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NBA Draft Combine: Was anything revealed?

The 2012 NBA Draft combine in Chicago last week displayed many players that the Bobcats may not have on their radar for the #2 pick, but that may change if the team is able to move down in the draft by moving the #2 selection. Also, Charlotte has the 31st overall selection to prepare for as well.

Players such as Damian Lilliard, Perry Jones III, Terrence Jones, John Henson, Jared Sullinger, Myles Leonard, Terrence Ross, Moe Harkless and my personal favorite, Dion Waiters,  were all showcased in drills over a two-day period as scouts, coaches and GM’s watched. As I watched the combine in it’s entirety I realized how deep this draft is when you get past Anthony Davis. Yes, Davis is the only player in this draft that is a sure franchise changer, but the depth of solid talent that could step in and impact NBA team’s as early as next season run deep into the second round.

For the Bobcats and Rich Cho, he was likely there to see more backend lottery potentials due to the fact that the team is actively shopping the #2 pick for numerous lottery/first round picks. Portland with #6 & #11, Cleveland with #4 & #24, Houston with #14 & #16, and Memphis willing to potentially trade Rudy Gay for Charlotte’s #2 pick are all being thrown around as rumors. Alex Kennedy, from reported today that the Bobcats are actively trying to trade the #2 pick, but one league source claims they’re asking “too much” for the pick. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. ‘Too much’ is likely suggesting that Charlotte is searching for numerous picks and a salary dump by moving Tyrus Thomas, Gana Diop or Corey Maggette.

ESPN’s Chad Ford also reported today that he’s hearing “Harrison Barnes is now in the mix for the Bobcats at #2.” That’s neither here nor there at the moment, but also shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Below is a segmented clip of the draft combine with the NBA ESPN cast talking about the Bobcats situation with the #2 pick and also what will happen with their salary cap issues this summer. Not a very optimistic crowd discussing Charlotte basketball here, but they are experts who have forecasted these days coming for the Bobcats for quite some time. Watch and digest what is being said to try and better understand what Charlotte’s realistic options will be in this draft and this off-season.

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  • CHAHornets

    They need to draft Harrison Barnes

  • CHAHornets

    Offense is their worst by rank and neither MKG nor Robinson is going to provide anything near Harrison Barnes plus Harrison proved he played 2012 injured (nagging ankle injury) which looks healed up checked out his combine numbers he went BEAST.

  • SDS

    i would like harrison, but if we do i want to trade down…not as the num 2 overall, MKG is more worthy of that in my opinion, or even beal…if we have to,

    Charllotes problem, they need to fill alot of holes, SF is big with maggette not starter quality and old and aging, and with brown who is jsut a good role player we need someone there, we will likly need another pg.., we need a true center, we need a backup center or back up power foward, really we need alot

    we need another defensive guy in the post, we gave up the most points in the paint then any other team…, we need 3 point shooters, we need a guy we can rely on to lock down the best offensive player of another team, we need an offensive mismatch style player, in total Charllote has ALOT of building to do, they have 1 KEY piece in place, Biyombo, Kemba is iffy, i like him, but we have never seen him with an actual team around him that he can dish the ball too, Henderson could be a key piece, exspecially if he developes his 3 pt shot, Mullens could be that offensive mistmatch player for us, too bad he sucks at D though

  • WilliamH

    Listen, the Bobcats need help and the route we should take is trading the pick. I like what Portland has to offer at 6 and 11 and if we were to get into that particular situation than I see the Bobcats drafting at 6…… Dion Waiters and at 11….. either Perry Jones III or of John Henson. We need someone who is confident and wants to be the best player on the planet,and Dion Waiters is a beast. He has that mindset that you have to have when you are in pressure situations. Dion proved to be a guy who can be effective and with Kemba he will help them take their game to another level. Perry would provide athletism and a player who can be versitle and shoot the three but post up as well. He will have to work on confidence but we are talking about potential. If he maximizes his talent, he can be at best a longer KD and at worst…. hell I don’t know. With John Henson, he changes the game on defense and his offensive game is very good. He can shoot the mid range and a variety of moves on the post. He gets off his feet quick and that’s what you want in the paint.

    Now if we keep the pick, I think two people fit into that category, Thomas Robinson and MKG. Im scared of MKG because his jumpshotis a little funny to me, he releases on the way down but he can get to the cup. We have no one outside of Kemba who can get to the cup. Thomas has the body of Blake Griffin and has a motor of Gerald Wallace. I like what he brings to the table as far as mid range jumpers, attacking and intensity. He will be able to bang with the big boys early in his career and become a force.

  • Krispy

    I say we go after Barnes. Trade down if necessary, possibly for 4 and 24 so we can make another pick later on.

  • CHAHornets

    MKG can not hit a jump shot, can ONLY play defense, and will not be able to use his strength in the NBA because everyone is his size or bigger at the 2 and especially at the 3. He will not translate well facts back that up. Charlotte needs scoring now or 7 wins will seem like a LOT. When you are dead last in scoring you do not pick up another player who can not score. Barnes is worthy of a number 2 pick and I bet a lot of people will go how could you pass up on him in a few years. 6’8 with a 39 vertical inch jump, a near 40 percent 3 point shot, and contrary to popular opinion (which sucks) he CAN create his own shot and has showed he can score with many 20 plus point games and even a 42 point game which broke a freshman record. People say he took a step backwards???WHERE??? Every stat that is good went up and he even played injured that says a lot on a stacked UNC team. People say Jordan should shy away but if he was smart he’d draft Barnes, hire Brian Shaw, and change the name back to Hornets (that equals a win for the Carolinas).

  • SDS

    Mkg can drive and finish, he has a okay jumpshot, plays def like a mo fo and well everyone is smaller then him at the 2, the avergae height at the 2 guard is between 6-4 and 6-6, he is 67.75 in shoes, so 6-8, he is bigger then 2 guard, 3 guards are on average between 6-7 and 6-9, so he is in the middle…, but i go with the def wins championships, plus def is usually u are good at it or you arnt, lots of people can develope a jump shot later on, Jordan did it, Kobe did it kinda, and there are more examples, Barnes i will admit i didn’t watch to often, the longest stretch i watched him play was in the ku game, “KU FAn here;)” but he dissapeared, i literally thought he was injured half the game, and he shot for crap and was nonexistant at times, i didn’t see him on d often etc etc, he has a top 3 jump shot coming from college, the only two to contest him are Beal and Lamb,
    both have their upsides and downsides, i just personally like MKG better at the 2 because he can be an alite defender and can drive to the basket and finish fairly well

    @ william my main problem with Henson is that he is SKINNY, weighs less the Tyrus if that was even possible for a 6 ft 10 player…, he had ankle problems, and was less effective then the freshmen Macadoo-nephew i think of the hall of famer Mcadoo-can’t spell his name for some reason-, on Thomas Robinson, really he can’t play the 4 because he is weak, extremly weak on an nba team, he would get destroyed by starting quality 4s in the low post, he is athletic he has potential like Tyrus, skinny athletic has a good looking jumpshot, all i want is another Tyrus Thomas..?NTY

    Also @ Hornets, u know more about Barnes then i do, that is likely a fact, so u can give a better opinion on him-he helps us at the 3 which we REALLY need, but idk, i just dont like him at the 2,

    my last thing is that i just feel that we REALLY need at least 2 top 20 draft picks,

  • Edmond

    I begin to laugh when I hear people considering Barnes at two, then wonder if some of us just want more ACC talent in Charlotte so the college basketball season would be extended. I don’t trust UNC talent under Roy Williams for one, and It really seems as if he hasn’t produced any solid nba Talent outside of the PG position. Barnes played on team that was supposed to rival Anthony Davis in the championship even without Kendall marshall( draft sleeper ), but decided disappearing would be a better idea. Barnes is a good player, but was spoiled by the talent around him with an elite coach, which makes his stats(especially 18pts a game ) a bit deceiving. A good way of judging how good a player is, is how that athlete carried their team in the regular season and the postseason, and Barnes could only take UNC as far as Bradley Beal led Florida team that wasn’t nearly as good, which is why Barnes is outside the top5 picks in most mock drafts despite having eye-popping stats.