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Las Vegas Summer League- Game 4: Bobcats make it 4 straight wins

As the summer league success the Bobcats have been able to maintain gets weirder and weirder, I can’t help but imagine that this is a preview of what the future in Charlotte is going to be like. Thursday night, the Bobcats handled the Nuggets quite easily on the way to their 4th straight victory in Vegas.

The up-tempo defensive style that involves a 2-2-1 full court press continued to shine again last night as Charlotte forced 22 Denver turnovers while only committing 11 themselves. The Bobcats are now +39 in turnover margin and a stat that Mike Dunlap claims is the “most important in the game.” Not only are the turnovers forced giving the Cats more possessions than their opponents, but it’s also filtering into the up-tempo offensive style that Dunlap prefers and leads to easy buckets.

Kemba Walker played his best game of the entire summer league so far, finishing with 19 points and 10 assists. Kemba was super efficient on 8-13 from the field and also added 4 rebounds & 2 steals to pad the stat line. Walker has found a great balance of distributing the rock and getting his own all at the same time. The up-tempo style offense is helping him get more dimes on the stat sheet, but Kemba has also still shown his Uconn type of play by creating his own shot and getting in amongst the big men to finish. Walker leads the entire summer league in assist averaging 7.3/game.

Kemba and the Bobcats seem to have far more energy towards the end of games than their opponents and after the game he explained that’s exactly the key to their success so far.

“We’ve been working really hard on our conditioning. Our goal is to wear team’s down and that’s what we’re doing,” commented Walker.

Although Byron Mullens was not able to backup his 33-point performance from Tuesday night, Bismack Biyombo stepped up with his best game of the summer with 12 points, 7 rebounds & 3 blocks.

As soon as I start to get excited about the Bobcats success this summer, people all say the same thing- ‘It’s only summer league.’ That may be true, but there is another truth hidden beneath the surface of this teams success in Vegas- the Bobcats have a vision, plan and future under Mike Dunlap and one can’t help to ponder if this current success is a preview of what’s to come in the future.

Charlotte will conclude summer league play tonight against Memphis at 6:30 ET.

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  • SDS

    i wasnt able to watch the majority of the game:( only a few mintutes here and there and that was expected-by my part-of what mullens was going to do

    although it is only summer league we are giving the team a sense of a winning mentality, you want to win at EVERY level, if you cant win at the summer league with 3 starters, and 1 major role player in your summer leagu then there would be something wrong…, we are getting our future studs-”hoefully” the chance to know what it feels like to win compared to losing like last season, hopefully they get the mentallity that they don’t EVER want to lose this winning “feeling” and go 110% to keep on feeling this way

    also 1 question-what is the status on MKG at this point?, will we have a chance to see him in this last game, or is he still only 98% healthy:), i dont mind the playing safe role but i really want to see him 1 more time- also when you watch them practice is MKG “going at it”/looks fully healthy? Also 1 note, in practice ho does MKG guard usually in scrimagges?

    • bobcatsFAN.charlotte

      i would suspect MKG and jeff taylor to guard each other during scrimmages. and i really hope he does play today against memphis but i think they saw everything they needed to see his first summer league game.

      i really like othello hunter. he plays hard and i think he would be a nice pickup since we took back derrick brown’s QO.

      kemba looked really good against nuggets too. his floater game has gotten alot better.

  • Manny

    Am I the only one confused by Dunlap’s focus on winning these games? I mean, don’t the Bobcats need to spend some time evaluating talent? Does Dunlap really think that Kemba Walker, MKG, and the rest of this roster will really be able to force turnovers playing a college-style full-court press in the regular season? Those presses don’t work full-time against seasoned NBA backcourts.

  • bobcatsFAN.charlotte

    i dont really mind it much. it is summer league i think their roster is pretty much set with 1 or 2 spots open for either FAs or undrafted rookies. i just hope when preseason rolls around, they will show more defensive sets and use full court press to either get back into a game or late in a quarter to try and build a small lead before the break.

  • Edmond

    This squad is definitely going to be interesting when the veterans are added to the group, and I love the way the team is buying into Dunlaps coaching, just look at Byron Mullens..It only builds trust in the locker room. I just hope the team doesn’t fully rely on what’s working in the summer league come regular season. Regarding people hating on our summer league success, I know it doesn’t count but it’s a good preview of what’s to come in a few years… And MKG isn’t even playing. Not used to seeing bobcats play this well.. Reminds me of the hornets.

  • Spencer

    SDS- MKG will likely be out again tonight. He’s 100% healthy most likely, but the Bobcats have absolutely no reason to take a chance and it allows them to evaluate Jeff Taylor further as well.

  • SDS

    spencer- thanks for answearing:) random comment of the day-MMicheal Jordan was not always a great shooter, in fact that was a fairy large flaw in his game early on in his career, his 1st year he didnt have much of a mid range game and his second he improved greatly-but was injured the majority of the year, his 3rd he continued the rise in improvement at his mid range game and started working on his 3pt game, by his 5th year he was a VERY good shooter across the floor and not to mention how effective he ws at drving and finishing already in his career he became a dominate offensive force, not to mention he was a GREAT defender- reson for the random comment, shooting in my opinion is one of the easiest things to improve on, its really just getting your feet set quickly when u are handling the ball and shoot, or setting them while getting a pass, then it just comes down to, 1) seeing the target, and 2 having good touch and not forcing shots by pushing the ball up there, it has to be fluid

    2nd reason for the comment, with guys like taylor, kemba, bismack and mkg they are going to become better scorers, no matter what, all 4 live in the gym-1 example is bismack, [people have actually asked him if he lives there-by people i mean kemba walker:) Mkg is the same, Walker is used to be the 1st in and out of the gym and it surprises him how dedicated bismack is, taylor is known to live their in college-a.k.a these guys every year will improve their game majorly somewhere

  • charlottean

    This is what I don’t get….. everybody has ALWAYS said you can’t press an nba team because the pllayers are too good and too smart. How does that make sense if the defenders are that good and that smart? I think it has way more to do with millionaires being willing to press. And execute it fully.

    Obviously these young guys can’t outplay anybody right now, but 3 years from now? Old guys don’t want to break the press every time down the floor. There are teams lacking strong ball handling skills that could be exploited running this. The big thing is building the groundwork for these guys’ game.

    Walker/hendo/mkg/mullens/biyombo should be the starting 5 and each get 30 mpg. They gotta be in the water to learn how to swim.