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Bobcats select Michael Kidd-Gilchrist with 2nd pick

Surprise, surprise. The word in the past few weeks is that the Bobcats have had Thomas Robinson on the top of their draft board. Well, that must have not been so. Charlotte selected Michael Kidd-Gilchrist with the 2nd pick after trade talks with Cleveland and Houston failed.

The initial reaction with the pick was filled with surprise, but not disappointment. Kidd-Gilchrist is the youngest player in this years draft and is believed to have the highest ceiling of anyone behind Anthony Davis in this class. In a best case scenario comparison, Kidd-Gilchrist has been called a Scottie Pippen type. He lacks a consistent jump shot and isn’t an excellent passer to this point, but he’s a lockdown defender that can guard any position except the 5 and plays as hard as anyone he’ll ever step on the floor with.

The ‘change of culture’ phrase was beat over all of our heads by the front office since last season ended and this pick certainly sticks true to that point. Kidd-Gilchrist is a fierce competitor, an extremely hard worker and a winner. Kidd-Gilchrist makes it back-to-back years that the Bobcats have drafted a player from the NCAA national championship team (Kemba last year) and also back-to-back year’s they’ve drafted the youngest player in the entire draft (Biyombo last year).

Make no mistake, this is a great pick. Quite possibly the best one that Jordan has ever made. Kidd-Gilchrist is likely going to be a starting SF in this league for a long time and hopefully an all-star. He’s going to show up every day with the right attitude and seemingly has no baggage. Cho’s fingerprints are all over every move the Bobcats are making these days. Not only is he drafting youth with extremely high potential, but he drafting/bringing in players with the right attitude towards the game. As Cho has said all along- change of culture.

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  • Edmond

    Common sense pick, in my opinion, either him or Beal. MKG definitely fits the hole maggette just left and gives CHA that change of culture that they’re looking for. Coach Dunlap says he’ll play him to his strengths while developing his weaknesses, and he’s only 18. I don’t see why CHA would want T-Rob anyways, because he’s Nba ready and would help pull the bobcats out of the gutter? If the main point in drafting him was for a short term fix, he’s still undersized.. Not helping us there at all. CHA did the safe thing in drafting MKG, and it’s also the OKC approach too.

  • Jonathan

    Don’t hate the pick but, we could have traded down drafted Thomas Robinson and picked up pick 24!

  • Tristen

    I still don’t agree with this pick. I do like MKG, but the real “common sense” pick would have been Thomas Robinson. They addressed their shooting needs with the acquisition of Gordon in the trade, what they need now is some help in the paint on defense and offense. Coach Dunlap wants to run uptempo offense then you need someone to help Biyombo in the paint box out and grab rebounds to start fast breaks. What happens when your shooters are having an off night? You need help down low to help grab rebounds. As Edmond pointed out, yes he is undersized, but look across the NBA, Garnett small for a center, but plays it really well, as does Lebron did several times throughout the playoffs, along with an undersized Chris Bosh at center. Look across the league and plenty of teams are using undersized players at the center position, so a Biyombo and Robinson mix between the center and PF spots would work. Charlotte was 30th in the NBA in scoring, but they were even more inept in defense, and that issued wasn’t completely addressed with this draft at all. So here’s hoping they get someone out of free agency, Watch they go get Kaman at an overpriced contract due to lack of good centers on the market. Now that would be funny, Kaman leaves the New Orleans Hornets, goes to the cats (which I really hate this name period. What professional sports team goes by the name of cats and not something alittle more intimidating)

  • charlottean

    I’m disappointed that they got greedy and instead of just taking an additional pick, tried to attach thomas’contract. Then they got stuck taking a guy @ 2 that could have gone 7th.

    Worst case scenario, they should have had washington ready to give them something to flip flop picks. Then we could have saved money on salary. Instead we gift wrapped beal for them, robinson for sacramento, barnes for golden state etc. We should have been compensated for other people getting what they wanted. They failed big time in that regard.

    That being said, I think augustin/hendo/mkg/mullens/biyombo is a starting 5 that can grow together. Mullens will have to be the #1 option but I think he can be that. We really need to keep augustin.

  • Nelly

    Love the pick. . . If this kid (only flippin 18 y/o and won like everything he possible could) is as competitive as they say there is no way he doesn’t develop a jumper by year 2 and become deadly in the mid-range by year 3. I just hope the Bobcats have a good support system for him, that is going to be critical to his development. Also hopefully they make sure waste-of-talemt-team killer T Thomas amd MKG never come in contact as I can’t think of a worst player for him to be around (I hate him to an irrational level, he could be so good but instead he is what he is. His attitude and play were a slap in the face to anyone who paid for a ticket). I’m just glad we finally have a player to who legitly could become one of those elite top-tier NBA player. I mean to me only two picks, felton or E Okafor (Adam Morrison pick I pretend never happened) have the Bobcats drafted a player who after hearing the pick you thought this player could be that franchise player/face of the team that we to this day hve never really had.

    That said I wouldn’t have knocked the T-Rob pick here, I think he will be a very good but not that true elite level player like a PF Monta Ellis, very good but not the best. Also he measured in at legit 6’10 so not undersized like they the “inside reports” said when he first declared for the draft.

  • Tim in Surrey

    Poor MKG, this is like a nightmare for him: Now he has to face Jeff Taylor every day in practice! I would love to be a fly on the wall for some of those sessions.

    Seriously, guys, you got a STEAL with that #31 pick, as well as a very good player with the #2. If nothing else, the Bobcats are really going to defend.

  • bobcatsFAN.charlotte

    i, personally, like this pick. i know we could’ve had anybody we wanted(not named anthony davis)but i feel like getting someone like barnes or T-Rob would only be like a quick fix. i think looking down the road and the big picture, next year could be our year. have MKG develop for a year, hopefully get the #1 pick or at least enough assets to trade up for the #1 pick and draft shabazz muhammad. those 2 players alone can turn ur franchise into playoff contenders (not championship).

    i really hope the other players take notice of MKG’s work ethics and try to step theirs up. this franchise is headed in the right direction and if any players feel like they can just sit on the bench and collect a pay check, well i hope they get a cup check and get traded/waivered/cut…

    plus i wouldn’t mind seeing them move jeff taylor to SG cause we really need someone capable enough to be a backup for hendo. i know we got BG but i hope he can play a bit of PG off the bench.

  • charlottean

    you want ben gordon playing point guard. are you serious?

    you want jeff taylor to play SG when we currently only have he and MKG at small forward but we have hendo, gordon, carroll, reggie williams all at SG.

    want something else.

  • bobcatsFAN.charlotte

    please reread, i said off the bench

    plus, we made a QO to DJ so its now a moot point but i was thinking about the rotation coming off the bench. i’d like see ben gordon on point, jeff taylor at 2, and reggie williams at 3.

  • Nate

    So if Ben Gordon is your point guard off the bench, does that make Kemba the odd man out? Because there’s no way that DJ and Kemba will be in the same starting backcourt, especially with Henderson. Hendo is too undersized to play SF anyways, and they just drafted 2 great SF in this draft, and neither of them are large enough to even think about playing PF in a super-small lineup.

    If DJ accepts the QO, then your bench will be PG Kemba, SG Gordon, SF Taylor. Williams played horrible this year and hasn’t shown enough toughness to compete with MKG and Taylor for SF minutes. He’ll be kept around to warm the bench, and play role player minutes, should somebody get hurt.

  • charlottean

    I knew you meant off the bench, it’s a felony in NC to suggest ben gordon should start at point.

    Ben gordon is NOT a point guard. He is the same kind of black hole maggette is the difference is, he’s younger, better and has a ton of range. He can handle to ball but he is NOT a pg. He makes kemba look like stockton.

    Augustin can still sign elsewhere to an offer sheet if we choose not to match it. I hope we do because if we let him walk, that sets us back another 3 years. Sign & trade might work out okay if the price is right. They need to sign the iona kid immediately and a vet if he goes elsewhere.

    Would love to see us parlay diop, carroll, & williams into either a player like derrick williams via a 3 team deal with somebody that needs to dump a salary similar to the gordon deal. Take a bad salary and get williams so minny can get a stud vet and someone else can clear cap space.

  • charlottean

    If calderon gets amnestied and we lose augustin, he’d be the guy but he’ll probably prefer elsewhere or spain.

  • SDS

    Lol Prefer Spain that’s would mean he doesn’t like money? Referring to Calderon
    Calderon is essentially another Augustine but older , he can really only score as a spot up shooter of which when he does spot up he is deadly when he doesn’t he is essentially useless he has average pg ball handlin skills but can distribute the ball with the best of them

    We need size if we got that we have some talent a.k.a a center also although. Charlotte is a terrible team they wernt the worse in history

  • SDS

    Omg My phone is retarded t keeps on refreshing and auto submitting what I want to type but. A into the point harllote was terrible but aiMO I don’t hunk hey were he sort by any means if maggette isn’t hurt for sum 20-40 games I say we win 2-3 more games add in Augustine not missing so many games u can add on a few more wins plus a healthy williams who isn’t forced to pplay the pg? Even more charlotte is terrible but if it wernt for also having 3 starters missing a total of sum 80 games combined we aren’t the worse in history:…anyOne who belIeves so isn’t a bobcat fan exspecially with all the people just starting to post on QCH for the first time since last season….

    Also the last 2 years we have drafted high motor hard working players Bismack defensive stud high motor everyone says he works hard As hell, kemba high motor player great personality MKG high motor defensive stud works harder then everyone else Taylor same deal but with a 3pt game
    Charlotte is doing what Washington is doing by thru the draft rather then trades getting great locker room guys who work hard-the benefit we are getting talented guys Bismack is also an athletic stud so is Taylor and MKG plus kEmba with his speed….the future is bright defense is harder to teach then offense? Why? Because usually defense comes from just Pure effort and those types of players usually will work hard to improv their offense as well

  • charlottean

    Agreed. You can’t compare the compact schedule with no offseason and no time for practice with a standard season. And the diaw situation didn’t help. If I’m not mistaken, we didn’t much if any without diaw. San antonio sure did though. I’m not sure they lost until okc.

    I’m excited and hopeful for breakout years from augustin and mullens. Steady play from henderson and improvement from walker biyombo and MKG. And I really wouldn’t mind derrick williams for some picks.

  • SDS

    My question is where do we play d will? He is better suited at the 3 but we are set at the 3, the4? He would have to be a backup 4 since I’m fairly sure that biyombo would have to play the 5 then and that would make us fairly small… But who knows it all depends on the price for him he has talent and he can be a trade chip in years to come and allows us to lOok at trade options with Taylor or brown

    Also one note, who should we be looking at in free agency? Personally I say look for a pg pf or c
    Next year looks to be deep at center in the draftso I wouldn’t mind holding off of getting one this year in free agency but then what PGs and pfs should we look at?

  • charlottean

    Biyombo is not small length wise for a center. He just hasn’t added the weight that comes with age. Williams would play the 4. 3 man rotation with biyombo and mullens.

    6-9 is not and has never been small for a 4. And it’s not small for a center (biyombo) who has a 37463732937 foot wingspan and reach. Dwight howard is 6-9. Look at the facts.

  • SDS

    Dwight is 6 11 according to his old.combinr numbers and biyombo was 6 10 at his combine last year he’s is a bit small height wise for center traditionally in today’s game I will admit that traditionally 7ft centers are rare and gone exspecially ones with muscle

    This is random but I personally believe Howard is one of the most overrated players in history he is a big athletic freak nothing more his post game is crap he relies souly on his strength And just bein close to 7 feet tall and offensively since his 3 re year in the nba he has gotten better at close to nothing all he has improved on durin the last few years is passing while getting worse at free throws plus he is a drama queen ten times worse hen what Lebron ever did how people in Cleveland would be raiding stores to burn his jerseys of he was a cavalier/… Lol

  • charlottean

    I agree about howard. He lacks the skill and willpower that shaq had.

    Not sure where you are getting your combine numbers from. Bismack measured 6-9.5 and howard 6-10.25 in shoes. Same standing reach despite slight height difference, and bismack had a few inches better on wingspan. Weight was 240 howard, 245 bismack with 4.2% body fat.

    Bismack is equally the athletic freak. Once he adds the weight of age, and refines his skill, he can be howard. That’s why we traded up for him. He’s already a top 5 shot blocker in the league.

  • Edmond

    ^ definitely, but he most likely is going to more like Serge Ibaka than D-howard. I love watching Bismack play ball. I don’t think Dwight is overrated though, he just let’s his character get in the way of his potential, and the lack of competition at center probably slows his desire to become better. Shaq is definitely better..

  • charlottean

    I think he’ll be closer to howard than most think. There’s something to be said about how he went at the good centers last year. Even when he was losing physically, he went at them. He’s got a will to get better and I think we’ll see that over the next season.

    Ibaka has a different game. He doesn’t desire to be olajuwon or mutumbo the way biyombo does. Dudes gonna get 14, 8, and 3 this year.

  • SDS

    Bismack had his own with Howard whenever they faced off, I just rounded up with Bismack to 6 10 since that is what u are supposed to do at least according to math;) Howard I was lied about I guess, the big thing about judgin bismacks potential is just looking at how much better he got from day 1 his free throw % went up I think 10% from the beginning of the year, he developed an below average post game rather then having no post game, he stopped jumping at every pump fake, he is a beast on def against pick and roll and the limited times he and kemba did I themselves and they blew it up…he improved immensenly despite having limited practices no off season camps and everything
    I don’t know how espn just ignores him, but then again if you aren’t a big market team they don give a crap about u untill u pull Off a cinderella story

  • Edmond

    ^ agreed. If you aren’t a big market team in the nba, you can forget about publicity or media coverage.. But that has its own pros and cons. The chemistry between Bismack and Kemba was very good last year, and something I’ll definitely keep an eye on this year.. I’d love to see them play a majority of their careers together to see how it plays out. CHA probably will be a lottery team again ( probably a good thing ), but with those guys and MKG getting an offseason together with camps and drills can make things quite interesting.

  • Travis

    This is a little off topic but I’m curious as to how some people see DJ as the pg going forward instead of Kemba. After three years of development he puts up fewer points, reb, stl, and a worse ass/to ratio, in more minutes than a rookie who didn’t get an off-season or practice time during the season to learn the NBA game. They both shot a terrible % but I think that has as much to do with the teams terrible and stagnant offense last year than either of their abilities. DJ averaged more assists but if you payed attention to the games Kemba’s assists numbers were comparable when he was playing with the other starters and went down a ton when he would play with the second unit. It is kind of hard to expect a PG to rack up assists playing with the second unit of the worst offensive team in the NBA and one of the worst in history. If look at Kemba before his final season at Uconn(where he had to be a shoot first pg) you will see a capable and willing distributor.