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Bobcats add future pick, and some salary in trade

The Bobcats moved Corey Maggette to the Detroit Pistons in exchange for Ben Gordon and a future first-rounder. Here are the most important parts:
Corey Maggette has one year remaining on his contract, for $10.9 million
Ben Gordon has two years remaining on his contract, for $12.4 and $13.2 million
There are lottery protections on the draft pick: Top 14 in 2013, Top 8 in 2014, Number 1 in 2015

And those are the relevant details. Not much basketball mentioned? Well, as John Hollinger spells out here, the Bobcats have salary cap space to use in the next couple of seasons and adding Gordon for 2013-14 helps ensure they’ll meet the salary floor. On the court, Ben Gordon provides the same shoot-first mentality that Corey provided (just in an entirely different way – actually shooting the ball, rather than driving into the paint and flailing for fouls) – though hopefully, he’ll see the court a bit more than injuries allowed Maggette. The swap machine does not like the deal, as Corey was actually among the Bobcats more efficient scoring options last season (yes, while shooting 37% from the field). But Ben Gordon won’t be replacing Corey Maggette directly, since he can’t play the three, so the real swap will be out of minutes from Matt Carroll, Cory Higgins, and, possibly, D.J. Augustin. Play around with those names in the swap tool, and you’ll see the Bobcats can expect an offensive boost.

But back to the focus of the trade, for the Bobcats: A future draft pick. With Charlotte still owing a pick to Chicago for the Tyrus Thomas swap, this will help negate the sting of whenever the protections either don’t apply or run out. Additionally, since the Blazers will be sending a pick to the Bobcats at some point for Gerald Wallace, the Cats could be looking at 3 first round picks in an upcoming draft. That’s how to build for the future – young, cheap talent. And, again consider it cheap, despite Gordon’s hefty contract – the Bobcats had to pay someone for these next couple of years as they build for the future, and Gordon can provide solid scoring on a team that needs it.

12 comments to Bobcats add future pick, and some salary in trade

  • HornetsBackinCHA

    They need to draft Barnes now……they literally have no SF and still need scoring Gordon will not make much of a difference just a little better and that isn’t enough.

  • George

    I might vomit if they draft Barnes. They should try to get cleveland’s #4 pick and #24 pick.

  • robbie

    compromise makes the world go ’round. trade down for the 4 and 24 and then draft Barnes, see everybody’s happy, especially me!

  • Rayle

    At least this ends the speculation on drafting the “sure fire next greatest thing ever” Brad Beal. TRob and MKG seem the obvious benefactors at two. As for four (trading down) Barnes seems like the obvious fit (if the other two are taken) to slash to the basket.

  • jsn23nc

    Now like I’ve said all along dont trade with Cleveland getting the 4rth and 24rth picks is not as good as having the 2nd and 31rst overall pick. The only team Charlotte should trade picks with is Portland. I doubt that Portland will trade those picks for the 2nd overall is the draft, if thats the case stay put with the 2nd pick and draft MKG. Beal is a shorter version of Barnes both guys struggle with their ball handling to get to the rim. MKG is the 2nd best prospect in this draft and has been all year long. All Charlotte needs to do is not listen to these idiots that want them to continue to fail.

  • jsn23nc

    Thomnas Robinson would make Charlotte extremely small in the post. Biyombo is 6’9 and TRob is 6’8, Biyombo would stay in foul trouble because TRob doesnt play defense and he’s undersized as a defender. i hope Charlotte doesnt blow this and take Barense or Beal either. The only layer they should draft 2nd overall is MKG. MKG is the youngest player in this draft and has way more upside than these other guys.

  • Edmond

    Seriously, if MJ is too biased to take another UNC player in Barnes, he at the very least needs to trade down to get him because Wizards and Cavaliers aren’t caught up in the hype like a lot of us were fooled into.

  • CH

    @jsn23nc: Playing defense is all about effort, and who works harder than Robinson? MKG is a hard worker but he’s years away from really helping a team. Drafting a try-hard guy @ #2 isn’t what I want in the 2nd overall choice. That said I wouldn’t be mad if he’s the choice but I can’t say he’s that much better than Robinson b/c he isn’t.

    • jsn23nc

      CH defense more than just effort. Some players are just better at than others. Why do you think Anthony Davis will be drafted before TRob. TRob average more points but doesnt have the upside that A.Davis or MKG has. Drafting TRob will set the team back, you cant play TRob and Biyombo at the same time because that would be too small for a NBA front court. Teams would kill Charlotte in the post with that lineup. MKG will be a better future star than TRob

  • ricky grier

    trade for the 4 and 24 they need players take thomas robinson at 4 and get royce white

  • Nate

    I say they make multiple moves. Trade the 2 for 4 and 24. Then, trade the 24 and the future first-rounder they just got from Chicago to move back up into the first round. It’s great that Charlotte is stock-piling future picks, but this current crop of players entering the draft is relatively strong. They could easily use #24 and a future 1st to get the #11 from Portland or #14 from Houston; both of those teams are still trying to move around somewhere in the draft.

    These moves may seem complicated and over-the-top, but at 4, you grab either Barnes (answer to the scoring problems) or MKG (answer to defensive/up-and-coming potential star). Then, with another pick, grab a big who’s actually bigger than Robinson. I’ve said this in other posts and I’ll say it again; Arnett Moultrie is going to be a steal in the draft. He’s also 6’11″, which would help solve any frontcourt problems.

    Any actual big man not named Jared Sullinger or John Henson would be an upgrade; picking either Terrence Jones, Andrew Nicholson, and especially Moultrie would be great.

  • HornetsBackinCHA

    Everyone doubting Barnes I want to hear you say that one year from now I will be on the message Boards under the name vertikle to see your posts because he will become a VERY GOOD player.