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Bobcats rescind Augustin’s qualifying offer; Pacers reportedly agree to terms with Augustin

D.J. Augustin’s tenure with the Charlotte Bobcats has officially come to an end. In four years Augustin’s career was full of up’s and down’s that made it very difficult to put a true value on what the PG offers in this league.

Yesterday evening it was being reported that Charlotte and Indiana were in the process of working out a sign-and-trade that would involve Augustin and, potentially, Tyler Hansbrough coming back to Charlotte. That deal fell through last night for reasons still unknown. As the sun rose on the remainder of the free agency world today the Bobcats had their sites set on Ramon Sessions, the unrestricted free agent who finished last season as the starting PG for the L.A. Lakers. Charlotte was able to come to an agreement with Sessions and as that happened Augustin’s fate was sealed in Charlotte- finished.

The Bobcats may have explored a few more sign-and-trade scenarios this afternoon after agreeing with Sessions, but it must have been quite evident that no one was interested. Charlotte has now officially rescinded Augustin’s qualifying offer worth close to $4 million and made him unrestricted free agent.  Since then, reports have surfaced that Indiana has come to an agreement on a one-year contract with Augustin, so they were always interested, but not willing to give what the Bobcats wanted back for him in sign-and-trade.

Augustin has legit talent and was known as a great shooter coming out of the University of Texas. In his rookie season, Augustin knocked down 44% of his shots from behind the arc and was Charlotte’s most dangerous outside threat in their first ever playoff appearance. When Augustin was officially promoted to the starting PG, after Raymond Felton departed, his shooting numbers started to plummet and have continued to regress since. Last season, Augustin shot a career low 37.6% from the field and averaged a career high 2.3 turnovers/game. Much of the struggle is a product of the depleted Bobcats roster that lacked talent on all levels, but the numbers speak for themselves.

D.J. will now venture onto Indiana and likely a backup role behind George Hill in the next step of his NBA career.

5 comments to Bobcats rescind Augustin’s qualifying offer; Pacers reportedly agree to terms with Augustin

  • Edmond

    Hate to see DJ leave, but it was most likely for the best. Best of wishes DJ. Must admit, it’s funny seeing how LA fans are responding on twitter regarding Sessions leaving LA for Charlotte. I guess it’s not so fun playing with the most selfish player in the nba ( Kobe Bryant ), I would opt out too.

    • It was an unfortunate sacrifice. DJ would have been taking away minutes that Kemba would have needed to develop. He’s a good PG and the Pacers will get a solid starter to replace Collison. Anyways, I’m sure that DJ is not shedding any tears leaving Charlotte.

  • charlottean

    More like kemba taking away minutes from dj. This guy never got much of a real developmental chance. The fact that we got NO compensation for him AND paid sessions more AND dj signed for less speaks to the incompetence of our front office.

    MKG basically ran point most of last night. Now we can get behind walker but we just gave a guy who started for the lakers 10 million to take minutes away from walker too. Just hard to make sense of these moves. If we had hansbrough or a pick to show for it, fine, but out of ALL of our 1st round picks…..only okafor got an extension and he was traded shortly after for what turned into nothing but bad contracts.

  • bobcatsFAN.charlotte

    so you would rather pay for a shorter, less athletic, streakier, and OK passer? Unless kembas a true starter in this league, i dont mind him sharing minutes with someone whos more experienced.

    no way we were getting pyscho-T or a pick for DJ from indiana. theres a reason why he only signed for 1 year and less money. hes not worth anything to them and for them to trade pyscho-T for DJ, indiana would’ve had to been morons.

  • charlottean

    Not after the just drafted plumlee to do the same thing as hansbrough. And traded collison for mahimi.

    I would rather have augustin for 1 more year to give him a shot with the new coach and mkg and more experienced front court than give sessions a 2 year deal. I would rather have collison than sessions or walker. We’re stuck with walker and sessions, I would rather walker play more. Sessions is a journeyman forr a reason. He is a solid backup pg. Walker isn’t a pg yet but he might become one if given the chance. We didn’t give augustin much of that chance. We don’t really develop anybody we just suck a lot and let other people have our talent for free.