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Jamison chooses Lakers over Bobcats

Just to make things interesting, check out this tweet from Dave McMenamin who covers the Lakers for ESPNLA.com.

Jamison likely still ends up in a Lakers uniform next season, but this also stirs the speculation that the Lakers weren’t as interested as many reports may have suggested in the past week. More to come.


Antawn Jamison did a great job of building up his possible return to his home state this summer and had many, including myself, convinced that he was ready to take on a veteran leadership role for the Bobcats. Instead, Jamsion has chosen to join the Los Angeles Lakers where he’ll likely be in a reserve role behind Pau Gasol and make one last push at getting a championship ring before his career ends.

For Jamsion, it seemed as if basketball was extremely important to him all along and playing for a championship is something he really wanted to do. What seemed even more evident was the fact that he was drooling over the opportunity to play in front of his family every single night, finally returning home to end his career. Jamison seemed to almost reach out to the local media in Charlotte in the past few weeks, explaining why he could see himself as a Bobcat soon, but all for nothing as the news this evening has Charlotte scratching their heads and heading back to the drawing board in free agency. Don’t be fooled, the Bobcats had put all their eggs in one basket with trying to land Jamison and now the team will either look to a summer league surprise to add front court depth, or feed from the bottom of what’s left in free agency.

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  • J

    He turned his back on NC I hope the city does the same back to him. He should of not acted like he was going to help the team in his hometown out. SMH from a Tar Heel fan to Jamison I am disappointed had a lot of respect for him till this. If he would of just turned down Charlotte from the beginning NOBODY would be mad here but to say he loves this community and lead them on like that is really disrespectful to the Carolinas.

    • SDS

      Lol tar heel reactions… He thought about his dreams of being a champion and the liklyhood that he might actually get more cash from the lakers then Charlotte would give him… We are stacked with youn Pfs and although he would be good once we got Haywood I doubted we wanted him anymore, now Bismack and Haywood will. On and the 5 allowing Mullens to play the 4 and dj white/tyrus Thomas fight for mins as a backup at the 4, who knows of tyrus is at 240lbs and under 10perxent fat he could very likely start at the 4 and leave lumens as the bench stretch pf leaving lIttle room for Jamison… Haywood Sealed the deal no more splashes in free agency this year other then for some young cheap legs

      Also to spencer is anyone else going to start makin posts? It’s like it he 1 man running the show now… Keeping up though:) love that name why? Cuz it’s my name:) but seriously what happened to all the people that used to be postin during the regular season? Are half of them even bobcat fans?

  • Edmond

    Yeah, I don’t see the issue in missing out on Jamison, but In the bigger picture.. I see this as another indication that bobcats might give Tyrus another shot and that using the amnesty on him this offseason isn’t the slam dunk as it once was. Jamison would be nice, but after adding Haywood to the roster, the need for another big guy isnt as important. Perhaps Amtawn did turn his back on Charlotte to win a championship in LA, haha.. Let him think that with another aging veteran. Apparently he didn’t watch the 2004 nba finals, wash-ups don’t beat athletes in their prime.

  • Oh man, Lakers will certainly be a team to watch with the additions of Nash and Jamison. He’s no lamar Odom, but jamison can certainly light it up if he plays for the second unit. Kobe will certainly welcome the lighter burden of the offensive load than last season.