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2012-2013 Schedule Released

So the Bobcats schedule for next season came out. Anyone super excited? Meh, me either. To point out some of the headliners, though, I’ll run through it anyways.

  • Charlotte will play their opening night game at home against Indiana and also play 8 of their first 12 games of the season at home.
  • The defending champion Miami Heat will visit Time Warner Cable Arena twice next season: Dec. 26 & April 5. You’ll get to see amazing plays like this twice in Charlotte.
  • Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and the Lakers will be in Charlotte on Feb. 8 and Oklahoma City will visit on March 8.
  • The Bobcats will have two separate west coast road trips with 4 game stretches. The first trip begins on Dec. 18 at the Staples Center against the Lakers and the second trip begins on Feb. 26, also in the Staples Center, but against the Clippers.

The release of last seasons schedule was much more exciting because of the condensed schedule, but this year we all knew pretty much what the schedule was going to look like as far as opponent and site, just didn’t know what dates the games would fall on. So, now we know.

Well, that’s pretty much all I got. I’m sure I’ve left some discussion points/topics, so I’ll leave that for you guys in the comments section. I’m going to stick to my guns and say the Bobcats would be doing very well for themselves to get to 30 wins. Thoughts?

5 comments to 2012-2013 Schedule Released

  • bobcatsFAN.charlotte

    i want to say 20 wins. with some teams like portland and orlando blowing up their team, they might tank even harder than we do next year to get that top lottery pick

  • Edmond

    Yeah man, I wouldn’t hesitate to say we get close to 30wins.. We’re not as bad as everyone thinks. Especially with how teams like Orlando, Portland, Dallas, or even Atlanta starting to fall off. We’ve got rid of the cancers on the team ( not sure about Tyrus ) and got rid of the worst coach of the nba. Some teams use the motivation of being horrible one season to turn the ship around the Next year.. Didnt the thunder once go from 20 to 50 wins in a season? Or even the Miami dolphins team that went from winning one game to winning 11 the next, who knows? I wouldn’t say we’re going to make the playoffs or anything, but this years team will be symbolic on how fast we can turn it around.

    • bobcatsFAN.charlotte

      OKC went from winning 23 games to ~40 games to make it into the playoffs and was knocked out early. last year was when they made it to the finals and are now a bonefide contender for years to come if they can keep that core of players there.

  • J

    I predict 27 wins and 57 losses

  • Andrew

    The Bobcats are going to struggle, but they will be better. I dont know about getting rid of cancers, they lost 2 or the most talented people on the team, and only slightly improved at the point. I think they win 17 games, which is a huge improvement. They lost way to many blowouts to even get to 20 wins this year. I think they will be improved with who they drafted, traded for, and signed but they still arent going to be that competitive. One side note, Paul Silas is not the worse coach in the NBA that tital belongs to Mike Brown he gets lucky to have enough talent around that they just dont completely suck, and Vinny Del Negro isnt someone I would say is better than Silas, or Alvin Gentry and Tryonne Corbin are still pretty new the the coaching ranks. One more thing, Orlando, Dallas and Atlanta are still better and have more talent than the Bobcats do. They traded Joe Johnson because they are smart, they gave him way too much money, then found the only team in the league that would trade for him.