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Bismack Biyombo: Season Report Card

PER PER Against (Net)
Bismack Biyombo 10.96 17.49 (-2.46)

Strengths: Shot blocking, rebounding, hustle. Bismack finished the season averaging 3.2 blocks per 40 minutes, good for top 15 in the league. He also posted solid (though not spectacular) rebound rates, 8.3 offensive and 19.1 defensive. But most of all, he was one of the few Bobcats to play with consistent energy through the trying season. That sometimes manifested itself in batting a rebound out of bounds, over rotating on defense, and leaving his feet for a block – but the effort was was there, night in and night out. That will serve Bismack well as further refines his game and knowledge of it.

Weaknesses: Bismack still has work to do on the offensive end. He showed flashes of a jump hook, but few other post moves, and had a tendency to force things in the post when he did get the ball. Bismack shot below 50% from both the field and the free throw line – as athletic and long as he is, he needs to work on getting better shots and converting near the basket, and, just as important, needs to improve at the free throw line so opponents can’t resort to simply fouling him near the basket.

Reasons for Optimism: Just watch this video:

Reasons for Pessimism: For the immediate future, the Bobcats will still be enduring growing pains with Bismack. He remains very young and raw – next season, he will still only be 20 years old, with not much professional experience to his name. Also, he began his career on a team that set the record for worst winning percentage in NBA history and played very poor defense – both of those items could instill bad habits or attitudes in a young player. That’s not to say they will – but it is a concern.

Forecast: Bismack is and will be a Bobcat for the foreseeable future. Just a year into his rookie deal, Bismack looks like a building block in the Bobcats efforts to turn the franchise back around. Given his seeming love for the game and genuine enthusiasm (I always think back to how he was beaming and smiling in the post game interview following that game saving block in New Orleans), Bismack should continue to improve at both ends of the court and become a defensive anchor (for all the talk of Anthony Davis’ length this year, Bismack has a wider winger span and higher standing reach).

2 comments to Bismack Biyombo: Season Report Card

  • Gate_City

    I believe that after a couple of seasons Bismack will make us forget all about losing out on Davis. Just need a couching staff to tap into his potential.

  • SDS

    the difference between biyombo and Davis??
    Davis has a WAY more developed ball handling skills, has a good fluid shot to develope and is accurate on the free throw line, and he is slightly taller-Bismack’s longer wingspan makes up for the small difference in height

    Bismack advantages? He is built like a rock already, litterally this guy has 20 pounds on davis, longer arms and has unquestionable maturity and willingness to be great already-Davis doesn’t have any question marks in those areas, but Bismack was almsot a for sure thing that he would play tough right from the get go

    Key Difference that makes Davis a #1 overall pick and Bismack a lottery pick?

    Bismack didn’t play college ball, in his 1 game playing against college level kids-in the rookie game, he set a record, he got a triple double with points rebounds and blocks, in my opinion Bismack would have DOMINATED college with his athleticisim…he can be a game changer without touching the ball offensivly, he has good rebounding positioning etc etc, BUT Davis does have a slightly higher ceiling due to the fact that 1, he used to play pg, and two he has a developed shot that he just never got to use in college, he is as ready today if not better then Bismack already offensivly with that same type of difference factor defensivly, if not better since he can guard some slower 2s and easily 3s, Bismack hasn’t had any time to defend those smaller quicker guys

    in the post Bismack is better defensivly, he is one of the few that can match up against Howard in the post wth both strength and explosiveness, Howards=crap low post ability, but athletically he is a monster, whitch Bismack somehow found a way to amtch fairly well…Davis with his lack of strength would get DESTROYED by Howard easy, BUT Davis can guard more people 1 on 1…

    Now Davis plus Bismack? that is what i will miss, i know we have bismack, but with a defensive combo of Davis and Bismack…that would have been monsterous in the paint, that is why people WILL not forget about Davis, because he can be better then Bismack offesnivly with just about the same if not better defensive impact, and if we had been able to get both of these two in the paint together, we would have had the best low post defence for YEARS to come, now without him? we will have an average low post defence in the paint untill we get someone not named Mullens opposite Biyombo…and even then only above average, one guy can only affect the floor so much defensivly with a combo, we would have had the ability to nutrilize teams like the heat and bulls who’s star players only know how to either drive to the basket or dump it down low to their big men