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Eduardo Najera to retire; will become head coach in D-League

Eduardo Najera has decided to step down from playing basketball and venture into the coaching aspect of the game, according to ESPN’s Marc Stein. At the age of 36 and coming off a gruesome head injury (skull fracture) last season, the time is now right for Najera to move on in the basketball world.

Najera spent two seasons in Charlotte where he played 53 games for the Bobcats and he never seemed to disappoint. Eddy was always a fun player to watch because of the high energy he constantly played with and his ambitious nature to always shoot a three even when the entire arena was negating against the notion. Defensively, Najera was also a change of pace kind of guy- was never scared to guard bigger forwards/centers and always gave them fits with his tenaciousness and physicality. Eddy never shattered the stat sheet- his highest season average total came in 2001-02 with Dallas where he scored 6.5 PPG and pulled down 5.5 RPG.

For those Bobcats faithful that had forgotten, Najera came to Charlotte in the Tyson Chandler trade that still haunts Charlotte and Lebron/Wade, but will keep Rick Carlisle chuckling to his grave.

According to Stein, sources have told him that Najera will now become the head coach of the NBA development league Texas Legends team.

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  • He was an outstanding player, in that he gave it his all, played pretty good D, and was just a great guy to have on the team. Its sad that his head injury no doubt did contribute to his desire to coach instead of play, and what is especially frustrating about that, is that he was hit so hard that he almost suffered brain damage, and the referees DIDNT EVEN CALL A FOUL, THEY DIDNT EVEN STOP PLAY WHEN THE GUY WENT DOWN AND COULDNT MOVE, I forget which team we were playing that night but that didn’t even matter, it was the same all year, other teams could assault our players all night long and get away with it, they just normally didn’t take it to that extreme. The referees were as much to blame for Najera’s injuries as anybody, because if they called fouls like they should have, other teams wouldn’t have felt like they could get away with hitting our players as hard as they wanted to. Its such a shame to see such a good member of our team have his career come to an end this way, I don’t know who this Texas Legends team is, but I hope we can work with them, and Najera, in the future.