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Bobcats rescind qualifying offer to Derrick Brown

Derrick Brown, a combo SF/PF that started 17 games for the Bobcats last season, has spent all three of his NBA seasons in Charlotte, and was drafted by the team in the second round of the 2009 draft has been let go by the team and now becomes and unrestricted free agent.

After this summer’s draft when the Bobcats took two SF’s (Kidd-Gilchrist & Taylor), Brown clearly became expendable. Rescinding his qualifying offer will save the Bobcats about $3 million under the salary cap.

Brown averaged 8.1 PPG and 3.7 RPG in 22.1 MPG last season- clearly the best season of his NBA career to this point. Derrick Brown has always been one of my favorite players on the Bobcats roster and usually one of the most intriguing athletes. Brown is a 6’8 combo player who is super long, can jump out of the gym and possesses above average athleticism. He always lacked a consistent jump shot and had very limited range, but last season Brown slowly started to show signs of improvement. Last season, he shot 51.8% from the field and a measly 25% from behind the arc. Brown is never going to be a guy who has great range with his jumper, but he has always been a player who can put the ball on the floor, especially going left, and get to the rim, drawing fouls. Brown struggled from the line early on in his career, shooting 53% from the stripe in ’10-’11, but he drastically improved last season pulling that average up to 67%.

It’s certainly disappointing to see Brown go. He has tons of potential and I’m certain that brighter days are ahead for him in this league. From the short time I was able to spend around Derrick, he was a locker room favorite in Charlotte. Always making guys laugh off the court and a pleasure to be around. My favorite Derrick Brown moment was last season when the Bobcats played the Heat early in the season in Charlotte. In the first half Derrick Brown was defending Lebron at the top of the key and picked his pocket when Lebron tried to cross him over. Brown sprinted to the other end and tried to throw it down, but Lebron met him at the rim and blocked the dunk attempt. I told Brown after the game that he was a twitter phenomena for all of about five minutes. He laughed and commented, “I almost got on top-10 on Lebron.”

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  • Stephen

    really liked brown and thought he had a ton of potential, sad to see him go

  • SDS

    Spencer why?… brown im fairly sure played for the knicks his second year early on, in fact for 8 games..:( u lied to me…:(

    this is a real big surprise move to me considering how he fits the up tempo running the court at full speed every possesion type player that is perfect for the dunlap system…real big suprise but i will admit we are getting pretty deep a the sf position and brown doesnt exactly stretch the floor and is undersized for the 4…he was important to this team last year…

  • Spencer

    SDS- you’re correct, he did play part of ’10-’11 season with NYK. I said in the post that he’s played all three seasons in Charlotte, which he technically has.

    • SDS

      ahh but u implied that charlotte was his only home..haha, but yea u are correct since he did play all 3 season in charlotte, he reminds me of a less athletic maggette but who is biggr and stronger imo, really if he develops a post game i think that is where he could be a stud, taking advantage of smaller 3s down low since that is really where he makes his living, and i wouldnt make him the 4 because i dont know if he could go up against the taller stronger 4

      hopefully he finds is home back in charlotte one day again he is a high motor player who is good for the locker room, right now it looks like our locker room will be filled with those types of players which is great news for the future

  • Spencer

    Ha, fair enough. Didn’t mean to imply that. Lazy writing on my part. Rick Bonnell is suggesting that he’s surprised Bobcats made a qualifying offer in the first place, but I’m w/ most the fans. I’m surprised the Bobcats didn’t hang onto a young, energetic, cheap, stretch 3 that could be great in an up-tempo system. The one reason I believe the Bobcats ended up pulling the offer is because of Taylor performance in summer league. Last night wasn’t great, but believe the front office was convinced they want him to get all the minutes behind MKG. Thoughts?

    • SDS

      taylor is already a better defender and stretches the floor, MKG will be basically what brown/maggette did last year but with the ability to actually pass and defend all star players, Brown’s whole offensive game was based on driving and finishing, or getting into the post for easy layups, and we have that now with sessions, MKG and still have kemba, so we dont really want anymore one deminsional offensive players whos offensive game is based on driving

      Taylor and Reggie Williams are then suited better for our offense then brown and i thinks thats why we didnt keep him, brown is limited offensively to jsut rushing the basket and isnt even that good at passing, compared to mkg who i think will get around 4 apg imo off of driving to the basket,

      idk if i really got at what im trying to drive at but i think brown is a casualty of having a limited offensive abilty that we already have proven players who can do that,

      also one question, do u think the bismack pick on the baseline will be a alrge bases in our offense in the regular season?, im assuming its a play because biyombo did it a couple times was we passed to biyombo who was on the block, then someone on the 3pt arch cuts to the basket by the baseline and biyombo hands it off too the man cutting to the basket and then trys to pick/just get in the way of the defender that is chasing down the guy who cut to the basket? i will try to look for some videos of it and post the link here, i’ve seen biyombo do that at least 6 times in the summer league

  • Spencer

    Yeah, it could certainly be part of the offensive style, but if Dunlap wants 3 point shooter then I would think that he’d want to spread the floor a little more and run some weakside action. The hand off on the baseline is an overload play that is designed to make defense frantically collapse. Who was the cutting player?

  • SDS go to 0:33 the “running back” or guy who bismack handed the ball to didnt drive but still
    1:17 is just another pass out of the block to a driving player i have no idea what is up with the music
    i would look up more but i’d rather not:) dont feel like looking through youtube videos for examples

  • SDS

    it wasnt different in different games, im assuming this will be a very good play for gerald henderson though…it sets up either a mid range jump shot or him driving to the absket, perfect for his style of play really

    • SDS

      “the player was different in different games” and just on who was on the floor, really im starting to think that biyombo will be essentinally our low post point guard, which i dont mind since his offensive game is still in need of improvement,

      his hook is almsot more of a finger roll then an actualy hook shot, he has somewhat of a fader, i havent really been watching his feet work but i heard he ahs improved that tremendously, which is really the biggest part of your post game, its just at this moment it looks more like he is pushing the ball rather then ahve a smooth movement when shooting,

  • Spencer

    Yeah, 0:33 was an example of what you’re talking about. To answer your question, I really believe it’s just a bi-standard of this offense. Motion with A LOT of passing and cutting. If you watch, players are cutting through the lane after nearly every pass. There is an offense that mimics what Dunlap appears to be trying here and it’s run by some college programs. It’s called, simply enough, ‘the passing game’. Designed to create shots for people moving off the ball. Less ISO.

  • MattB

    I ran across an interesting stat: Derrick Brown led the Bobcats in Win Shares last year. He had 2. No one else on the team had more than 1 (Henderson).

  • SDS

    so its jsut constant cutting and driving to the basket and trying to force the defense to react and leave their defensive assignments to help, if they dont it can allow easy layups, if the do help it allows someone to go the the 3pt arch and have an open 3, or mid range game?

    basically its just a lot of movement and running, the opposite of the heat:) who have 1 guy moving and everyone else just watching:)

    so could this offensen hide an offensive players lack of dribilling ability, since its basically like trying to beat the press, 1 dribble then pass, 1 dribble then pass? relying on the fact that passing the ball is faster then dribbling the ball up court, except its put into concept in a half court style of offence, basically a costant fast break/trying to beat the press?

    is that right? or is that wrong?

  • Vinny

    Which free agent do you guys think we go after? I say we need another big guy. And what do you guys think our starting lineup will be? I would like to see
    SG: Henderson
    SF: MKG
    PF: Mullens
    C: Biyambo
    Another big?

    • SDS

      @vinny the statng lineup will most likey be
      sf: MKG
      PF: Mullens
      C: Biyombo, everyone at espn and announcing the games wil call mullens the center but sadly he doesnt play that position…

      PG: sessions
      sg: Gordon/Taylor
      SF: Taylor/williams
      PF: Tyrus/
      C: Haywood

      Sessions wont start because Dunlap has constantly been saying that he is making Kemba HIS PG, he is developing him to do things he wants, sessions isnt practicing with the team at summer league-yes some of our non summer league players are doing that- and wont know the system- altough it is farly easy to get a good concept of it
      Sessions was signed to a 2 yr deal, showing he is just going to come here be a role player, then leave – at least thats what i think management thinks of him, unless he becomes like the 6th man of the year or completly blows away kemba

  • Vinny

    Left out tyrus on the bench

  • bobcatsFAN.charlotte

    this offense sounds a lot like a triangle offense i think with all the cutting and moving off the ball. i am sort of a conspirist (sp?) but i believe charlotte is setting up the team to incorporate the triangle offense after dunlap is done developing the players. it makes perfect sense honestly. i have a feeling that next year’s draft, we will draft someone who has a great iso game because if we do hire someone like brian shaw who runs the triangle, having a player thats great at iso will flourish in the triangle offense.

    i believe MJ is trying to build his old bulls team.

  • hornets rule

    howd this guy start thieteen games when he would be coming off the bench in the d-league

  • Stacey

    I liked UPS but since the QO was extended a month ago and Derrick still hadn’t signed, I assume he didn’t want to play for the Bobcats. If the Cats were offering $3M, I don’t see him getting that anywhere else (except Houston who gambled on Howard and watched it backfire). Any word on how the talks with Carl Landry are going? Last I heard he’d narrowed his choices down to Charlotted and Golden State.

  • Spencer

    SDS- That’s basically the idea. Much less standing, more moving without the ball. Dunlap’s entire system (offense & defense) is based on an up-tempo style.

  • charlottean

    Create chaos and make it so that our guys are comfortable in chaos and the other guys aren’t.

    We have 13 under contract, hope they don’t do anything stupid. Najera would be a good fit for one more year.

    Anybody else see morrison go off yesterday? He should have had a real nba career. Larry brown effed that dude.

    • SDS

      hes a streaky shooter, brown didnt unitilze him the best but he should have been a second round pick-but this is in hindsight, thats like saying Kwame brown should have been a 2nd round pick, he would have gone top 3 no matter what, in fact the other two guys that jordan would have taken oth have ad crappy careers considering where they were drafted, although tyson chandler has turned it around the last 2 years

      curry injury/fat prone is a bench warmer at best now
      Kwame-lazy never was great but has turned into a role player that can help a bad team
      chandler-injury prone his entire career other then the last 2 year

      everyone says kwame was a terrible pick, but he wasnt much worse then the other two over his career, except for chandler as of recent-i say the other two as in those are the only other two players jordan would have picked

      i just felt like typing all that:)

  • Well Derrick Brown was not that great to begin with–neither was anybody else on that Bobcats team–so it’s not big deal in my opinion. More minutes for michael Kidd Gilchrist, that’s all.

  • charlottean

    Morrison is not/was not 2nd round talent. That dude was top 5 talent 100% before his injury. Walker had the exact same rookie season and nobody calls him a bust. He’s a top 10 pick. And walker isn’t 6-8.

    Morrison was looking really good in summer league and pre season prior to the injury. Brown never gave him a chance to get right. He hated morrison from day 1. We have failed to develop our picks. Not once did we pick a guy and everybody scratch their heads on draft night like “what are they thinking?”

    If we stick it out with this group….especially patient with biyombo, it will pay dividends.

    • SDS

      well he has failed everywhere and has never gotten a chance since then-this isnt the nfl where people just blow u away in when they get a “chance”
      morrison has gotten minutes and isnt ever going to be “great” or “startin quality type player” after the LA L got rid of him there is a reason why no one else ever gave him a chance and thats quite frankly the fact that he is a medicore defender, average ball handler at best, and is a streaky shooter, he can light people up, but he doesnt do it often exspecially in the nba,

      his 1st year he was out 6th man-played 30 mins, shot and a whooping 38% and 34% from the 3pt arch, his second year we have him for 48 games he shot at 36% then we released him and he went to th lakers, there he did no better and diddnt really play

      Phil Jackson couldnt make him work, he isnt a defender, he isnt a ball handler, and he cant even shoot at a high percentage like he kinda did in college

      Kemba is completly different he shot at a low % in college and still does in the nba, Morrison shot at close to 50% in college and drop to the mid 30%-not good, Morrison was essentially an oversized sg in college and used his height greatly to his advantage- a collge player that cant make it to the nba, bascally a 2nd round talent, but picked in the 1st because of his scoring prowless in college, even though hewas medicore at everything else

  • Vinny

    Isn’t a bad starting lineup, I like our bench to.. I think we need to go out and get another big though. Carl Landry would be ideal for Dunlap basketball.

    • Vinny

      Sessions might start though at the beginning of the year… We added a lot of scoring this offseason, we should be MUCH more competitive. I loved that Gordon trade, what was detroits reasoning behind that?

      • Vinny – The Pistons were looking to clear some salary cap space going forward – Corey’s deal is a year shorter than Gordon’s, for comparable money, so it was a money saving move for them.

      • SDS

        @vinny, to add onto bretts comment it was a smart move for them, they really dont have much talent at the sf and maggette can at lest boost their 3 position, plus they already have a 1 player the 2 in stuckly, they needed to get rid of one of the-should be playing te point but is going to play the 2 instead- mentality

  • Vinny

    Low post scoring and 3pt shooting will be our problem offensively that’s why I thinks its gonna be really important to add one more player, like I said I think Landry would be a great fit why do it guys think?

  • Mathew Lewis


    I’m probably in the minority with Sessions and especially Gordon but I think it’s the best starting five. MKG doesn’t have NBA 3-point range so if he’s starting I don’t see how we pair him in the back court with Kemba and especially Henderson, who also struggle to knock down the NBA three at this point in their respective careers. Yes, Kemba and Henderson are better defenders than Sessions and Gordon but you can’t start five guys who are all (at this point in their careers) better on the defensive end. Dunlap will certainly be able to bring a strong defensive back court lineup off the bench with Kemba, Henderson, and Taylor if the above lineup is the direction he decides to go.

    • SDS

      sessions is a better defender-mainly due to just his athletic prowless comared to kemba actually, haywood and biyombo wont play at the same time-why start two centers? makes no sense, mullens is our starting guy to stretch the floor, and kemba is actually a better shooter then sessions, but sessions i just better at finishing due to his longer wingspan and height

      anyone that says heght dont matter, well it does in the paint…exspeciall when going for layups, although if kemba keeps on improving his floater look for his fg% to get better, henderson is then the better overal player, he is WAY better then gordan defending and can knock down the mid range like crazy, the reason why gordon comes off the bench is because 2 in a points body, and secondly we want him to come out as the sixth man to help scoring, he will get like 26 some minutes a game…..

  • Edmond

    I think the only debate we should have regarding the starting line-up should be at SF, as crazy and/or stupid It may sound. Kemba, GH9, and Bismack should no doubt be starters, CHA has already made them the faces of our franchise.. For now anyways. Regarding the SF position, MKG has proven to be solid but Jeff Taylor is proving to be just as good which is quite the surprise to me.. But not to the ones who followed the Vanderbilt team. I say the starting SF job should be a fair competition anyways, competition only makes both better anyways, And just handing MKG the job because of his draft status could make him lazy ( small chance). But whatever works best for Dunlap really works for me, in such a short time he’s proving to be a solid coach.

  • Vinny

    No no no Henderson will start. He is our best player. And MKG will have no comp. At the 3 with taylor