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Bobcats attempt to land Brook Lopez falls short

Bobcats pursuit of Brook Lopez looks to be coming to an end according to report from Yahoo Sports that suggests Nets and Lopez are closing in on a 5-year, $78 million max contract.


Marc Stein of is reporting that Portland and Charlotte are ready to offer Brook Lopez a max contract, so now the Nets must move on either signing Lopez long term or involving him in a sign-and-trade deal. Tweets below and updates will follow.


Brooklyn IS probably asking Lopez to wait and they could possibly offer him 5th year money, but on the same token, Lopez could put the ball in their court and force the Nets to make a move immediately by going ahead and just signing an offer sheet. Portland would seem to be the more likely destination with a guy like LaMarcus Aldridge. We’ll see. Updates coming.

11 comments to Bobcats attempt to land Brook Lopez falls short

  • Rayle

    Begs the question… is he THAT good?

  • wend28

    I hope Lopez doesn’t sign the max offer sheet with the Bobcats. He’s not worth $58M for 4 years IMO. Rather see the Nets make that mistake.

  • Tbone

    He is a very good scoring big which the Bobcats really need, he’s young, and pairing him with Biyombo helps make up for his defensive and rebounding shortcomings.

  • SDS

    20 ppt 7 rbpg? Not good enough? He is a pf 8 years ago but in today’s game he is s starting center and ten times better then mullena…he has a good post game and a good mid range game…by no means is he bad or not worth it in todays game….he is worth it and other then last year he has been a healthy big man…plus it kills the Howard to nets deal so even if the nets give him the 5 yr deal I don’t mind…

  • SDS

    14.5 mill is worth any sg that can score 20ppg? A center is easily worth hat much imo

  • Edmond

    I guess Plan B for a big man is hoping Tyrus shapes it up.. Let’s hope coach Dunlap can push him? The Brook Lopez thing is really 50-50.

  • SDS

    Or tyrus. Could just be the 1 yr plan, people are expecting next years draft to be extremely deep with 7 footers and centers, that ccould change very quickly but I think a record was made this year for 7 footers going into college won the espn top 100 not including people like I think it is smith from ucla and a few others that are already on the big boards of some teams so plan b could be next years draft but the current plan after lopez is tyrus for this year so he is like a plan b.A while plan.b for long term is next years draft?

  • Nate

    Unfortunately, still don’t know if Tyrus really wants to be a part of this team. Henderson and Williams both traveled out to Vegas to practice with the Summer League crew; I think that shows their drive that they’re committed to helping this team improve bigtime. Not to say that anyone else isn’t committed, but for someone like Thomas (who’s been on the team for multiple seasons now), it doesn’t help him to stand out in a positive light. Granted, all those rumors about him being up to 240 lbs could be true, and he could be working himself to the bone in some private gym somewhere. Guess we won’t really know until there’s been a Tyrus Thomas sighting.

  • MullensMafia

    Hold your horses,

    Everyone has been reporting that this was just a move to stick the Nets with a max-offer. Cho and company and the guys in Portland knew that Brooklyn HAD TO SIGN Lopez. So they started the max offer rumor mill.

    Genius in my opinion.

    You really think Cho would give a $60MM deal to a guy who played 5 games last season?

    This wasn’t a serious acquisition attempt, just a few smart teams messing with the Russian backed mega team forming in Brooklyn.

    In a perfect hypothetical world, I think Lopez is a decent scoring big. Not worth a max contract.

    On a side note… the Mavs did a sign and trade with the Pacers, getting Collinson and a piece, while giving up C Ian Mahhinmi (6’11″ played good back up minutes last year, only 26)… he signed a 4 year $16MM contract… that’s affordable and a great price for a back up center. He’s known for 1 on 1 D, decent rebounder (5/18min). I wonder if a sign and trade for DJ was even considered (or possible)? Maybe DJ blocked a 1 year deal.

    pps great moves for Dallas (1 yr Kaman, 1 yr Collison, 1 yr Dahntay Jones)… looks like they will still be around for 2013 free agency (Dwight and CP3 with Dirk legacy years… easily championship team).

    Go Hornets.

    ppps I’m excited with everything that has happened in the off-season this year. No complaints. Excited to see what bargain free agents we get.

  • charlottean

    as much as I want to believe in the rich cho phenom……..he DID get fired in portland, and he ISN’T sam presti, and he DID botch the augustin situation, and he DOES work with rod higgins.

    “anything is possible”©garnett.

    no way brook lopez is worth that kind of money. roy hibbert neither. javale mcgee neither. none of those dudes are bynum or howard. lopez put up 20ppg on teams that lost by 40 every night. how does that make us better? mullens could score 20ppg and we lose every night. rebounds are rebounds regardless of how good or bad the team is. points can be bloated on a bad team or shrunk playing a role on a good team. lopez is not worth that. I’d rather have his brother for like 8 million a year. Hell i’d rather pay ryan hollins the minimum.

    and all of the above was said WITHOUT his injury history being brought into the discussion. hard to rebuild giving 27 year olds max contracts.

  • SDS

    Lopez is 24 and has had 1 bad injury in 3 years also before this year Lopez had a lot better of an resume as Bynum considering how Bynum had the shaq syndrome of relAxing the entire season except he was about worth a quarter if that of shaq and his maturity level is equal to about a 4 year old with his toy taken away;) but who cares now it’s done , I wouldn’t have minded Lopez because he is a rare 7 footer that can actually both shoot and have a post gameish although he can’t shoot the 3 so hot, and he isn’t a lazy bum…

    The best center in the league today? Bynum, the highest paid? Howard. The most athletic? McGee/Howard, McGee is worse around 8 mill a year maybe more IMO since 1 u don’t have to many 7 footers with his athletic ability, two his shot looks amazing, 3 he can actually drive fairly well and 4 his ceiling his the sky probably… The likelihood he reaches it? Bout impossible but to the nuggets I think he is worse a mid-max contract kinda a twener, to a team like the wizards or kings? A minimum contract… He need a coach like papovich or Karl who knows how to one direct him and two motivate him and smart players around him like a Duncan

    Now why did I type all of this on a phone with auto correct whitch “corrects” the word into a completely different word that makes no sense compared to what I just typed even with the miss spelling I have no idea much like how i feel as I am txt/typin this goodbye dear sir I cannot wait to get home and actually have a computer again