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Corey Maggette: Season Report Card

PER PER Against (Net)
Corey Maggette 14 13.44 (.57)

Strengths: When Maggette is healthy, he is the best offensive players on the roster. However, his season with the Bobcats was plagued by injury. Nonetheless, Maggette had an average PER of 14 behind only Walker and Brown.

Weaknesses: Maggette knows how to personally rack up points for the Bobcats, but is easy to question whether he can create scoring opportunities for others. Maggette had the second lowest assist rate, 7.45 ( If Maggette remains on the team, it is more important for him to help develop younger players than it is for him to take as many shots as possible. In his NBA tenure, Maggette has thrived on teams in which he regularly started and saw significant playing time. It is unclear whether Maggette would be as motivated or productive if he had to take a back seat to a player such as Kidd-Gilchrist.

Reasons for Optimism: As the Bobcats being the “rebuilding” years, it is imperative that they have some veteran players to balance the incoming youth. When healthy, he is a solid shooter, a decent rebounder and has a strong work ethic which he can impart on young players.

Reasons for Pessimism: Ongoing health issues and age are two concerns facing Maggette if he remains with the Bobcats next season. Magette made appearances in fewer than half (48.5% to be exact) of the games this season. Coming off major surgery may only further decrease his playing time and trade value.

Forecast: Maggette came to the Bobcats in the three team deal that sent Stephen Jackson and Shaun Livingston, a draft pick (Tobias Harris) and Beno Udrih of the Kings to Bucks. Maggette has one year left on his 5 year/$50 million contract, becoming an unrestricted free agent in 2013. With only one year left on his contract, it’s unlikely that the Bobcats will amnesty on him. It was reported that Maggette would have knee surgery immediately following the season and although he is expected to be healthy by training camp, it is highly unlikely that the injury-laden and aging athlete will bring $10.9 million worth of value to the team next season.

3 comments to Corey Maggette: Season Report Card

  • Jason

    Maggette sucks and Im glad he’s on the last year of his contract for the up coming season. All of the perimeter players for Charlotte are jump shooters. Beside Kemba they have no one that can penitrate the defense and get a layup, dunk, or pass to an open teamate.

  • j bo

    nice article… but i must agree with jason

  • SDS

    just saying but we won that trade in a landslide, Jackson turned out to be crap for the bucks, Livingston isn’t anything but an average role player, Harris has potential BUT, Biyombo is EASILY the best player to come from that trade and has the brightest future and impacted the team most benefitary of any of the three teams and their incoming teams,-at least the team they were sent to

    Maggette can only do three things on the offensive end, ball hog, make a shot, or miss lol, he doesn’t really ball hog but he is close to hiit because he only knows how to play 1 way, as a 1st or second option, that drives to the basket and gets spot up jump shots, if he doesn’t shoot the ball right away, he drives to the basket like a mad man and attempts a layup and trys to get to the foul line, he isn’t as athletic as he used to be and now its just all about trying to get to the line, since he is unlikely to finish in the paint, plus he doesnt know how to pass while driving, thusly he is fairly well useless and should now at this time in his career be a 4th option mainly as a spot up shooter…