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Las Vegas Summer League- Game 3: Bobcats run past Wolves

In a game where the Bobcats forced their style of controlled chaos on the defensive end on the way to a 81-78 victory, they also had a standout on the offensive end- Byron Mullens. Mullens scored a career high 33 points on 13-24 from the field and 3-5 from behind the arc. Not only did Mullens shoot the ball very efficiently last night, but he took advantage of his length and did most of his damage around the rim.

Aside from the constant ‘And-1!’ protest yelled by Mullens everytime he thought he was drawing contact on the block and what seemed to be Mullens taking the form of Carlos Boozer, the work he put in down low was impressive and a great sign for fans of this guy. I’ve long been documented of not being a huge Mullens advocate, but last night I was intriguingly wathcing. Hats off to you Byron. Keep it up.

Kemba Walker also had a very encoraging night. He finished with 15 points on 5-15 shooting and 8 assist. Those number were probably the least impressive aspect of his performance last night. To me, last night’s games was the first time I saw real signs of what Rick Bonnell (Charlotte Observer) has been suggesting about Kemba with his passion and leadership drastically increasing under Mike Dunlap. Kemba played like a bulldog on the defensive end, ending with 2 steals, but also caused many more Minnesota turnovers.

The Bobcats defensive performance last night was unlike many that you see in the NBA very often and Kemba anchored the collected chaos caused to the Wolves. Charlotte caused 22 Minnesota turnovers last night. When the Wolves were able to get the ball into the frontcourt the Cats applied a crazed man-to-man defense that included sideline traps, excellent ball line defensive (every player stays below where ball is, relevant to rim) and defensive rotation that caused many bad passes by Minnesota. Watching the pace at which the Bobcats were implementing pressure was amazing, but I had to ask myself how sustainable it is moving forward. One thing is for sure- Dunlap has these players in shape and this summer league roster has bought in. Now we wait and see how the regular roster will adapt to this style.

Charlotte improved to 3-0 during summer league last night and now is assured at least a winning record when Vegas is all done. No, summer league doesn’t mean a whole lot in determining how a team will perform during the actual season because of the fact that most the players on this roster won’t even be in Charlotte come regular season. That being said, something has become very apparent over the last three games- this isn’t your high school/college tenure Charlotte Bobcats team. The expectations are higher, the tempo on the floor is furious and the direction is clear- Rebuild? yes. Success? Or bust.

The Bobcats will face Denver next on Thursday night at 10:30 ET.

9 comments to Las Vegas Summer League- Game 3: Bobcats run past Wolves

  • Spencer

    Highly unlikely. The universe would really have to have a crush on Charlotte for the Cats to make the playoffs.

    I’d predict 30-52. 11th or 12th in the East.

  • bobcatsFAN.charlotte

    im really hoping we can get another top 5 draft pick next year to pick a go-to scorer that MJ can groom. although i like hendo, i really haven’t seen enough to convince me hes that guy

  • Dexter

    “MJ can groom”

    What the hell is that?

    Is Jordan part of the coaching team now?!

    • bobcatsFAN.charlotte

      MJ has helped hendo learn how to play SG. And i wouldn’t be surprised if hes helping MKG be the next pippen because i strongly believe thats why they drafted him.

      he doesn’t have to be on the coaching staff, he owns the team, and if players wanna stay after practice and learn from the greatest of all time, thats their prerogative.

      i know this because in an article, it said that MJ told hendo to look from him during the offseason if he wants to get better, in which hendo did.

  • Clark

    Come on now Spence, 30-52 would be a dream season for this team. more like 18 wins, last in the east. Atlanta is getting weaker, Orlando is a mess, so there’s 2 bright spots. I hope you are right though.

  • SDS

    30-52 is vry possible in the weaker east conference, if we were in the west 18 wins yea but i think we will at least break the 20 win mark-at least,

    also i dont care waht mullens does untill he does it 20 plus games in a row, he has so many of these “outbursts” of his potential then goes back to his old self, untill i seem him consistently do this i dont trust him…he can flat out score and very few can stop him considering he is an athleic long 7 footer, but he doesnt have that will to do it every night-at least according to last year, hopefully it was the i dont like being on a terrible team and idc if we get the worse winnng percentge in history attitude that will be gone when we are winning…

    lets hope dunlap was a sleeping giant that no one would unleash and he turns out to be a great coach, also hpefully we can keep up this tempo for 82 games, the real issue is 3 years down when we are possible playoff team can we keep it up? luckily we have alot of young guys who have neve had any major injruy concerns…

    • Nate

      SDS, I couldn’t agree more on Mullens, and I’ve got one word to support what you say: SOFT. The fact that he kept screaming “And 1!” everytime contact was made shows that he doesn’t have the right mind set. You’re 7′ tall, 275 lbs, dude; learn to take a few lumps. That’s why he likes playing around the 3-point line, and launching countless shots that don’t fall (aka his 4-for-17 night agaisnt Cleveland, including 0-for-7 from 3-pt land); he can’t take the heat.

      Record wise, so long as they can improve off of last season, you know the team will be moving in the right direction. And, judging the start of summer league play, it looks like the Bobcats might surpass last season’s win total in the first month of play. That, and the last two games were won with MKG resting on the sidelines, making sure he stays healthy. They’ve got plenty of promise, but it’s still only the summer league. Can’t wait to see Gordon’s deadly outside shooting added to this mix, though.

  • hornets rule

    to bad MKG is a bust and the bobcats wont win more than forty games in the next twenty years