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Bobcats claim Haywood off waivers

As was noted earlier this week, the Bobcats had serious interest in claiming Brendan Haywood off waivers after he was amnestied by the Dallas Mavericks. It has now come to fruition as Charlotte has been awarded the 11th year veteran.

According to David Aldridge of, the Bobcats winning bid for Haywood was $2.05 million, so that’s the amount Charlotte will owe him next season. The Bobcats will have Haywood on contract for 3 years since that is how long was left on his contract in Dallas. What Haywood will be paid in years two and three are not yet know, but hopefully just $2.05 those seasons as well. Not a bad deal at all.

Haywood will likely become the starting center in Charlotte now, allowing Byron Mullens to play more as a stretch PF.

In 11 seasons in the NBA, Haywood has a career average of 7.2 PPG & 6.2 RPG. Last season Haywood started 54 games for Dallas and averaged 5.2 PPG & 6 RPG.

The Bobcats have made their first official move to bolster the frontcourt this summer. Something that was an absolutely must on the priority list for Cho and the front office.

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  • SDS

    Now what to do? Start bismack or mullens at the 4? Bismack brings defense and hustle but if paired with Haywood the paint becomes crowded making it harder to drive and finish for our up tempo style offense whIch makes mullens perfect to stretch the floor for us…. Also if we get Scola or humphries it really strts taking minutes away from our future plAyers when we might become good…. I say leave humphries And go after Scola since one he won’t be around for too lOng shouldn’t cost as much and stretches the floor compared to humphries who makes his money off of rebounds and crowding the paint…. Whitch once again makes the paint too crowded with our up tempo styled driving to the basket

  • Tom

    no we get jamison or scola to start at the 4!

  • These numbers this guy has been putting up, they’re not very good. I dont see him as a starter, I could see him backing up Bismack, we definitely needed a capable backup for him, and maybe this guy can do that job. 2 million a year, that sounds pretty reasonable, especially if this guy can mentor Biyombo into being the Superstar that he’s capable of becoming.

  • charlottean

    why would you start jamison or scola on a supposedly rebuilding team? why would you start haywood for that matter?

    as long as haywood is playing 20 mpg or less off the bench behind biyombo and mentoring biyombo and working him hard in practice, this is a good move. if he’s being brought in to start, this is a problem. biyombo is not a 4. not in the current nba. maybe in the 90′s. in 2012 if you can’t shoot or handle the ball, you are a center. his standing reach and wingspan are bigger than most starting nba centers.

    and i have never known haywood to call “running the floor” a strong suit of his game so I don’t know how well of a fit this is.

    • SDS

      That’s my issue with all these posts saying this guy is the new stater… It’s like the guy isn’t that much better and he is old… We need to mentor our young guys but Im assumIng that we might start Haywood cuz well anything is better then mullens if he hasn’t improved defensively and then I want your two beat big men on the floor and that’s Haywood and bismack at this point… But mullens does bring in that stretch the floor offensive that we need with an up tempo style offense…So I’m just askin the opinions of others
      Also if its between jamison and Scola I say screw jaminson… And if anyone says but he’s from charlotte and he’s unc alumni plz shut up… Just cuz ur an unc player doesn’t make U the best available..

  • Stephen

    bad signing, terrible move, they need to get jamison, he can stretch the floor and he is a hard worker which is what a rebuilding up tempo team needs

  • MullensMafia

    Echoing on Charlottean’s assesment (which in my mind is correct).

    This is a great pick up, financially. $2MM a season for a back up center, and a good one at that? Yes please. With such an affordable contract, this also becomes a great trade asset.

    Now from a team standpoint. I’m confident that Haywood and whoever else comes through free agency (scola, humphries, jamison) will be brought in as a mentor/bench player type. The reason you can assume this is because Jordan/Rod/Cho brought in Dunlap as a coach. I would be worried if we had hired Sloan and we started making free agency moves, because that would imply WIN NOW. That is not the plan. Everything they have done since Cho came to town has been the exact opposite. Let’s review:

    1. Take on a shitty salary (Maggette) and pick up a draft pick… result Kemba and Biyombo
    2. Get rid of shitty salary and pick up a starting combo guard with only two years left on his deal AND a draft pick…
    3. Draft the youngest player in the draft (2nd year in a row) with the most upside other than the uni-brow, who happens to have as much heart, dedication, and desire as any player in the draft and possibly in the NBA. Oh and match him up with Kemba (high energy, character, NY guy). Nice.
    4. Draft in my opinion a top 3 play now guy in this year’s draft in Jeff Taylor. Kid can shoot and is athletic, perfect compliment to MKG coming off the bench.
    5. Pass on guys like Eric Gordon, Dragic, Lopez, etc who are about to get paid high $$. And while in the process, talk up the chance of taking them to bid up the price. Savvy.
    6. Get rid of DJ so the coach can pass the keys to Kemba and replace him with a taller, more athletic PG with a reasonable salary ($10MM over two years). Nice.
    7. Pick up a starting NBA center for $2MM a year for three years? Yes please. Couldn’t you see Miami/LA/random contender giving up a 1st round pick for him at some point? Nice asset as well.

    So based on those decisions and everything Dunlap is saying I see the season playing out like this:

    The Soon to be Hornets start Kemba/Hendo/MKG/Biyombo/Mullens. Who plays the 4/5 is irrelevant. Biyombo will guard the team’s best down low threat, and Mullens will stretch the floor and play bad help defense. I could see MKG being the team’s leading rebounder. I still think this unit will struggle to score (but defensively… hendo, MKG and Biyombo make a decent 1-2-3 punch with a lot of flexibility.. Hendo can go 1-3, MKG can go 1-4, and Biyombo can go 3-5).

    Second unit will be mainly Ramon, BenG, Reggie/Jeff, TT, and Heywood. That’s a huge upgrade from last year. I could also see BenG coming in and running a unit, like Reggie was doing last year. And really I would probably bet on this team to beat the starting Five above.

    Regardless, management knows that the starting 5 is the future, so they will play like it. If we trying to win with the 2012 draft and free agency (like Houston, Minnesota, etc all teams that are way ahead of ours in terms of development) we would be signing Scola, Dragic, and Humprhies, trading away our growing basket of future first rounders and we would have hired Jerry Sloan.

    The writing’s on the wall… and it reads “Patience, Charlotte Hornets 2014/15 Play-off Bound.”

  • That’s how to rebuild a team– get over the hill players that will take away minutes from your younger players.

    • bobcatsFAN.charlotte

      so you would want younger players to take away minutes from our core players? i dont understand. older players are for mentoring younger players, even if they get more minutes than the younger players.

      if their not ready to play, their not ready to play. simple as that.

  • Edmond

    If Tyrus stays with the team, do you really think he’d be a backup at day one? Awfully expensive Bench player, and I almost forgot he was still on the squad. If he says and does all the right things going in, who says he won’t be the starting 4 with Bismack at starting center? Regarding the Haywood signing.. Excellent decision as long as he’s a backup to Mullens especially since neither Bismack nor Mullens are solid at rebounding yet.

  • charlottean

    Mullens is a 4 and biyombo is a 5. We can start talking about other things.

    Thomas could be the starting 4 if he brings it. This system will fit him.

  • Edmond

    Well.. Think the acquisition of Haywood means the amnesty on Diop, instead of Tyrus?

  • SDS

    I would save he amnesty at this point… Diop is a 1 yr contract and unless we are looking at making a splash soon in free agency why waste the amnesty? Plus someone might give up a future 1st with an aging guy who can help for basically a 3 month contract at the trade deadline… We wan picks and he might be a good trade bait considering his expiring contract…

    Also let’s see I Dunlap can get Diop to lose 40 pounds…with his fast pace offense

  • charlottean

    Diop will be a suit model this season barring injuries (plural). You don’t amnesty him because he has a large expiring contract that makes for a solid trade chip.

    Thomas you wait on, he might have a breakout year with dunlap and mkg. He was said to be up to 240 training heavy in the offseason. We’ll see how it goes. Amnesty right now is not the answer. If he looks horrible this year, next summer maybe, but the longer we wait, the more valuable he becomes as a trade chip. Amnesty only helps with free agency and we don’t need to be chasing free agents.

    Build through the draft.

  • SDS

    One question has anyone heard about try oden in free agency? Hes still young and I wouldn’t mind giving him a chance as long as he is at least ready to play this year…also he would be low risk high reward he won’t cost much and if his legs don’t fall of why not? He would only cost around a mill A yr I think and with the potential reward he could be huge