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UPDATE: Bobcats and PG Ramon Sessions agree to terms: 2-year deal

Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports first broke the news that the Charlotte Bobcats and ex-Laker PG Ramon Sessions have agreed to terms on a contract and are finalizing the deal currently.

The terms to the deal are unclear at this time, but the monetary value of the contract should be completed by the end of the day.

Sessions will come into Charlotte and presumably compete for the starting PG job. There have been reports, most notably by Rick Bonnell, that Kemba Walker would be the starting PG for the Bobcats regardless of whether or not Sessions was signed. It’s just hard to imagine that a player who was starting for the western conference contending Lakers last season wouldn’t be considered for this starting job. Either way, Sessions is going to make a huge impact in aiding the Bobcats to score the basketball.

In 23 games for the Lakers last season Sessions averaged 12.7 PPG, 6.2 APG & 3.8 RPG.

This signing will also mean that D.J. Augustin’s days in Charlotte are finished. If Charlotte isn’t able to work out a sign-and-trade for Augustin they will simply rescind his qualifying offer and allow him to become an unrestricted free agent.

Terms of the contract will be updated as soon as details come out.

16 comments to UPDATE: Bobcats and PG Ramon Sessions agree to terms: 2-year deal

  • Kurt

    According to Bobcats.com, Augustin averaged 11.1 PPG, 6.4 APG, and 2.3 RPG. Unless Sessions is signing for considerably less than it would take to keep DJ, I’m not sure I see the benefit of him over DJ.

  • Edmond

    CHA has to get some value out of DJ.. The dude is a solid PG and he was a first round pick, but I guess we’ll give him the Raymond Felton treatment and let him walk without getting any value. We’ll have a solid set of PG’s now, and an even better bench along with Ben Gordon, it’s nice seeing things fall into place. Random fact.. MKG is sporting the #14 in camp with the bobcats.. Perhaps CHA knew they were about to let DJ walk regardless. Optimism now is that I’ll probably be able to buy a $20 Carolina cougars jersey with Augustin on the back, jersey collector here.

  • Caleb

    All i could say is YES!!!! Looks like a good deal to me. Hopefully we can sign-and-trade DJ with the Pacers

  • Kevin

    Kurt, the benefit is that Sessions is three inches taller, and Cho has made it a point the team needs to get taller. But more importantly signing sessions means we trade Augustin for something else of value. So it’s not like we’re just replacing one guy with an identical other. We’re replacing one guy with a taller version of him, and bringing in another valuable asset all in one move. It’s a great deal.

  • Caleb

    Kurt, Sessions had those stats as a Laker though. He will be needed to make a bigger impact for the bobcats so it is better

  • Edmond

    I’d like to see the years and money that Sessions is getting before labeling it a great move first. Is it a sign and trade with LA?

  • Caleb

    It’s probably worth about the same as DJ’s and it shouldn’t be a sign-and-trade

  • Mike

    It won’t be a S&T because he was an UFA. He’ll be coming over no strings attached.

  • Stacey

    Kurt, even though Sessioms only averaged 12.7ppg, he did it on a team that featured All-stars Kobe, Pau, and Andrew. DJ averaged 11.1 in the land of “misfit toys.” Without a doubt there is more upside to his numbers. Also, compare his averages with the Cavs and Bucks where he’s been a consistent scorer. Also, DJ’s defense is a bit weak so this will be a major upgrade.

  • mossberg

    pacers are reportedly offering tyler hansbrough for the bobcats to sign and trade him even tho the pacers have the money to sign him outright so the bobcats wont give up the rights on DJ so they can get something for him. not a bobcat fan but hansbrough would be nice spark off the bench. does anyone remember dude killed it against chicago first round last season until he was replaced by david west.

  • mossberg

    haha nevermind DJA is now a pacer. stupid move by the bobcats could have at least got north carolina great hansbrough in the deal… but looks like bobcats fail again

    • bobcatsFAN.charlotte

      what a dumb comment, you do understand that pacers had all the leverage in this deal right? charlotte would’ve had to throw something in extra to get pyscho-T since they know that DJ will be a UFA regardless.

  • SDS

    Ty for mentioning sessions defensive ability, compared to dj he is a god in that department…Jk but sessions is considerably better at defense and can actually create his own shot, dj only creates for others and is a spot up jump shooters, he shoots around 40% when he has an assisted 3 pt shot compared to around 27percent when shooting the 3 off the dribble and isn’t much better with the mid range game and creating his own shot…sessions isn’t as good a spot up shooter as dj by any means but he can drive and finish, has a good mid range game better defensively etc etc

  • IDK why Charlotte signed Sessions. He should have stuck w/ the Lakers; he only played better because he was around better players. Now he’ll just return to playing crappy like he did in Cleveland.

  • Edmond

    ^ sounds like a stupid lakers fan. The dude wanted Job security, and when Kobe Bryant is basically the GM that chooses who he wants to play with.. Why would he want to stick around that ball hog that doesn’t let him showcase his skills. Playing in LA isn’t so glamourous when Kobe bryant is there, why do you think free agents rather play for the league minimum to play with Miami, new York, or the LA clippers.. Ramon Sessions would rather have opportunity with the 7-57 bobcats than constantly have his job security in doubt and unable to be a true PG with the ‘ showboat ‘ as shaq once described him.

  • SDS

    Lol edmond just roasted jt but yea Kobe is a ball hog and idk what Nash has gotten himself into… Either Kobe gets a whole new personality…or Nash will be gone in a year… Idk why people compared Kobe to Jordan ever other then bOth being 6ft6 2s who are athletic and have a good post game they are nothing Alike, Jordan dominated 4 th quarters Kobe does bad I think Kobe’s career average in the 4 th shooting percentage wise is mid 30s in the playoffs? All he does is jack up shots and is called clutch for it… Kobe is a hall of famed but he isn’t near he league of Jordan… And he a top 4 center of all time and one of the most dominating players in history in shaq to help him get 3 rings with a considered best coach in history…. Jordan didn’t lack talent around him but a shaq led lakers could have beat the bulls in their late 90s runs IMO