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What to do with number two?

As everyone now knows, the Bobcats have the number two overall selection for the June 30th NBA draft and nobody knows who they will take with that selection, or if they’ll even take a player at number two. The possibility that the team could trade the pick is still very alive depending on what offers Charlotte gets. Be sure of this, Jordan and Co. will listen to anyone who wants to inquire about the pick.

Scenario #1: Portland six and eleven selections for second pick. At six, Portland is in an extremely tough spot because of the fact that they’ll likely have to make a decision on Andre Drummond- a player who has more ‘bust’ potential than any prospect in this draft. Beal, Kidd-Gilchrist, Robinson and Barnes will likely be off the board. Considering Portland’s recent history with drafting franchise changing centers (see Greg Oden), they may not be willing to touch Drummond with a ten foot pole. That being said, the Blazers may be feeling the pressure to hit a home run in this draft by using their two lottery picks to move up.

Scenario #2: Stephen Curry/Golden State’s number seven pick for second pick/X Charlotte player. I’ve heard Augustin’s name be thrown in with this trade, but that isn’t possible because his contract is technically over and Charlotte must offer him his qualifying offer of $4,385,000 in order to keep him. The only other players that the Bobcats could potentially trade are Gerald Henderson, Kemba Walker or Tyrus Thomas. Henderson and Walker, well, that isn’t going to happen. Does anyone seriously think Golden State would take on Tyrus’ contract? Even if the Warriors were willing, this trade would only be possible if Charlotte added the Shaun Livingston trade exception with Tyrus because Golden State would be taking on too much salary due to Tyrus’ bloated contract and the fact that Curry is still on rookie contract. All that being said, I’m just trying to point out the fact that it’s highly unlikely Stephen Curry ends up in Charlotte via trade this off-season.

Scenario #3: Basically any team in the lottery that falls in love with a prospect not named Anthony Davis could call and make an offer to Charlotte for the pick. Teams of note: Cleveland owns the 4th and 24th picks. Houston owns the 14th and 16th picks.

Below, I’m posting some scouting videos that Mike Schmitz from Draft Express and ‘Valley of the Suns’ blog has put together. Awesome stuff and can educate us all on the prospects we’ll be debating about for the next month.

Thomas Robinson

Andre Drummond

Perry Jones III

Terrence Ross

Quincy Miller

Royce Webb (possible for Bobcats at 31 overall/second round pick)

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  • Spencer

    Love the convo that this post has generated. Keep it coming guys.

  • Edmond

    Probably Kemba, because the PG position is becoming more and more important in today’s style of nba. Bismack is hangs his hat on his defensive play, and isn’t really supposed to do a whole lot offensively. Love seeing that dude play though, his blocks always light up time Warner cable arena( wish It wasnt a 3 hour drive for me ). Gerald Henderson is important, but until we lock him up with a decent contract his contributions to rebuilding are quite the variable and short term as of now. We drafted Kemba for him to take over the team, almost expecting him to take over augustin’s spot because it seems as if he’s about to walk( FYI, we should totally bring back Raymond Felton to be a veteran mentor for Kemba, I believe he’s a free agent). If it wasn’t for Kemba and GH I would be 100% for a Bradley Beal no.2 pick, but his role might be iffy with the team.

  • SDS

    k, really this year will really show who we are going to try and built around, if Bismack learns how toplay offence, or if kemba steps it up and is able to finish plays, not question he can create plays and create mopen shots for himself, but he didn’t really make too many of those shots, our main problem is that we never had a stable offence set, usually due to injuries and the lockout holding silas from ever really making a playbook that could work game to game, If we get Shaw, the pacers assistant and Lakers ex assistant do u think he will have us play the triangle offence? with mullens as a focal point as a possible 4/pf whitch is his natural position in my opinion

  • Nate

    I don’t mean to sound cliche by saying this, but I think that when it comes to importance, I think Kemba and Bismack are 1a and 1b. Biyombo’s defensive presence has already won the team games (i.e. game-saving block vs. Hornets), and Kemba has continued to show the quickness and playmaking ability that he showed in his junior year at UConn (aka National Champ). (Not to leave him out, Henderson would be #2 on this list. Everyone else needs to be cleared out, aside from Higgins, Brown, and White.) To help pinpoint Kemba’s struggles from last season though; it looked like Kemba always tried to play so much faster than everyone else because he knows that speed is one of his strongest assets. The only problem is that it resulted in him rushing way too many mid-range jumpers, which is his bread and butter shot. He SO badly wanted to make a difference that he didn’t let the game come to him; he tried taking it over, but he rushed things way too much last time. However, I’d rather have him rush the game and learn how to slow down rather than be too slow and have to try to get up to par with the actual speed of an NBA game.

    Getting back to the initial question, though, there were so many backdoor cuts between Kemba and Biyombo that I can only drool over what may come this season once the two of them start incorporating more alley-oops. Biyombo plays best as a slasher on pick and rolls, and backdoor cuts, and Kemba was able to realize that. In games when the two of them were on the same page, Kemba’s assist numbers were higher than usual, and Biyombo’s FGA and FGM numbers were both up. So, to sum things up, they are both important because of what they can do seperately (defensive game changer, on-court leader) and what they can do together, which is create easy scoring opportunities.

    I agree that Mullins is definitely a natural 4, because his defense is horrble, but I think we need to start looking elsewhere. I personally think that the Bobcats should somehow acquire a late 2nd round pick and draft Kyle O’Quinn out of Norfolk State. While O’Quinn is still learning the finer points of the game, his defense is great and he has range out to the college 3-pt line, which is great range for an NBA 4. Also, O’Quinn has a 7’5″ wingspan. Put that, and Biyombo’s 7’7″ wingspan on the same frontcourt, and teams are gonna have a tough time scoring on you.

  • Nate

    Something else I just thought of: this entire post is to debate who we think the Bobcats should take with the No. 2 overall pick. Can I just say that anyone who answers questions like this to the media is not someone I would take with the No. 2 pick, or any pick for that matter:


    I thought that MKG’s answer’s were all pretty pathetic. There’s something to be said for someone’s actual smarts off of the court, and from what I’ve seen from this year’s crop, MKG, Drummond, and Lamb top the list as those who give the worst answers/probably were forcibly passed through high school so that they could compete at the next level/probably never went to any of their classes, and probably held something close to a 1.9 GPA. (Once again, @SDS, the only reason I suggest Lamb as a possibility at 6 if the Cats trade down is because he and Kemba already know how to play together and have a great on-court chemistry with one another).

    I know how someone answer’s a few questions doesn’t make them a bad player, but I think it might be difficult to teach someone of this…mental caliber…how to improve their game once they get to the next level…just sayin’.

  • SDS

    on the mkg thing, look at morris claiborne, dont have to be smart in a mental game, cb is fairly easy mentally but you still neeed to know the playbook what to do etc etc, basketball has alot of instict to it, not too much about knowing the Q and AS

  • Edmond

    But before you hate on MKG, he has a speech impediment I believe. I’ve heard that he struggles to speak In front of media due to anxiety of sorts. Drummond and Barnes just speak like that because they’re too cocky and don’t have the right attitudes. MKG speaks perfectly fine when the camera isn’t rolling, just stumbles over his words quite a bit in front of media.. Just a mental issue

  • Edmond

    If you go on YouTube, you’ll see that MKG will just freeze up on camera and have no idea what to say. During his year at Kentucky, they tried to keep MKG as isolated from the media as possible. With the right psychiatric, he’ll get it fixed. A bit of ‘ in-front-of-media ‘ anxiety shouldn’t hurt his draft stock, especially when it doesn’t touch him on court.

  • SDS

    okay, so is mkg not smart, like do we have actual evidence that his grades were bad? or are we basing that off of just opinion on his interviews

    if he does have anxiety problems, at least when talking to people who could change his style of life” from a likely not so great neighborhood to a millionair” and in front of the media? if he just has anxiety when talking who cares, if he has anxiety before games, still who cares? alot of players get that and it usually doesnt effect them in game, except like the 1st 30 seconds,

    also on a new post, do we know who won the 1 on 1 matchups between kidd and beal? that could really effect their possibilitys of being drafted by us, exspecially if beal won the majority, if beal won then that says alot about him offensivly, defensivly depending on the development of mkg’s shot could say alot, considering mkg at this point can only drive, he can finish with the best of them but a 1 style skill set isnt always the best, although it has worked for Wade, Jordan in his early years, could work for westbrook if he wasn’t the point guard, and works fairly well with rose, there are others but these four could do it because of their athleticisim, does MKG have that athletisim?

  • Edmond

    The Charlotte bobcats twitter posted this, if it’s any hint :

    @bobcats: Watching @MikeGillie14 play defense reminds me of one of those Chinese finger traps. Once he’s locked in u can’t shake him #CatsDraft #nba