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Cavs calling about #2?; Bobcats workout Robinson and Drummond

Sam Amick of reported earlier today that many league sources he had heard from believed that Cleveland is going to call Charlotte in an attempt to move up to the #2 overall pick. The Cavs are being linked with wanting Bradley Beal at all cost and since it’s very likely he’ll go to Washington at #3 if the Bobcats pass, Cleveland must find a way to move up. Charlotte has been shopping the #2 pick since the lottery ended and this may be the offer they’ve been waiting for.

Cleveland owns the #4, 24, 33 & 34 picks in next Thursday’s draft and would likely offer all of them to Charlotte for the #2 pick.

To me, if the Cavs do pick up the phone and call Charlotte to do this deal, it’s a no-brainer for the Bobcats. For a team that has a broken roster, such as Charlotte, nothing is more important than gaining as many assets as possible. That’s exactly what this trade would do for them. Also, with five (4, 24, 31, 33, 34) potential picks the Bobcats could always package some in order to move up late in the first round and grab players such as Fab Melo, Royce White or Moe Harkless.

Today, the Bobcats worked out Thomas Robinson and Andre Drummond. If Charlotte does pick at #2 I’m sold that Robinson will be the pick because of the fact that he’s an immediate impact, upgrade at the position and carries the least risk with the selection. Drummond, on the other hand, carries the largest risk for any team that drafts him and Charlotte simply cannot be in the business of taking any significant risk in this draft. The Bobcats were always going to bring Drummond in for a workout, though, and today was not a sign that they’re super interested, but rather just evaluation protocol.

When asked about what Robinson would think about playing in Charlotte he said, “I’d love it. I’d love it”

“The potential. They have a young point guard in Kemba and I’d love to play with him. There’s also a bunch of young player’s around him and I think it’s just a couple more player’s to get over that hump and I’d love to be one of those player’s,” added Robinson.

Drummond on where he thinks he’ll play- “Wherever the cards fall, that’s where my heart is.”

The Bobcats also worked out former Tar Heel Harrison Barnes yesterday and the workout reportedly went very well. tweeted that Barnes made 80% of his mid-range jumpers and was also finishing around the rim with aggression. Barnes is still very much in play for Charlotte and especially if they do trade with Cleveland and move back to the 4th pick.

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  • HornetsBackinCHA

    If they pass on Barnes for Robinson I may not watch the team this year because I do not want to watch EVEN MORE bricks from the perimeter ANYONE who watched them last year knows they could not score the ball to save their lives and Robinson will not get to the basket at will like he did in COLLEGE. He hit 22 of 77 jumpers in college does that sound like a big man with potential?

  • bobcatsFAN.charlotte

    heres how i hope the nba draft works out; we trade with cleveland to get #4. Cleveland gets brad beal at #2, washington gets MKG at #3, we get barnes at #4, thomas robinson goes #5 to sac.

    then hopefully we can trade our later picks to move back up into the first round and get fab melo and put bismack to the 4 spot. not only do we get more size up front, but having someone like kemba and to an extent gerald henderson, drive to the basket and dish out to barnes to spot up and shoot.

    if we get a high draft pick next year, use the pick to get shabazz muhhamud and i think we will have a great young team next year.

  • C336

    trade that picc to cleveland n still get robinson then look for white,
    quincy miller
    terrance ross
    Jared Cunningham
    kevin jones
    gonzsgo scare
    in this order this is your balckbard!

  • C336

    i like machado a lot lillard goin quicc

  • Edmond

    The best move might be to make the trade with Cleveland, acquire their picks, and try to trade Into the lottery for next year to get a guy like Shabazz. Drafting Harrison Barnes is sketchier than people think, and I didn’t know being a ‘ scorer ‘ that can create his own shot made him so valuable. He’s not even as good as his teammates at UNC, just look at their ‘ success ‘ after Kendall Marshall went down. A draft where we miss out on Beal or MKG might be a blow to the franchise, especially since we’re not getting Davis.

  • SDS

    getting rush in free agency would really be nice, with him and williams that brings in some good shooting for once, with the expectation that williams goes back to his 2010 and 2009 year forms,

    @ Kareem the trade for evans i wouldn’t mind but i dont know if it is that good of a pickup, he is good with the ball in his hands and is very good and finding the open man, his problems, he can ONLY finish at the basket and his shot has consistantly gotten worse as he has aged, the reason being for that is because he is constantly changing his shooting form, plus his shooting form as of now ahs him really getting the ball behind his head, whitch isnt pretty and isnt effective…

  • Drew

    If the Bobcats draft Barnes it will be the worst move and set us back more than you think. Barnes lacked the killer instinct and will to win on a very good UNC team, imagine how he will play getting blown out by 20-30 every other night.

    Trade to Cleveland, take the best option at #4 besides Barnes. And use the remaining picks to sign role players such as Miles Plumlee or a dozen other players who have some upside and low contracts for the penny pinching Jordan.

  • brick

    DID YOU SAY MILES PLUMLEE?????!??! WOWWWW. i think we know who knows nothing about basketball^.

  • Edmond

    Yep, I agree that Barnes is a joke at #4 but to suggest Miles Plumlee is a laughing-stock. I think you’re a bit biased dude.

    • dsurles

      I have to disagree with u on both counts Edmond. Miles Plumlee could turn out to be a Javale Mcgee, D. Jordan type. Athletic, above the rim, really exciting for fans.. He was grossly mishandled by coach k, although a usual flawless coach, for the most part.. It was good for their team but bad for the development of Miles.. That being said Drew’s probably just a total duke fan.. Barnes has flaws, but (while an effort player and defensively inclined, extreme talent) and Drummond(bust!!!!!!!) have almost 0 offense and rely solely on athleticism.. Thomas Robinson is going to be a star, and you aren’t sure about that for Barnes but he can score, period.. Dean Smith was said to be the only one who could keep Jordan under 20 a game, because of the offense he ran and emphasis on team.. Who runs a variation of that offense?? Oh wait, Roy Williams.. Kendall Marshall went from being the guy that got Barnes the ball to the guy that was running the show.. Barnes humble as he is, tried to get on where he fit in and wasn’t aggressive.. Basketball players play on the court from instinct he was playing like a robot.. Given a fresh start and a new offense under Dunlap, he would be great for the bobcats.. Barnes at 4, Royce White at 24, best prospect at 31(I Hope Q Miller or the shooter from Vandy falls or his lock down defender teammate), Then it’s plumlee time or someone like Marcus Teague that may fall with the 33 and 34th picks.. 24 is dependent on who falls, i.e. Jared Sullinger.. It just makes sense, White and Sullinger have top 10 talent, and Q. Miller has top 10 potential.. We need offense!!!!!!!!!

      • dsurles

        *I meant but MKG (while an effort player and defensively inclined)…. He’s got skill but what does Charlotte lack the most, no shooting + no offense= 7-59.. We had some decent defensive games last year but the other team just had to score 75 to win easily.. We need points, not mkg or Drummond, or Robinson… Beal or Barnes

  • pootpoot

    With CLE gunning for the #2 pick, I think CHA should accept the offer then trade their future 1st round (top 1 protected) to SAC for the #5 pick (since no one likes to play in SAC accdg to reports), with that, CHA can draft Barnes and #4, and Robinson at #5.

    Here’s what the top 5 projection should be:
    1st – Davis
    2nd – Beal
    3rd – MKG
    4th – Barnes
    5th – Robinson

    An instant upgrade on the frontline for CHA:
    C- Biyombo
    PF- Robinson
    SF- Barnes
    SG- Henderson
    PG – Agustin (if re-signed)
    6- Walker
    7- Mullens
    8- Magette
    9 – Carroll
    10- 24th pick of CLE – Royce White/ Moe Harkless

    With a new coach and an uptempo style, it might work. Also a solid starting 5 for years to come.

  • hans

    with fouth pick take harrison barnes
    with others picks trade up into lottery for perry jones III

  • hans

    pg kemba walker
    sg gereld hederson
    sf harrison barnes
    pf perry jones
    c bismack
    bench bryon mullens, corey maggette, reggie williams, matt carrol, thyrus thomas, dj augustin(resigned)

  • brad

    cleveland offering all their picks makes no sense. The Bobcats are the only team linked in the top 4 to Robinson. They will get the same player they want at 2 with the 4th pick. Cleveland knows this and will likely only depart with their 4th and 24th for the 2nd. Including both 2nd rounders as well would be a steep price. The talent at picks 2-5 is pretty close. Moving up two spots isnt worth the 24th, 33rd and 34th in my opinion

  • bobcatsFAN.charlotte

    the cavs are really looking at bradley beal and washington already said that if he drops to #3, they will take him. If cleveland is really sold on brad beal, they will need to trade up to #2. the only reason they would need their late draft picks is to maybe fill out their roster but i think they would rather go for a solid vet anyways so their late picks aren’t that important to them.

  • brad

    @bobcatsFAN.charlotte. The cavs are in a similiar situation to the Bobcats. They are both trying to rebuild their rosters. There is a reason these teams finished with a few of the worst records in the NBA. When a team is looking to rebuild they look to do so in the draft and get younger. (Look at OKC and Indiana). Why would they rather have an aged veteran?? I respect your opinion but I strongly disagree that the 33 and 34 picks aren’t important. These picks can be packaged with another player such as D. Gibson or A varejao so the Cavs can move up again in the lottery to pick an impact player.