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Bobcats need to bolster front court- potential future suitors

It’s no secret that the Bobcats need help in the front court and there are a few options that they may pursue. One in the short term and the other down the road, but for the long term.

Lou Amundson and Paul Millsap. Two players that are definitely not in the same category when it comes to skill level, but both are PF’s that Charlotte is likely eyeing to beef up the front court. Amundson, who is currently a free agent and still waiting on work to come for next season is a player who the Bobcats could certainly add depth with and afford for one year. Jared Zwerling of New York tweets that Amundson can be had for the mini mid-level deal and that’s well within the Bobcats spending range without going over the tax line- Charlotte has $2.575 million left in cap space. 

Amundson is an extremely active player that is tough on the glass and a great defender for his size. Offensively, he’s very limited- most of Amundson’s damage on the offensive end comes from crashing the offensive glass and garbage baskets due to great effort/energy. He has absolutely no range on the jump shot and basically no jump shot period. Amundson would be a great player to acquire in order for the Bobcats to add depth to the bench and also to bring in a guy who fits the Dunlap mold- high energy, hard worker and an overall high character player for the locker room. The journeyman who’s already played for five teams in six seasons averaged 3.5 PPG & 3.7 RPG in 12 MPG last season with the Pacers.

Now, to the PF who could turn Charlotte into much more of a contender down the road- Paul Millsap. He’s got one season left on his current deal and the Jazz have reportedly been trying to get Millsap to agree to an extension, but he doesn’t seem to be in love with the idea of staying in Utah and will likely test the free agent market instead. It’s pure speculation as of right now, but Millsap seems like one of the free agents that Charlotte may be willing to go all out for. PF is the one position on the Bobcats roster that’s very much up in the air moving forward. Biyombo simply isn’t a true PF as of yet, Tyrus Thomas, well, never mind, and the jury is definitely still out on whether or not Mullens can be a 4. Millsap would give Charlotte an elite PF moving forward and also be able to offer a full max deal if they chose to. I would think that he’s also the type of player that this franchise is looking to add on the roster- very hard worker and another high character player. Make no mistake, Dunlap would approve of the move. Millsap averaged 16.6 PPG & 8.8 RPG last season in Utah.

Again, this is all speculation, but it’s reasonable to think about both Amundson and Millsap being on Charlotte’s roster in the future. Amundson could be signed to a one-year mini mid-level deal for this coming season to add depth (short term fix) and the Bobcats could go all out on Millsap next summer for as big of a deal that they see fit. I’d be very surprised if Charlotte doesn’t bolster the front court somehow before the beginning of next season and Amundson seems like a good fit to fill that role. Millsap would simply be icing on the cake.

Dream on.

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  • J

    Agreed they need to have at least someone to come off the bench like Amundson for Mullens. I think Mullens has a break out year this year we will all see though. Good writing finally some good writing for Charlotte’s NBA team.

  • I think the Bobcats should focus on building with the players that they have because they have some solid young pieces that can become something special. Byron Mullens showed that he can be the future big of the franchise, so has Bismack Biyombo. Give them a couple of year to develop further and I’m sure they will not disappoint.

  • Kurt

    That opinion seems very shortsighted. Byron Mullens didn’t prove to be the big of the future. He proved in the regular season to shoot jumpers, not to rebound or play D. The small improvement he showed in Summer Leaugue was just that. In Summer League.

    I’m hoping for the best, but won’t be holding my breath.

  • Connor

    Why can we never just be in rebuilding mode? Why would you recommend throwing a ton of money at paul millsap when the bobcats need to focus on rebuilding and giving minutes to the younger players to develop (Mullens & Bis)? I like your blog but Dunlap, Cho,and Jordan have a plan, and that is 1.)through keeping cap room (to absorb bad contracts like Ben Gordon’s) 2.) developing young talent and 3.) not overpaying. Your post seems to recommend breaking all three of those by throwing big money at an undersized PF who is a solid starter but nothing more and taking away minutes from mullens and bismack.

    what is this whole thing about us having such a thin front line? Haywood, diop, mullens, biyombo, and even some gilchrist for small ball can all play minutes in the front court.

    tyrus thomas needs to be amnestied but that doesnt mean we run out with that money and make another terrible deal.

  • Nate

    First and foremost, I agree with Kurt. Everyone keeps expecting Mullens to have a breakout year, but I would have expected a breakout year LAST YEAR when 75% of the team (coach Silas included) gave up halfway through the season, and Mullens averaged roughly 11 shots from the field a game in April (and 2 3-pointers a game). Mullens should have used last season as a stress free year (really, Charlotte wasn’t in contention to win any of their last 15 games) to work on his post game. Instead, he tried shooting a lot of ill-advised shots from 20+ feet away, and didn’t even make half of them (season fg%: .425; season 3pt fg%: .235).

    And I must agree that Charlotte does have a thin front line. If you look at Haywood, Diop, Mullens, and Biyombo’s numbers from last season, combined (COMBINED!!!) those big men would have scored 20.8 ppg, averaged 19.9 rpg, and 4.6 bpg. While the block numbers are respectable, if you’re big men for the upcoming season can’t average AT LEAST 20 rebounds a game combined?!? Then yes, I ay that there is a problem with depth on the front line. Yes, Biyombo will improve…not so sure about Mullens. But Diop is a $7 million problem that the Bobcats would rather not amnesty because he only has one season left on his horrible contract.

    I agree that Thomas should be amnestied, but it doesn’ mean they plan on making a terrible deal. There are several big men who Charlotte could use their excessive cap room to make a run at next summer, including Antawn Jamison (only signed a one year deal with the Lakers), Millsap, Al Jefferson (the better of Utah’s two bigs), David West, Josh Smith, AND if they have the cap room, why not Dwight Howard? With low budget players like Biyombo, Kidd-Gilchrist, Walker, possibly Henderson, and Taylor still under contract, who says a fat paycheck and an up-and-coming team wouldn’t attract one of the bigger free agents since LeBron? (Granted, he would have to remain in Orlando all this season, not be traded-then-signed, but still…)

    No one’s saying these moves had to be made. Whoever wrote this was clearly just expressing some ideas and opinions, and as far as I’m concerned, very smart ones at that.

  • Connor

    Nate – some good points. especially on mullens, who looks like will never be a starting caliber player due to his complete apathy for rebounding and playing defense… pair that with a player that shoots just way too many long 2s for his size. its just a mess when he’s not scoring which, as you pointed out, was more often then not.

    I still stand by what I said about our depth. I don’t think it’s a big enough problem to merit spending a lot of money on. last season diop didnt play most nights and haywood has been playing at a career low of just below 19 minutes/game down in dallas. On this charlotte squad he will be playing 30 minutes per night guaranteed. the only thing holding him back are match ups and conditioning. i dont see why he couldnt go back to grabbing 10 boards a game like he did in washington. if we can just get 10-15 minutes per night from diop then that 5 position is covered. diop is bad but if we’re paying for him and we’re not amnestying, then dunlap has to find a way to try to get some production out of him. i think biyombo will also slide over to the 5 more this season, he’s already put on some weight and muscle.

    I like our roster right now, it will get us a high pick next year but will be fun to watch without quite so many losses. when we start spending money just to make a splash and try to upgrade our team by bringing in a pricey vet, lets just make sure we dont do it at the expense at the giant investment we’ve made in our young guys.

    love the blog, thanks

  • Spencer

    Everyone- good debate that’s being generated here. Let me be clear that I’m simply pointing out ideas of how the Bobcats can improve the roster. I completely understand that many of you want Charlotte to build with their youth and gain future assets- and they are. What many seem to lose sight of, in my opinion, is that Charlotte is saving cap space and $ in order to use it down the road. There is such thing as a cap floor and as the tax line will raise every year under the new CBA, so will the floor. That being said, the Bobcats have to pay somebody and an elite PF like Millsap isn’t a bad player to do that with. We’ve also got to be realistic about who is going to come to Charlotte and play. It’s very likely that none of the best FA’s available will come until the Bobcats prove they can win. It’s a process and throughout the process Charlotte must add talent.

    Essentially the point is that you can’t just rely on players still on their rookie contracts in a rebuilding mode. The salary structure of the league forces you to pay somebody.

    • SDS

      put the emphasis on they “HAVE to pay”, because they really do according to the new cba-have to at elast reach a limit of so much oney in players-one reason why i think the trade for Gordon was even biggr then just getting 1 a bettrer player with a stealthy amazing 1st round draft pick, we get to pay a guy for two years, for 10 mill, rathe then 1 guy for10 mill and hen likely having to do a multi year offer of at least 10 million which would take money from our young playerswith some of their contracts coming up in two years-kemba and bismack-more money/higher liklyhood of staying,

      No towards millsap-he looks like a very good otion for the dunlap offence, he spreads the floor, runs the floor very well and his only issue if being a 6ft9 pf^^ he would likely cost IMO 10-12 mill a yr? taking up basically diops and carrols expiring contracts-he might only go for 8 mill a yr^^ although i doubt that unless he just get injured for this upcoming season-he has had no issues in utah and is considered a low key class act typ of guy^^

      IMO at this point he look like a good pick up, but as spencer said this is meerly speculation on how to improve the team and this is speculation for a sequence of events that would not happen for another year^^, who knows maybe we take the league by storm and surprise and are left out of the palyoffs by only 10 games or so, then millsap suddenly looks sexy^^-unless tyrus thomas or mullens looks sexier or course^^

  • thanks for a good article finally some discussion on bobcats. i really enjoy the pssiple moves it peaks interest and gives die-hard fans like me something to look forward too. is there other places to go that don’t cost for more information. thanks again.

  • pete mcgee

    Are the Bobcats still available to use the amnesty clause? I thought I had read that there was a deadline to use the clause and they chose to let it expire?

    • SDS

      yes it expired like 2+ weeks ago i think^^, caused an uproar that charlotte didnt amnesty either diop or tyrus, but that is because people think getting FAS is the most important to charllote-and when i say everybody i mean just espn and its completly biased broadcasting on big market teams and not paying attention to ANY teams that are either doing bad or have a small market-only way to get any recognization and reporting done on u is if u are winning-which makes sense but its unfair to those fans that actually want to know whats up with for say a bobcats, kings, or timberwolves-who even after having a decent year till whats his face pg got hurt-guy from spain^^ didnt get any recognition except for a oh and the timberwolves are looking good “end of show”


    I Think Mullens will be a good player this year. If you look back at last year there was a 18 game strech were he averaged 17ppg,8rpg and 4apg. I think Coach Salas was to hard on the kid. The players even said that coach Dunlap let’s them play though there mistakes and he will make a lot of mistakes. I think he develops into a good player this year not great but good. If he averages 15ppg, 7rpg and 4apg we can live with that. I would like to see use go get blatche on a one year deal. I know he had problems in washington but a change of scenery could be what he needs.

  • Connor

    I’ve never thought Coach Silas was “too hard” on anyone. He seemed to keep players on the court regardless of what they did on the defensive end. I think Mullens has is a worst case scnario, Charlie Villanueva type player who refuses to play defense and rebound. Best case scenario he becomes a reliable shooter and rebounder like Ryan Anderson. I’m on the fence about Mullens.

    Spencer — I’d love to see a post about the tax floor, everyone is always talking about how they don’t want to go over the cap, but for this season I feel like the Bobcats should try to spend a little as possible without getting penalized. I didn’t even know there was a cap floor… I feel like no one talk about that.

  • SDS

    @connor, they do-the reason wh u feel like “no one talks about it” is because it doesnt go into effect till 2013, and what i mean by it doesnt go into effect till 2013 is that in 2013 every dollar u are above the cap, u get fined that times 2^^, so if u are 30,000,000 over-u get fined 60,000,000 i dont think anyone is near 30,000,000 but alot are around 15 mill