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Watch closely: Counting down final hours until Draft

  • Plenty of teams have called the Bobcats about the 2nd pick. It’s nice to be able to sit back and field call-after-call, but the problem seems to be that Cho and the front office is asking too much for the pick. That likely means we want anyone who wants 2nd pick to take Tyrus Thomas with the deal as well.
  • Houston Rockets now own the 12th, 14th & 18th picks in the draft. They’ve been linked with Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Rudy Gay & Josh Smith. If all those deals fall through they’ll likely pick up the phone and make a desperate offer for the 2nd pick with Charlotte.
  • Oklahoma City has expressed interest in 2nd pick and reports suggests they’ve called Bobcats about it. A potential deal that would make this happen would likely be James Harden for the 2nd pick and Tyrus Thomas. Since the deal would be based around the Thunder cutting salary and still getting a great talent back, it’s unlikely it happens because Tyrus Thomas would defeat the purpose for OKC.
  • Cleveland and Charlotte has been heavy in discussion to swap picks 2 & 4 all week. This is now likely to fall through. The Cavs brought in University of Washington’s Terrence Ross yesterday for a late workout. This could be a smokescreen, but I think it is what it seems- Cleveland wants Ross and knows they can get him late in lottery. They’re looking to trade back, not up. Bobcats/Cavs possible deal seems dead.
  • Atlanta, Denver, San Antonio & Oklahoma City have all been linked with interest to moving up to get Brad Beal. Variety of deals could help any of these teams move up and make this happen. For ATL, Josh Smith would be involved. Denver, multiple young mid-contract level assests. San Antonio- hard to say really. Leonard? Splitter? (this one is doubtful). OKC- noted in above bullet.
  • Chad Ford thinks first priority on Bobcats big board is to trade down. That being said, let’s remember that numerous GM’s around the league have said Charlotte is asking too much. Too much, as in ‘you’re taking Tyrus Thomas with you if you want 2nd pick.’
  • When this is all said and done, expect the Bobcats to stay with the 2nd pick and select Thomas Robinson.

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12 comments to Watch closely: Counting down final hours until Draft

  • Mathew Lewis

    Is obtaining Harden via trade with OKC the best possible outcome for the Cats tonight? Or would you rather stay put and select Robinson, MKG, or Barnes?

  • Spencer

    Obtaining Harden tonight is best case scenario. Another sleeper deal that everyone has forgotten about is the Bobcats dealing #2, Tyrus for Rudy Gay.

  • Dan

    In regards to Harden, it’s a good deal only IF he would resign with Charlotte. He has a year left before becoming a restricted free agent. Charlotte doesn’t want to give up the #2 pick for a guy who may pull too great a salary elsewhere for the Bobcats to match or want to match.

    I personally love both him and Rudy Gay but I am not too familiar with Gay’s contract situation in Memphis.

  • Mathew Lewis

    I don’t like the Gay deal. I’d rather try my hand with Barnes or MKG. I guess Robinson as well, though I’m not as big a fan of his as the other two.

    Gay has a little over $34MM due to him over the next two seasons with a $19.3MM player option in 2014-2015. He’s more than likely picking that up. Gay is only a slightly better version of Danny Granger in my opinion, and not worth giving up the pick for let alone the salary he’s being paid.

  • Evan Patton

    Why don’t we just stay at #2 and grab Bradley Beal this kid is going to be D-Wade in a few years. Ya I know we just traded for Ben Gordon but the GM said their draft strategy didn’t change because of the trade because that would be short-sighted. But if we do trade I hope its with Cleveland and we get Barnes/MKG/Robinson which ever two is left out of those three and out of those two which ever one has been higher rated by the staff. I personally think that if we trade back I believe Washington will take Robinson and that our staff likes Barnes a little more than MKG. So just to recap if we stay put we should take Beal (but we will probably take Robinson) and if we move back to 4 we might get Barnes.

  • Patrick B

    If the Cavs are willing to deal, why don’t we just try to make two trades? Swap #2 for #s 4 and 24, and then flip #4 to the Rockets for 2 of their picks (#16 and 18 maybe?). We’d miss out on some of the top guys, but with this team I might give up a chance at Barnes, MKG, or Robinson for the chance to get 3 solid pieces (Sullinger, Zeller, Melo, Lamb, Leonard, etc).

  • Edmond

    Stay with 2+31.. Draft MKG already. Why trade the pick for Harden, Gay, or anyone else when that guy has contract issues whether it’s resigning him or he has too much money due. Trading the #2 is only good if it gets rid of Tyrus and the result isn’t a stretch. We just traded maggette.. Fill the SF void with MKG which is the 2nd most talented, one of the most athletic, and youngest dude in the draft. We don’t need another undersides PF.

  • Edmond

    I believe that neither T-Rob or Barnes( overrated ) is worth the no.2 and we could trade down and still draft one of those guys.. Especially at #4. If we miss out on MKG or Beal, we might as well accumulate the most picks we can to create flexibility, including trading for possible lottery picks next year would be a good idea. Barnes and T-Rob are avoidable in my opinion, but I’ll support CHA regardless.. Unless we pick Drummond of course.

  • Jeff

    As a Denver fan – would you consider this trade?

    Ben Gordon/Tyrus/#2
    Afflalo/Wilson Chandler/Koufos/Birdman/#20

    We can also throw in 2 2nd rounders if need be. I’d really like to add Beal to our team. Hate giving up Afflalo and Chandler, who are both solid defenders, but I think Beal has more potential.

    Let me know your thoughts, please. I’d appreciate any constructive criticism and/or offer variations of trade scenarios…

  • Jeremy

    I really hope that the Bobcats can trade with Cleveland. Cleveland can get Gilcrest (who actually played with Kyrie Irving in high school), and Charlotte can still get Thomas Robinson, plus presumably another draft pick or a decent player.

    Mutually beneficial in my book.

  • Mathew Lewis

    @Jeff – If I’m the Bobcats I do not do that deal. Though they’d love to accumulate assets, I don’t think any of those players warrant giving up the #2 pick. Afflalo and Chandler are nice players, but their values are somewhat limited given their contracts (no longer on rookie deals).