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Bobcats interested in J.J. Hickson

Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer reported today that J.J. Hickson’s agent, Andy Miller, confirmed that the Bobcats did indeed have interest in the free agent who played the remainder of last season with the Portland Trail Blazers.

However, shortly after Bonnell’s tweet Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio reported that he had spoken to a source who suggested that it was “hard to envision” Hickson signing with anyone else but the Golden State Warriors. Golden State made a real push to land Hickson after he was waived by Sacramento last season, but eventually lost to Portland. Now the Warriors are back on track to get Hickson again and according to Amico, they’re the real clubhouse leaders.

Hickson has a career average of 9 PPG & 5.7 RPG in just 21.3 MPG. He now enters the 5th season of his NBA career and appears to be on the verge of his first big deal in the league. Somewhere in between $5-7 million/year seems reasonable for Hickson, but knowing how Golden State does business, he’s likely to get more.

Hickson is exactly what the Bobcats could use. A very athletic PF who can score the ball in a variety of ways and also defend multiple positions because of his athletic ability and strength. Considering how badly it seems Golden State wants Hickson’s services it’s hard to imagine Charlotte handing out a questionable contract to him, but one thing is for sure- Cho and the front office have got to pull the trigger soon on some frontcourt help for this depleted Bobcats roster. Question is, how much money are they willing to spend on potential?

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  • charlottean

    I feel like last year was the year to take a flier on an unstable guy like hickson or beasley. Besides golden state seems adament they are bringing that guy in. That’s a good fit for him too. Share time with lee and bogut.

    We should be entirely focused on a deal for derrick williams. I would give up the detroit pick in a heartbeat for williams. He fits what we’re trying to do way better than hickson strictly because you don’t know where hickson’s head or weight are going to be at. I prefer williams, but would gladly take either hickson or beasley if on the cheap as a consolation.

    I repeat, derrick williams. Seriously.

  • Yash

    Yes, let’s trade a valuable draft chip for undersized Derrick Williams to play PF paired with undersized Biyombo at C. Combined with Kemba at PG and occasional stints of Gordon at SG and we can field the most undersized team in the league.

    Not to mention the Wolves wanted the #2 pick for Williams because “it’s only fair since he was the #2 pick in 2011″ so I doubt the Pistons’ pick is going to be of much interest to them.

  • HornetsBackinCHA

    Hickson is what we need along with a legit sized Center we could be a 20 plus win team next year for sure.

  • Nate

    I’m sorry, I’m just slightly confused. What is it exactly that we’re trying to do? You keep saying D-Will fits, yet I don’t see a 6’8″ (and that’s being generous) combo forward fitting in. Yes, he’s got great potential, and a little more playing time last year would’ve helped out greatly, but you’re also forgetting that Minny wanted to trade D-Will for the No. 2 pick so that they (Minny) could turn right back around and trade it for Pau Gasol. Now that the draft’s over, I don’t see the TWolves landing Pau anytime soon.

    Could you please describe to me what it is Charlotte is trying to do. You didn’t explain it very well…actually, you didn’t explain it at all. If you were to say “Mike Dunlap wants to play up-tempo ball next season, meaning a lot of fast break opportunities for a high-flier like Derrick Williams”, then that’s much easier to comprehend than “He fits what we’re trying to do”.

  • charlottean

    6-9 250 is undersized for a 4 now? he measured 6 feet, 8 and 3/4 inches in shoes. Kevin love measured 6-9.5 in shoes with less of a vert.

    Dwight howard measured 6’10.25 in shoes. So 1.75 is the difference between the top center in the league and an undersized powerforward.

    Biyombo measured 6-9.5 with a better wingspan and the same standing reach despite the slight height disadvantage. He’s undersized because he’s not 280lbs. He’ll get there when he is 25.
    Kemba and ben gordon ARE undersized because they aren’t point guards.

    Dunlap says he wants to run, he wants workers, we’re young, we have high character guys. Giving up a future pick from potentially 4 years from now for a guy that’s ready to start growing NOW, is a good move. That draft pick will be coming in AFTER we get done rebuilding and start competing.

    Derrick williams had a 27 point in 27 minute game as a rookie shooting 9 of 10 from the field. He had another game of 19 and 8 in 21 minutes. Another 27 point game. A few other double doubles off the bench playing out of position and alongside love.

    He would play the 4 here. He plays 32, mullens 32, biyombo 32. That’s not an undersized frontline by any stretch. He’s the same size as thomas robinson and nobody had a problem with robinson being the pick. He’s not the rebounder that robinson appears to be, but he’s a better shooter. Not a bad rebounder either.

  • Nate

    6-9 250 is not undersized. 6-8 241…now that’s pushing it. Every site (ESPN,,,, etc.) has him listed as 6-8, 241. 1 inch and 9 pounds makes a world of a difference in the NBA.

    And I wouldn’t consider alongside Love to be out of position. Williams fits the mold of a SF in the NBA much more than a PF in the NBA. He played power in college because the college game is always undersized/smaller.

    And no way is he the same size as Thomas Robinson. Robinson is listed as 6-10, 237 by, Williams 6-8, 241. While Williams may have a few more pounds on Robinson, height trumps all in the NBA (w/o taking wingspan into account).

    You’ve got great enthusiasm about the possibility of Derrick Williams, but I just don’t see Charlotte bringing on a 3rd SF, all of which will have 1 year or less of NBA experience. Also, Detroit seems to be in a win-now mindset, and with all their up and coming talent, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them make the playoffs in the next two years, which would negate the lottery-protection on it, so that pick could pay off for Charlotte sooner than many expect.

    • Brent

      Height is overrated in the NBA. I’ve seen very few blocks or steals made with the top of a person’s head lol

      In regards to Biyombo and Derrick Williams. Biyombo absolutely has the size to play center. His wingspan is the 10th widest since 2000 and standing reach is less than 1/10th of an inch lower than Dwight Howard and 2 inches less than SHAQ! Not saying he will become those guys but he has the reach to play center, the bulk will come, he’s the same age as Anthony Davis.

      Derrick Williams has a 7’1″ wingspan and a 9 foot reach which is comparible to Thomas Robinson, Amare Stoudamire, and Joakim Noah, He can play the 4. Me may actually be better suited for it. As for trading the Detroit pick for him I’d certainly do that, that Detroit pick has the potential to be in the mid to late 20′s if Andre Drummond, Brandon Knight, and Greg Monroe fulfill their potential.

    • charlottean

      I’m using combine measurements. He measured 6-8.75
      robinson measured the exact same. Hickson is also the same size.

  • Dj

    Anything to keep tyrus thomas off the floor im all for he played terrible last year


  • charlottean

    Bonnell tweeted that thomas’ agent or manager or someone told him he was up to a legit 240 in muuscle. New coach, new body, hopefully new attitude towards the game, I’m not counting dude out. The one thing I’ll say about his disasterous year last year, was that he was into it from a teammate standpoint. Waving the towel, slapping high 5s and what not. Considering circumstances, I thought that was dope.

    Last chance is this year (maybe). Amnesty period starts in a week. We’ll see.

  • K-dub

    Honestly, we don’t have anything to get Derrick Williams. Might as well say we’re trading for LeBron.