think of it like this year, we might have a good change next year to get the 1st overall again,
    my question what was the agreements over giving chicago their 1st pick we owe them? i mean really??? how long can we hold out to we have to give them that pick?

  • charlottean

    only way NO trades with us is if davis comes out and pulls a KOBE and says he wants to come here and I doubt that happens. He’ll get clowned forever for saying that. Unless he can pull it off subtly (doubtful).

    That being said, if we get 2 or 3 guys this year that pan out long term but aren’t necessarily “face of the franchise”, the beautiful thing is……we got another shot to get THAT guy next year. I definitely like the idea of trading the rights to the pick portland owes us for a middle 1st this year. there’s a ton of talent out there this year. We absolutely need to get 3 guys in the first round here.

    could be beal/sullinger/melo or robinson/miller/melo or sullinger/miller/zeller but it’s key to get multiple players THIS year and develop them all together with henderson and biyombo and mullens and (hopefully) augustin and (doubtfully) walker. cleveland wanting barnes at 4 made this a lot more complicated than if they wanted beal or drummond. I still don’t like the idea of taking robinson at 2 and that’s it. I would rather they reach for barnes there and know that you have your go-to guy set. At the very least MAKE cleveland give you another pick and take whoever’s left between robinson and beal at 4.

  • charlottean

    This makes a ton of sense if Portland is even interested in moving up to get robinson or beal:

    we trade 2 to cleveland for 4 and 24, turn around and trade 4 and 31 for 6 and 11……..we end up with 6, 11, and 24. sullinger, miller, melo. Front court sewed up. you’re talking about miller/brown/sullinger/mullens/biyombo/melo oldest guy being brown at….24? back court with augustin/walker/henderson isn’t bad either.

  • SDS

    if your say sullinger at 6 then i sau NOOOO, he got DOMINATED by Withey, who isn’t very strong just tall, size dominated Sullinger, which scares me, i think sullinger is a 14-10 pick in my opinion, he has a well developed post game, probably the best coming out this year, but he doesn’t know how to play against tall guys, then he doesn’t have that high of a ceiling to get better, he isn’t atheltic or tall, sum that he could be a love but their is no way he will be that, he is even shorter, some say 6 ft9 not much taller then robinson, and he is less athletic would be asked to play the 4 where i think he would get dominated defensivly and offensivly, really Sullinger is one guy i Really do not want,
    Beal i don’t want because of his position and the fact that i don’t feel charllote needs another player at that position, but Beal i do consider a worthy top 4 pick, Sullinger not soo much, he scares me ALOT

    his height would be a zach randolph maybe…, his low would be a Darrel Arthur who is also with memphis, okay role player, scuked his first ffew years, and iss mainly just a mid range jump shooting powerfoward, which is ONE THING we dont need

  • Edmond

    @SDS You’re probably right, it might be a bit too much especially since we owe Chicago a first because of Tyrus Thomas. But Anthony Davis would definitely be a sure thing and a superstar to come, and I’ll be jealous of the former Charlotte team because of it. Regardless, I would like to see the bobcats draft a solid player( what should have been Davis )to fit in with Bismack and Kemba instead of drafting a bunch of dudes. Anyway the front office plays the draft, it’s not like we can get any worse anyways, and a lot of the draft is going to depend on what the team does regarding DJ and our head coaching vacancy. So we’ll see how it all plays out.

  • SDS

    @edmond yup, Tyrus REALLY Might have screwed us for awhile, and made Chicago very happy, they could get a damn good shooting guard that they are missing in the next two years because of us…

    DJ i wanna keep him, offensivly he is a damn good facilitator for our guys, his problem, as stated is the DJ Augustine post is that 1, he is crap on defence-doesn’t have much size of athleticisim, and he is a spot up shooter, like Kemba, both are damn good when spotting up, but their shooting abilitys decline like a mofo on crack wwhen it comes to them creating their own shot and then making it, Kemba and Augustine are more like a two guard when it comes to shooting

    im stuck on Perry Jones and hopefully getting a Melo or maybe getting 3 guys… some how, i know Perry has a ton of flaws-including the most important being his drive and willingness to get better…which is a MAJOR flaw, but his upside is great and he can be a SUPERSTAR, if he gets that drive to be great, if not he can still be a good starter that everyone would say had the potential to be great, but he was fine with being an average starter that shows flashes of his potential greatness every now and then…

    also does anyone think that Gerald Wallace might say hey buddys, i know u guys like dumped me in a terrible fashion which pissed me off, but do you guys want to get like together???lol…
    if he is only 10 mill a year i wouldn’t mind and with the amnesty of Tyrus-which i assume will come-and the dumping of Maggette and Diop in the next few years, we will still have plenty of cap room if we keep him for a semi big deal for 3 years-he is a high motor guy that would be a good mentor for the young bloods,–this is all assuming that he and the ex New Jersey nets don’t get a deal done

    im just poping up ideas as im writing this, sooo just saying but how bad will the nets be and look im they lose Wallace and Willaims who they basically gave up the house for both of them…i mean that is going to SUCK if they lost all those young guys for NOTHING but a two year rental for Deron Williams and a 1 year rental in Wallace when they wern’t even a playoff bound team

  • charlottean

    I wouldn’t take sullinger at 6 in this draft either. Mostly because I think he’ll be available at 11 or maybe a little later. You guys are being a bit hard on dude. And darrell arthur tore his acl last year or the year before or something. Dude hasn’t been healthy much. I think sullinger can be david west at best, brandon bass at worst. Not athletic, but strong and skilled. I would take drummond at 6 or whoever falls to 6 really. It’s a crapshoot with those guys so if you land at 6, the decision is made for you and you get another pick in the process. I like mgk but if we’re going to be this tough defense minded team we really need to develop augustin and mullins as featured scorers.

    I’m just not convinced robinson is better than the guys right behind him so why not trade back and double up? If there was a no brainer to get, sure get 1 guy but this draft has a ton of potential and we have room to develop a few projects. We get a bunch of guys together now and keep em together and tweak rotations and roles, we will become a contender as those guys mature into their prime.

  • Jason

    The more and more I think about it I thnik charlotte should just stay put and take MKG with the 2nd pick. I like the way OKC build their team around high draft picks. MKG is 18 with alot of upside and he shows alot of leader qualites when he;s on the floor. When you look at LeBron he was the exact sam player MKG was when came out of High School. They both handle the ball well getting to the rim and in transition. They both rebould well and pass the ball, seeting up teamates with open shots. MKG is 6’7 230 lbs, Lebron was 6’8 240lbs. They both needed to work on their jumoshot and Lebron has gotten better. The way MKG stays in the gym improving his game his jumper will get better. I dont like Thomas Robinson he’s a bit undersized at 6’8 for a PF and it would make Charlotte a small team with him and Biyombo on the court at the same time. I think that Dion Waiters will be better the Bradley Beal, there no way he should go number 2 overall

  • Jason

    Last thing Im going to say is that Charlotte needs to stop paying attention to all of the noise around them. These other teams are just talking alot of noise because they want Jordan and Cho to overreact and trade back hoping they pass on MKG. They could also get Tyshawn Taylor in the 2nd round. I think Charlotte should just part ways with Augustine. Tyshawn Taylor is bigger at 6’3 and more athletic and could compete with Kemba for the starting PG postion.

  • Edmond

    @Jason. I agree with you dude, I Agree with you. I believe it’s safer to stay put at #2, or even trade up for Anthony Davis than trade down and take a risk on sketchy prospects. Sure we could trade down and accumulate picks that would have potential, but to pass on a Bradley Beal or MKG who have star potential to draft a couple of role players that might not even pan out that far.. Is a bad idea. Sure, we could draft an Andre Drummond, Harrison Barnes, or Jared Sullinger with those 6 and 11 picks, but those dudes aren’t exactly guaranteed to succeed in the nba, especially drummond. Just look what OKC did.. They drafted a solid dude for 3-4 straight years without trading down and see how that worked. In today’s nba, you succeed by getting star players then building around them.. Just look at the teams that are contending for titles every year.

  • Edmond

    Plus, if you build a team of role players ( which would most likely happen if we traded down from #2), what’s really the best case scenario? Us becoming the next Pacers, Hawks, Nuggets, Jazz, or Grizzles. Although those teams have solid rosters, is anyone predicting them to win it all in the coming years? Sure, you can build a roster through ‘ trade-downs’ or role players, but the best case scenarios for those teams is making the playoffs and not being eliminated immediantly. On the other hand, if we stay put and draft a potential star, we’ll have a building block for our franchise and have our work cut out for us. Plus, it’s easier to attract free agents when that team has a star player or two, just look at how easily the Knicks, Heat, Clippers, Bulls and others can bring in free agents.. Or even attract star players like Dwight Howard or Deron Williams who are currently on a roster but seek otherwise to be on a championship caliber team. Long story short.. Rebuilding is easier when you bring in star players, and it’s less risky to bring in a star player with the #2 than a #6 and #11.. Just ask OKC, LAC, or CHI.

  • SDS

    @edmond, the one un “solid dude” they picked was westbrook, alot of people though he should go between 12 and 16 not 3 or 5, wahtever he was, he was an athletic guy who played more like a 2 then a 1 in college who had high potential just due to his athletic ability…

    @jason, the one difference between MKG and Lebron is that MKG is ten times more mature then lebron was coming in, Lebron was an idiot-nearly every private airplane wouldn’t and still wont fly him because of his bad reputation early on in his career-not that he is bad anymore, AND Lebron’s athletic prowless was amazing off the bat, everyone knew he was athletic, MKG on the other hand, that is likely the only reason that he wouldn’t be considered a 1st overall talent like Davis, he isn’t that athletic or tall for his position, but i wouldn’t mind the recent trend of getting smart tough guys who have a high motor and WANT to get better, a.k.a Kemba high motor tough guy, is willing and wants to get better, Biyombo, potential is shy high, and he doesn’t jsut want to get better, he is forcing himself to get better, good personality mature for his age and high motor, MKG same things…smart high motor kids usually don’t have the highest celing of like Perry Jones, but they WILL get better and are a for sure thing to be at least be a good starter for their carrer as long as they don’t go on and get hurt every year…

  • Edmond

    @SDS that’s a good point. You can’t really go wrong with MKG because of his motor, basketball IQ, and his drive to become better. The dude may not have the typical height or athletic ability, or even the jump shot yet, but his maturity for his age and his desire to become better can make him a star player. Another thing is, if you build a team off those kind of guys, they will actually play like a team instead of a bunch of individuals and their good attitudes will become contagious to anyone else that enters the locker room, you know? FYI, I feel Beal or Thomas Robinson would be the same way.

  • SDS

    here are a few combine stats i found as of 2012
    MKG-6 ft 5.75 without shoes, with shoes 6 ft 7.75, 233 pounds 7 ft wingspan big ass hands 9 length, 10.25 width
    perry jones, 6 ft 10.25 without, with 6 ft 11.25, 234 lbs, 7 ft 1.75 wingspand, hand 9.25 length, 9.5 width

    one note: for some shoes will add on 1 inch, and others two…usually if they add two they should only add 1, they use “cheating” odd techniques to make them look bigger then they really are…also physically in height Perry Jones was like Joekim noah, except he weighs more-he is projected to be a sf in the nba, but the size of a center…lol

    Andre Drummond: 6ft 9.75 out, 6 ft 11.75 with, 279 lbs, 7ft 6.25 wingspan, 9.5 hand length, 9.5 hand width
    thomas robinson: 6ft 7.75 out, 6 ft 8.75 with, 244 lbs, 7 ft 3.25 windspan, 9.75 hand length, 10.5 hand width-he measures hood with his wingspand and hand size…really with his athletic prowless i think he makes up for his size disadvantage, plus he could be a sf in this league also in my opinion…
    harrison barnes: 6 ft 7 out, 6ft 8 with, 226 lbs, 6 ft 11.25 wingspan, 9 hand length, 8.5 hand width
    Fab melo: 6 ft 10.75 out, 7 ft with, 255 lbs, 7 ft 2.5 wingspan, 9 hand length, 10 hand width
    Jared Sullinger: 6 ft 7.75 out. 6 ft 9 with, 7 ft 1.25 winspan, 9.25 hand length, 9.75 hand width

    anyone that has doubts because of robinsons size, well Sullinger is worse, he is a “little” taller due to his bigger shoes? apparently? has a shorter wingspan-which you can’t cheat, and isn’t as physically gifted,
    idk were verticles are etc etc..i will keep on looking out for that stuff,

  • SDS

    @edomond, Beal idk too much about his personality side of the ball, Robinson i love because of that, the only reason why im not a fan of him is 1, he isn’t tall, we need a true center sized player, not two pf sized players, and although i think robinson can play the 3 and will excel at that position, i would rather have perry of mkg then, if you have a team with a true center big center, such as Dwight, Bynum, Hibbbert, etc..he could play pf their, we just arn’t in a good situation to pick him up, i am a major KU fan, love robinson, he has a sister to take care of which is why he went to the nba before his senior season-and the fact that he is a top 5 player talent wise plus maturity and just motor…
    Beal wasn’t in the combine stats i found, the other beal from UK was but i didn’t state any pg or sgs because that is two positins currently we dont really need to look at as of yet

  • SDS

    i just lied lol, after re-looking at the place i found him right away, how bout that?
    Bradly Beal: 6ft 3.25 without shoes, 6 ft 4.75 with shoes, 202 lbs, 6 ft 8 wingspan, 8.5 hand length, 9.5 hand width
    ima just add tyshawn taylor
    Tyshawn: 6 ft 2.75 without shoes, 6 ft 4 with, 177 lbs, 6 ft 6.25 wingspan, 8.75 hand length and width
    so in total u should only add on 1 inch per person, if anyone added 2 inches u should realistically knock down an inch,

  • Edmond

    What in the world just happened to Jared Sulliger? He just weighed in at 268 at the combine.. Anyone thinking he needs to come to Charlotte needs to drop that idea. Not even Fab Melo weighs as much.

  • SDS

    its mainly muscle he didn’t have over a 10% fat…but he uses all that weight to try and push his away around since he can’t jump for “shit”, Sullinger was also listed at 280 when at ohio state so i think he actually lost weight…lol, but yea he does weigh alot, which was one reason why he was dominating at a college player, although he wasnt big of athletic, he was strong, he was capable of being a center in college,

    personally i like that he is 268, since he was listed at 280 i like the “assumtion” that he is losing weight and trying to maybe get quicker and a little more bounce, but if he hasn’t actually lsot any weight, then well he is easily a 10-18 overall pick, he has the best low post skill set, but he will be dominated by lets say a chris bosh, or really anyone with height in my opinion

  • SDS

    wow i jsut noticed i didn’t even put sullinger’s weight down… lol, opps…my B,

    Ima just stay on my Perry Jones bandwagon over here and say that at 6 ft 11, and with basically a 7ft 2 wingspan he is a center palying sf…that is what you call a mistmatch nightmare for opposing defences, if he gets his head on straight he could and will be a monster, plus with a for say FAb melo we got talent and size

    Kemba:6 ft
    Henderson 6 ft 5
    Perry: 6 ft 11
    Biyombo 6 ft 9
    Melo 7 ft

    thats alot of height, which adds in rebounding-u hope-and a good defence in the post u hope with so much length and size, the only problem with this team-outside shooting, Henderson is a pretty BAD 3 pt shooter, one of the worst in the league for a starter actually, Kemba who will have to shoot alot, and Perry who still has some work to do at tthe 3 point arch, he has a good shot and mid range but he has to work on the 3 more, the main problem with this offence would be that if Biyombo and Melo both don’t start to develope a low post game or maybe have one of them work on a mid range shot, then we could have to rely on 3 people to score for 5 on offence in our starting lineup…

  • Travis

    I’m on the Perry Jones bandwagon too. I’m also really high on Terrence Ross. If they could pull off some trades and somehow come out of this draft with Perry Jones mid lottery, Terrence Ross late lottery, and Fab Melo late first round, that would be great. Ross could back up Henderson for a year or two and add shooting they desperately need plus athleticism and some bench depth. Perry Jones is a project but has as much potential as anyone in the draft and could fill multiple positional needs. Melo could combine with Biyombo to form a formidable defensive front line. The three together would add so much size/athleticism/potential. Hoping for all three might be wishful thinking but it seems at least in the realm of possibility and Perry Jones plus either of the other two would still be a good start.

  • Nate

    Ok, so I really paid attention to the first 15 or 20 comments or so on this thread, and there’s one name that I still haven’t seen mentioned that could make quite an impact: anyone remember a guy named Jeremy Lamb? Won the 2011 NCAA National Championship alongside Kemba Walker? Here’s what Charlotte needs to do:

    Portland will bite at the No. 2 pick. Their current Center’s on their rosters include Joel Pryzbilla and Hasheem Thabeet. I think they’d take a chance on Drummond, considering that they have a relatively balanced team right now. Also, Portland doesn’t have to give up the No. 6 and the No. 11; they can trade the No. 6 and their first round pick from next year (unprotected) for Charlotte’s No. 2. This way, Charlotte will be able to stock pile picks for the future (especially since they have to gift-wrap that future first round pick to Chicago (thank you Tyrus Thomas)) as well as improve for the future. Jeremy Lamb gives Charlotte a shooter who can actually shoot from all over the floor, unlike Gerald Henderson, who only averaged 0.9 3PA per game last year (not even in the top 45 in the league). A shooter needs to shoot, especially the three ball. Henderson hasn’t proven himself, which makes him trade bait.

    From there, Henderson can be traded for a veteran shooter and a second round pick to help Charlotte once again stockpile picks, and give Lamb a mentor to learn from, and a 6th man off the bench once Lamb steps into the starting role.

    Putting Lamb and Walker back on the same team is a recipe for success: Walker thrived as a leader in his junior year at UConn, and with Henderson (and possibly Augustine) gone, it puts him back into that role. Also, he knows how well Lamb plays, and Lamb can’t stand being the go-to leader, only the go-to shooter. Put those two back together and they’ll have a devious offensive backcourt that is vastly improved on defense (Walker and Lamb’s off-ball defense is phenominal) and a new offensive threat that can stroke it from downtown.

  • SDS

    we already have one of their future picks, they have talent and i doubt we would receive any benfits from that trade in the near future so no thank right away, Lamb is skinny and has motor issues, Lamb isnt near as good as Beal and we could get beal with the 6th possibly or someone of better value easily… Really lamb ahs nothing on Beal then a “slighlty” better 3 pt shot, but he is worse as a defender, weaker, he weighs 177 too Beals 202, isn’t a good rebounder despite his length, and was, well crap when it came to important games much like drummond, the only reason why drummond would go num 2 is because he is an athletic monster at the Center position, whitch is the 2nd most important position in this league and one were there are very few big star players at the position…

    offball defense is fanonimal…how about on ball defence? team defence is more important but we need some starters that can actually lock down another teams player, plus beal is a better defender and could go against someone like wade, kobe, or any 2 guard that can actually psot up, Lamb not soo much

    in total lamb, in my opinion, is around an 8th overall pick and the main problem i have with what you said is that we only get 1 pick this year, and get maybe a top 10 pick in the future years, Portland has the potential to be DEADLY, i dont want anything more from them in the future…we already have 1 of their picks…Walker will be the go-to leader? do u mean the guy in the ball in the clutch 4th quarter moments? then Kemba you don’t want in this stage of his career as that, he can’t both create and make his own shot with a good fg%…he just doesnt have a good fluid shot yet, he himself is more of a spot up shooter or driver, yes he can drive but he can’t always finish, due to his questionable 6ft 1 size, more like 5 ft 11…

    good idea, but i would rather just take beal or mkg and not get anymore picks then get lamb and a future 1st round pick from portland, maybe from like the nets…or some other team, but from Portland? no thank you

  • Nate

    Please tell me you’re kidding right now. “Strength”? That’s your argument? So you’re telling me Seattle shouldn’t have drafted Durant because he didn’t have enough “strength” coming into the league? Oh, right, and three scoring titles later, he’s not making an impact.

    Off ball defense is just as important as on ball defense. How many times do you see someone steal the ball in a one on one situation anymore in an average NBA game? Most steals come off of another defender anticipating the pass that’s going to be made to the person they are covering. That is just as important, if not more so, than on ball defense. And I’ll take a 6’11″ w a 8’5″ vert reach over 6’8″ w a 8’3″ vert reach anyday of the week.

    Also, I’m not expecting Portland to gift wrap a top 10 pick in the future because yes, they are on the verge of “dominating”…that is, if you consider a team without a developed center and Batum as your starting small forward as dominating. Portland’s pick will still be in the lottery next year, and we all know Charlotte is far from making it out of the lottery anytime soon. That being said, if Charlotte misses out on the top pick in next year’s draft, Rich Cho and Co. use Portland and Charlotte’s picks to TRADE UP. Do you not realize who’s coming into the league next year?! Cody Zeller, Nerlens Noel, and Shabazz Muhammed. Two amazing center prospects, and a small forward prospect that has already shown plenty promise. You KNOW Charlotte’s pick will at least be top 5. That, combined with another lottery pick is going to easily get them a top three pick for next year.

    The second they lost out on Davis, EVERY Charlotte fan should have been thinking “Hey, we missed out on the prized big man in this year’s draft, but we’ve still got a shot at Noel and Zeller next year”.

    And are you still arguing this size thing with Kemba? So be it, he’s not tall. But would you rather have the ball in Augustine’s hands with the game on the line? Or rely on Henderson for a game-tying/game-winning 3 at the buzzer? No, and no.

  • Edmond

    @Nate I hear you dude, and I agree with you at some points.. But trading Gerald Henderson sounds a bit extreme based off his lack of 3pt game. Just look at Dwayne Wade, he’s an elite SG, some would argue he’s the best, and he shoots a career 29% from 3pt but his other skills make up for it.. Which I think GH could do, or he could develop his 3game, he is only 24 after all. Although stock piling picks is a good idea, especially for the long term because it would give us a ton of flexibility at rebuilding, I’m not sure if the fan base could support that, whether it’s trading our franchise players or tolerating lottery team after lottery team until they move to Seattle or wherever. I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make a short term move or two to put fans in the seats again, because as it is the franchise is practically giving away season tickets at this point.

  • SDS

    durant is completly different he can shoot, he plays the 3 rather then the 4, he is even longer, oh and he weighs 20 pounds more lol, i never arguered the importance of off ball defence, u seem to focus on something i never said, im just wondering if he can guard the 3-like tryus who cant, and sicne he hasn;t exactly on par in weight or strength, can’t exactly guard a 4 like tyrus, would take shabazz any day over noel or cody zeller, although if zeller has an even better year then his freshmen eyar i will change that, he could be a dirk except more athletic and just all around better, i didn’t go against kemba im jsut saying that since he can only drive and can’t shot “efficeintly” above 35 percent from the 3 arc, and 40 percent mid range, as a apot up shooter as now, with that it rel, ies him to try and make layups which at 5ft 11 against a 7 ft is hardish, just saying i wouldnt rely on him as my finisher by any means, i do love him, i think he can be A.I. but even better at the point, little worse at shooting etc..sooo yea…Henson is another tyrus thoams, i thought as a Charllote fan you wouldn’t want anymroe of that…lol you like tyrus alot ima guees, i personally don’t he is potential without reward, and 26 years old, henson i think will be the same

    plus i don’t want to trade for a future pick lottery pick in a worse draft then the one coming up, that makes no sense, this year’s draft is considered the best since d’wade james, carmleo’s bosh etc etc draft was, if not deeper in the role player positions, then trade for an unknown draft that is not very likely to be nearly as good as this years…just saying BRO

  • Nate

    @SDS, the sizes I gave weren’t for Henson, it was for Lamb and Beal. As for the off-ball defense argument: “offball defense is fanonimal…how about on ball defence?” Your words, not mine. Notice how I can actually spell the word defense correctly.

    I still don’t get where you’re getting all this Henson stuff from. I didn’t mention Henson once in my last post, and I think Thomas should have the amnesty clause used on him; do I still sound as if I’m a Tyrus Thomas fan?

    As for the 03 Draft, after LJ, Melo, Bosh, and DWade, can you name three other people off the top of your head that are still in the league, without using the internet? Didn’t think so. No one can. Everyone (aside from those four) fizzled out. People can hype up any draft if they want, but it takes more than one draft to put a team together. You always have to think about next season. That’s called being a realist. The Thunder got Durant, Westbrook, and Harden in three different drafts. It’s a building process; just ask current Cats GM Rich Cho, who helped construct this current Finals Thunder team. Get your facts straight before you go running your mouth again, BRO.

    @Edmond, I was extremely impressed with what I was in GH’s growth this season as a playmaker. But to win in thi league, I feel that you need a shooting guard to do just that: shoot, and that includes 3′s. Yes, Wade is an exception to the rule, and only time will tell with GH if he can turn into a mini-Wade. But I feel that Henderson could be turned into a veteran shooter and either a second rounder from this year (with a stacked class) or possibly a 1st rounder 2 years from now, seeing as GH is close to averaging 20 ppg, and he’s a former lottery pick. I agree Charlotte has to select players at some point, they can’t keep deferring to next year (because fans would stop showing up altogether, even if MJ tried paying them off), but I can’t get the idea of losing a future first rounder to Chicago (Tyrus Thomas trade) out of my mind, so I keep trying to think of that to help the team prepare for what’s to come.

    It’s going to be a tough task for MJ, Cho and Co. on what to do. If they do stay with the pick, I say take TRob. He seems like the most fundamentally sound player after Davis. Unfortunately, I think that you could get the same amount of production out of the 6th overall player as you could the 2nd, and it’s been tough for 2nd overall picks in years past (Durant excluded). I don’t know if that kind of extra pressure should be put on a new guy who’s coming to a team that just went 7-59.

  • SDS

    @nate, with the henson crap, im getting posts mixed up with other posts, i’ve been writing too much and well, got you mixed up with some one else, also for that draft, kirk hinrich-KU FAN:), Nick Collison KU fan:), Hinirch good pg defender, starter and role player in his carrer, Collison great blue collar role player, the hated fat ass boris diaw, and kris kamen…so yea…that was off the top of my head at 2:10 int he morning after going to go see a movie…sorry if i forgot some, defense good for you bro, you can spell tell me how much that helps you today? lol good job you proud of yourself lol, saying bro like u a boss, “FISH” go look up that donkey

    Also with your response to Edmond, you can Jordan too that list easy, Jordan, took him till his 5th year to get a 3pt shot, the difference between Jordan, Wade, and Henderson, the first two are athletic as hell, Henderson isn’t that athetlic, they could drive and finish all day, Henderson can’t finish as effectively at the basket, and is a grade below wade athletically and two grades below Jordan

    Henderson can be a star, he needs to at least show improvement this year at the 3 and become more aggresive, he simply didn’t take enough shots, despite being our team leader in ppg, T-Rob i don’t want, coming from a guy that is a ku fan and loves him, he is worth the num 2 spot, but not for charllote, he would only make our front court smaller, and idk if he is that big of an upgrade defensivly…he is athletic, has a good developing jump shot, great spin move when driving to the basket and in the post, But he doesn’t have much else when in the post, despite a long wingspan and his athletic ability he is still small for the 4,-i think he could transition to the 3-but that would take time to do, he has a great motor and is athletic, he is worth the num 2, but i dont think he is a good fit with charllote, unless we think we can make him the 3, he needs to go to a team with a 7 foot center who is defensivly minded

    but who knows, this game is transitioning slowly towards the college style of play, with more speed then size, alot due to rule changes, we are seeing alot of centers more around the 6ft 10 range then the 7 footers of recent, alot of players who would be power fowards 10 years ago are now centers

  • SDS

    also plz correct me if im wrong, but charllote has narrowed down the coaching serch to 3 people? does anyone think they will announce who will be the next head coach before the draft? or will they wait till like a day or week after to announce?

  • Edmond

    It’s actually two now SDS. Jerry Sloan took himself out of contention.

  • Edmond

    But GH, you never know.. He could hit the gym hard hard this year and try to get that 3 down. He’s a good character guy so he could be as good as he wants to be really. Tyrus Thomas though, I would hate seeing that guy getting the amnesty because of how much was sunk into him but if that’s the case.. So be it. Tyrus Thomas would turn into Boris Diaw though, as in, under a new regime and organization they’ll flourish.. Just look at Boris Diaw’s contribution to the Spurs run in the playoffs. Another dude from the 03 draft.. Darko Milicic ( did I spell that right?) went no2 to the pistons I believe because they had the grizzles pick. I only knew that because Memphis was my team after the hornets left.. Didn’t bosh go in that draft too? Anyways.. I wish free agency became before the draft so then the draft wouldn’t be so difficult to predict or speculate.

  • Nate

    @SDS, go back and read what you wrote. You brought up on-ball defense because I was focusing on off-ball defense. You then said “I never argued the importance of off-ball defence”. Haha, you know what “fish” is in slang, but once again, go back and read what you wrote: you started off the whole BRO thing, so don’t go getting your panties in a bunch because you keep starting some other pointless argument. Also, two of your four players named were from KU, your #1 college, so you can’t even count those.

    As for the development of Gerald Henderson compared to MJ, I agree; Henderson could very well develop a three-point shot over the next two years. I was simply saying that you could draft a guy know who could probably average close to the ppg Henderson had this season in Beal or Lamb, and they would have better 3pt numbers, and if you don’t have a 3-point shooter in this league, you’re not going anywhere; it’s impossible to bury a team and seal a victory if you can’t drain a three (cough cough, LeBron at the end of Game 2), and it’s impossible to come back from a large deficit unless you have someone who can stroke it from downtown (Harden, Westbrook, Durant for the Thunder, exactly why they came back in Game 1 and almost in Game 2).

    Also, yes as @Edmond said, the coaching search is down to two: Pacers assistant Brian Shaw and Lakers assistant Quin Snyder. It looks like Shaw is the front runner, as he’s won 5 championships (3 as a player, 2 as an assistant coach). That, and the Pacers’ upstart season made them look much better than the declining Lakers, so there’s something to be said with that as well. That, and Sloan is way too old (70) to try and teach young players how to grow and develop. He’d either retire or be fired after two seasons, and we need a long term guy.

    Also, @SDS, I agree with you about TRob. He was great at Kansas, but if he’s on Charlotte’s undeveloped roster, he’s going to play exactly like Tyrus; decent of defense with a lot of offensive potential, but just not big enough to get the job done.

    Once again, I say that the Cats trade down. Regardless of where they move to (either 6 & 11, 4 & 24, 6 & future 1st, 4 & future 1st, etc.), the talent at the lower spots is going to be the same as it is at two. That, and the pressure of anyone at 2 will be too great for them to “deliver” the team, as many are probably hoping for that player to do.

    If they take the 6/11 combo, though, I say they pick Arnett Moultrie. It would be a little higher than expected for him, but they could take Beal/Lamb at 6 (at least one of them will be available) and a PF who can actually step out and shoot the ball/stretch the court. Also, he was one of only six players in all of college basketball last season to average a double-double (along w/ Davis and TRob) AND led the SEC in rpg (over Davis). Another impressive asset of Moultrie’s game is that he plays above the rim a lot, as he can dunk bigtime, and his rebounding numbers point to that. In this day in age, you need to be able to play above the rim to succeed, which is something that TRob just can’t quite do.

  • SDS

    1 question for you guys, who do you guys think is the most important piece we have as of right now”not who we might get in the draft” who is the most important piece to are rebuilding process? personally i say Bismack since he is young, great motor and personality, already extremly good on ball and off ball defence, disrupts offensive shots, and is as athletic as the best of them, and i think he doesnt turn 19 till the 21st of this month? i think?, next guy for me is between henderson and Kemba for our future