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Bobcats see-saw performance ends in loss

Charlotte couldn’t have started last night’s game any worse- the Bobcats scored 7 points in the 1st quarter and shot a miserable 13.6% (3-22) from the field to fall behind by 16 before they could blink their eyes.

The rest of the game was certainly better, but not quite enough to pull the Cats out of the hole dug in the 1st quarter. Gerald Henderson solely tried to pull the Bobcats back into the game during the 2nd with a 10-point quarter. The Charlotte frontcourt combo of Haywood, Biyombo and Mullens also had a solid period on both ends by pitching in a combined 9 points and 8 rebounds.

New Orleans led 38-36 at the break behind Anthony Davis’ 12 points and 8 rebounds.

The 3rd was clearly the Bobcats best quarter as they shot 61% from the field and forced 6 Hornets turnovers while turning them into 10 points. Ben Gordon led the charge with 8 of his 15 points coming in the quarter. Gordon was getting it done in every way by attacking the basket, drawing fouls and even knocking down a three.

The 4th was a abysmal defensive performance from the Bobcats as they allowed 36 total points and 73.7% shooting by New Orleans. Oh, and Lance Thomas had 11 points on 5-5 shooting in the final quarter. Yes, Lance Thomas. The Hornets scored 16 points in the paint on 8-9 shooting in the final period, so basically if the ball got in the paint it was going in the basket. All that being said, Coach Dunlap was pleased with the overall defensive performance from his team after the game.

“I like how we played defense – eight points in one quarter, 16 points in another quarter. That says we can play D,’’ said Dunlap.

The Bobcats lost 90-87. They are now 1-2 during the preseason. Oh, that’s right- it’s preseason. Don’t read too much into any of this.

Bobcats next PRESEASON game will be next Tuesday night in Oklahoma City at 8 pm ET.

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  • Spencer/SDS

    bad games, especially for TThomas, and Bismack, those two had 11 fouls combined, 6 or biz in 18 minutes, 5 for TT in what 16 mins…:(, MKG didn’t do so hot scoring performance wise,etc etc:(

    i think a Biz Mullens combo at this point would be the most likely to start the season with, Mullens can score, Biz is better for the Dunlap style of play and he is a better scoring option then Haywood would be in this system, he’s faster, quicker, takes up less room on the offensive end etc…Gordon looks to be a huge upgrade from Maggette, we got a guy who could score for the same price this year, just added one year on his contract, while mullens does look like he did improve on his 3 pt range from the summer league, but does he ever go into the post? i remember silas loving Mullens hook shot that he never used in games…

    can’t wait or the regular season

  • charlottean

    I think dunlap might bring biz off the bench just to help with the foul situation. he has to get that under control before playing with the ones. I hope hendo is starting though. No need to start gordon over him. None.

    mullens is money. 13 4th quarter points no? the audio was like “mullens for the 3″ on repeat that 4th quarter.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Idk about Mullens, he has been SOO good at times then disappears, maybe with the increase in his range for his shot he won’t disappear as often considering that last year his whole offense was mid range, this year he has the mid, but the 3 is there also,
    i just want Biz to start because i don’t see the defense performing that much better with Haywood and the offense looks worse with Haywood on the floor…, biz is actually somewhat fit for this offensive scheme, who would ever think anyone would ever say Biz is better offensively than another nba player?, well i think he is better than Haywood, at least for this offensive scheme were we need more speed at the center, and with Mullens being our spot up shooter…^^, Gordon looks like a very good 6th man for us,

    also against the thunder i think we will see what MKG is made up of, if he can somewhat stop Durant thats a great game, even if we lose 60-100 imo lol, well hopefully we will only lose by 20^^, Westbrook idk who is going to defend him, we might see Sessions start that game, Biz and Ibaka is a good match up, plus i ust want to see the fellow congo boys play against each other, Haywood Perkins-that’s kinda the same players match up just an age difference,

    also how does TT look offensively? stats wise he looks good, but does he look like he knows what he’s doing, in the spots at the right time etc, same thing defensivly?

  • charlottean

    that’s being entirely too hard on mullens. that was basically his rookie year. he came out after a freshmen year, sat for 2 years, and then finally played last year. this year is his to take a step in one direction or the other. but you have NOTHING to lose in putting stock into him and running your offense through him the first half of the year and seeing what happens. worst case, he becomes trade bait. best case, he’s your clear franchise guy going into restricted free agency. 23? dudes got a good 3 or 4 seasons before he even enters his prime. the only thing between him and success is opportunity. he makes open shots and he can get open. and now he’s decided to play defense too. what is there to complain about? that he isn’t lebron?

    you just don’t find skilled 7 footers often which is why he was a blue chip prospect and a 1st round draft pick after not playing starter’s minutes in his freshmen year. he and biz SHOULD ideally be the perfect compliment as biz develops post game and improves finishing around the rim on dump offs. really finishing isn’t the problem, catching is.

    i think perkins is way better than haywood. way less mechanical. i mean he’s no ballerina, but haywood is downright robotic.

    blows my mind adam morrison is struggling to get a roster spot. dude played solid in orlando. dominated vegas. goes 4 for 6 the other night. Meanwhile….cory higgins hasn’t been cut yet. he’s 3 weeks from the end of his career and it’s all due to larry brown and MJ’s absolute lack of patience for a guy recovering from an ACL tear. blows my mind. the celtics wait a year and a half for jeff green. we gave morrison less than half a season.

  • Spencer/SDS

    im comparing Haywood and Perkins considering their playing styles, if Haywood 5 years ago was the perkins of today, they are a lot alike, the issue? Haywood is aged, Perkins is in his prime, so Perkins is way better than Haywood,

    Morrison’s issue, he with his legs lost every little ounce of athleticisim he once had, which was already limited, Morrison should have gone to the Suns, they might have been able to save his career, guy can out right shoot the ball at times, plus we gave morisson a year and a half^^, first year he played the entirety as a 6th man, he got hurt early the second then we traded him to LA,

    on Mullens i dont think i was being to harsh on the guy^^, all i said is IDK, because he disappeared often last year, which he did^^, Mullens with his newly found 3 pt range hopefully wont disappear as often, but he is still a one dimensional 7 footer, he can shoot and thats it, that also explains why he disappeared, the teams just had to take away his mid range game and he didn’t know what else to do, now with him being further back he should be less consistent of disappearing, hopefully he can be like Anderson from the Magic, now Hornets and be a most improved of the year, except not be retarded and trade him away for NOTHING, god damn the Hornets raped Orlando for Anderson IMO, plus Mullens has one thing no one seems to see, the dude is an ATHLETIC 7 footer, the dude can run, jump, has a big wingspan, dude is athletic, plus he looks immensly improved defesnively, last year he showed spouts of being a blocker, this pre-season he’s showing that again, with his height and wingspan he’s got the ability to be very good defensivly, i might blame his lack in that area of never going to the d-league in OKC, he never got to play and learn what was going on defensively, offense is easy to work on by youself, defense you need to learn how to play on 5 on 5 games, he never got into those games

  • Spencer/SDS

    guy is 7ft 1 in shoes and has a 7ft 2 wingspan, for some reason i thought his wingspan was bigger, but he’s still big^^

  • Spencer/SDS

    i know this is somewhat unrealistic, and it causes Charlotte to lose kemba of which is fairly unrealistic with the praise that Dunlap has been giving him, but why not?

    We get Tyreke Evans, he becomes the starting PG, the guy can’t excel at any other position really he’s got franchise building talent, is in the “ELITE4″ with Jordan, James, Oscar Robinson, in the 20, 5, 5 group, 20 ppg, 5 rpg, 5 apg, for a rookie, he is still just 22, same age as Kemba,

    works out for all the 3 teams involved, Hornets get a young PG, We get a young pg with a higher ceiling, better physically, and defensively…, Sacramento free’s up its backcourt, Tyrek just doesn’t look like he’s apart of the plan anymore, they get a shooter in Reggie who’s contract comes up after this year, they Also Get Aminu who gives them a better option at the foward and some return for Tyreke, i would also add in a second round draft pick to sweeten the deal

    this is basically a deal to give Sacramento a return for Tyreke who will likely leave Sacramento after this year, either from them just not seeing him in their future with their already backed up backcourt and him possbly just leaving after things not working out in Sacramento

    We give up Kemba, who i will be sad about:(, but we get a player with a higher ceiling, give up only a 2nd rounder and 3pt specialist who hasn’t been that good with shooting, with Kemba, Hornets just give up a young tweener foward for a better PG than they already have…^^

    this trade is completely relying on Sacramento choosing to stay with the Isiah Thomas/Thornton back court starting and having the other half dozen guys all fighting for minutes there,

  • Spencer/SDS

    all right im starting to feel like i’m spamming these posts but whatever, im re-doing the trade machine

    thats the new trade, Boozer is said to be done in Chicago and if it wern’t for his big contract he would already be gone IMO

    We get Tyreke Evans, and John Salmons, we lose two guys who some might not like to hear, Ramon Sessions, and Ben Gordon with Reggie Williams, with this trade we lose a lot of the depth we gained this off season in the back court, the lose of Ben Gordon is the big thing here, Chicago get’s their SG they have been looking for since he left Chicago, Sessions goes to the Hornets for one reason, otherwise i try and keep him, Aminu-the sf/pf tweener, he goes to Chicago taking place for the loss of Boozer, Taj Gibson goes to start at Pf, Sacramento obviously gets Boozer, he starts for them at PF, yes i know they draft T-rob, one of my favorite players in this league, why do they do this? simple, T-Rob can play SF, i’ve been saying this for a long time, T-Rob has ball handling skills that no one seems to want to admit that he has, he can take the ball up court-should he always? no…T-Rob has good footwork defensively, and athleticlly cna keep up with those quicker SF and is big enough to cause mis matches defensivly for other teams, also he can shoot, despite what some want to thing, he can drive he can do everything you want from a SF, his natural position in the NBA IMO

    We get Salmons, a good scorer, or once was, he has a bigger contract but it’s smaller than Ben Gordan’s, we actually come out better in the cap room with this trade, except once we extend Tyreke…, also we want to trade sessions simply because we will have 3 fighting for minutes at PG, with Sessions gone, we can simply go with the fact that Tyreke can play point and Kemba beeing the 6th man, with this Tyreke can also be the PG while Kemba is on the floor but can easily defend SG’s since he has a sg’s body^^,

    one issue here, i think this might require the pistons 1st we got, the good about this? we get a young stud a pg, rather then giving up Kemba in previously mentioned trade possibility, we can now play Kemba with 2 pgs on the floor^^, since Tyreke can play with other pg’s due to his abiltiy to defend 1-3^^, plus if we trade the Pistons 1st for Tyreke as well thats a GREAT DEAL, we give up a mid 1st at best for a very good player that can turn out to be a franchise piece, simple^^, we give up two guys who arn’t apart of the long term plan, just got them for depth and picks^^, simply put this is a great deal for Charlotte, will it happan? sadly it’s unlikely:( but i can wish^^

  • Spencer/SDS

    hopefully this url will work if not well this is how it goes

    Charlotte gets: John Salmons, Tyreke Evans
    Sacramento gets: Carlos Boozer, Reggie Williams-possibly pistons 1st
    Chicago gets: Ben Gordan, Aminu,
    New Orleans gets: Ramon Sessions, if Ramon is possible to trade, for some reason on the trade machine he is unavailable to trade, if not i might offer a 2nd also to Chicago or look for someplace else to trade a big man to replace the loss of Boozer, one place to look might be Sacramento as well, in Chuck Hayes, good post defender and rebounder despite only being 6 ft 7

    now i REALLY feel like im spamming this board

    Also to Spencer: does this seem reasonable and possible? you are the expert^^, P.S. i am not talking to myself^^, i am talking to the moderator and blogger for Queencityhoops Spencer, not spencer/sds-i happen to have the same first name, which also happens to be a beast of a name^^

  • Spencer

    SDS- The trade doesn’t make sense for a lot of different reasons, but the main reason being that we’d be getting Tyreke Evans and John Salmons out of it. These are exactly the kind of trades that has gotten Charlotte to where it is today. Tyreke Evans is the opposite of the type of player you want on your team if you’re a rebuilding franchise and John Salmons? Don’t get me started there. Unless this were a deal to just add expiring contracts and go after multiple FA’s in the off season then I don’t see the logic in Charlotte ever doing a deal like this. I’m assuming you’re proposing this trade in the context that Charlotte would re-sign Tyreke Evans (add to the bad contracts list).

    Good work on figuring up a deal that actually works on the trade machine, because that can be difficult at times with all the financial parts that have to match up, but it goes back to what we’ve talked about before. The Bobcats days of making a trade just to make a trade are over. Cho is going to build through the draft and free agency, and he’ll likely only pull the trigger on trades if it’s to get rid of bad contracts (Tyrus) or acquire expiring contracts.

  • 4aseer

    They should not come in last place again, we need playoffs, thats why they play the game, no excuses, no mercy, forget last year, forget last week, I am tired of these big money guys excuses, go out there and win as a team, have heart, believe, carry a do or die motto. cinderella

  • 4aseer

    This a basketball state, we are not going to sit around and tolerate a bunch of whiny losers, we need our respect back or switch to the d-league!! ahahaha

  • 4aseer

    No respect!!!!! No respect!!!!!! The Bobcats get no respect!!!!!!! I was wearing my Bobcats shirt and people was making fun of me!!

  • Spencer/SDS

    yea the reason why i chose salmons is one, his contract is another way to enticing the Kings into taking the trade, second he has a two year contract with a TEAM option for the third, so after next year we can trade him and his expiring contract for maybe another Ben Gordan like trade, or just let him go after it

    John Salmons is by no means why i want this trade, it’s mainly based on getting Tyreke, a young guy that has skill and can be a franchise star^^, also sorry for basically spamming the board with this trade deal, it makes sense financially for all the teams and gives the Bulls the missing sg, although with this trade i believ Hamilton would end up getting traded away…^^, just bored, not much going on in the Bobcat’s world, but thank you for the response^^

  • charlottean

    i don’t think you want tyreke evans. i don’t think he’s worth what he will cost in the long run. very kenny anderson’esque.

    and morrison got half a year AFTER THE INJURY which was what I was referring to. agree about how the injury affected him. he went from dunking in traffic, to not attacking the basket at all. but he has an insane mid range game and I can’t for the life of me figure out why with 30 franchises…..and 15 roster spots (450 contracts) dude can’t get one. there are guys insanely worse that hang around for ever.

    can’t trade sessions until…..january i believe. newly signed free agents can’t be dealt for a few months. not sure but I think haywood can’t be traded until next year, but that will be a hell of a trade chip at some point. great pick up. only place he can’t go is dallas.

  • Spencer/SDS

    i have one more question now, what to we do about the draft now? do we go for the best available, or do we go for a specific position? because as of right now, and with the expectation that we re-sign Mullens and Henderson we are set at every position with young guys that we have hope to be starters for the futre

    Pg: Kemba
    Sg: Henderson
    Sf: MKG
    PF: Mullens
    C: Biyombo

    Biyombo and Mullens could swap if Mullens continues his development defensivly, especially with Dunlap helping him out-maybe upgrading Mullens if we get a shot at Cody Zeller? good offensive low post game, GREAT ATHLETE, he bulked up to 240-250 over the off-season, said he has a 38 in vertical right now, can bench more than his brother- the good one^^, has a good mid range, simply looks like he could be a better Dirk if he can increase his range to the 3, then there is Muhammad, good SG, to athlete, his issue? basically another MKG, great athlete and motor, good leader, needs to work on his shot, can really only drive to the basket, basically another MKG, not that that is a bad thing^^, Nerlens Noel-hell no, he looks like a bust IMO, but he is second best to Cody Zeller, then this draft looks to be STACKED with 7 ft centers

    @Charlottean, i think the reason why he can’t get a roster spot is 1, he is bad defensively, terrible lateral quickness, slow feet, mainly due to his leg, is one dimensional offensively, a.k.a easy to stop, also he is what he is, not much upside, such that other players have a higher potential than him thus teams give them a chance, plus often they get stuck with them, a.k.a Matt Carrol who we are stuck with because of his contract

  • charlottean

    I don’t think cody zeller and mullens are even the same. Zeller is way more (better version of)brook lopez, mullens is way more dirk.

    I think you draft big or draft point guard depending on best available. You aren’t looking to replace or upgrade mullens or biz but add a 3rd guy to the mix. Ideal 8 man rotation is 2 point guards, 3 wings and 3 bigs. We would be replacing haywood and sessions in those slots. Hendo/taylor/MKG should have the wing positions covered. You just can’t feel like kemba is the best point guard we can come up with. not when we’re picking as high and as often as we are. Letting DJ go set the rebuild back another year. If we kept him on a long term deal, that would of had the pg position looking like the small forward position instead of looking like a question mark. Barring sessions going all chauncey billups in detroit, i think it’s the most glaring need. Could you imagine this group with a rondo running point? DJ wasn’t that, but he was at least capable of being mike bibby or damon stoudemire. Would love to see them go all in on steph curry and either offer him a big contract and/or trade some pieces and picks to get him. Lawson is the other pg from that class, but he’ll get an extension and won’t get NeNe’d anytime soon. Jennings isn’t remotely worth it. He is walker with better size and a 50 point game on his resume. No thanks.

    You would have to think curry would be a good fit for this team, past all the local ties. Would do A LOT for fan excitement as well. He’s been just the right amount of unhealthy and inconsistent to be obtainable from a team that just spent A TON of money bringing in bogut and jefferson and has some equally talented youth on their roster in thompson and barnes. I could see them taking our expiring contracts and walker for jefferson and curry if they don’t get a deal done for him now and walker doesn’t look horrible early.

    And I’m afraid we aren’t sure we’re keeping henderson. the fact they haven’t gotten a deal done yet just makes you feel the same way you did when they didn’t extend felton or augustin or anybody else outside of okafor. He’s been everything you could want him to be and more. His weak jump shooting has gotten really dependable and he’s adding range to it…can’t complain out of that pick. They don’t wrap henderson up…..we’re ANOTHER year set back and that’s the most glaring need. maybe shabazz. not sure if he’s prototypical nba 2 or not. Probably more a 3.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Bogut isnt exspensive, Jefferson is gone after this year, the Warriors are going to equal any offer for Curry, he is their star, otherwise they would have kept Ellis, he’s not going anywhere unless we give up MKG and Kemba for him…even then i don’t think they would take that trade…i have the same issue with Shabazz, he isn’t really a 2, i mean i would still take him though, ESPECIALLY if we lose Henderson, dude would basically be another MKG, just needs to improve his jump shot and you got a star player, but how long will it take to develop said jump shot?,

    but remember, Jordan was a lot like MKG coming out of college, great athlete, worked his ass off, leader, everything you want, his only issue was he couldn’t really shoot…well he learned how to shoot and that’s all she wrote^^

    also watch for Kansas’ McLemore, guy is athletic can shoot, has bulked up from last year-wasn’t eligible to play, he probably won’t go as high/he just won’t go as high as the Bobcats will pick, but he could be GOOD, 6 ft 5, maybe 6 ft 6…, 195 lbs, might be more^^, being forced to stay at KU 2 years might benefit him greatly^^, something Xavier Henry and Selby needed to do

  • charlottean

    bogut gets 13 and change this year and 14 and change next year. expensive to me. I mean he’s worth it when healthy and at his best, but that’s a rarity.

    jefferson has a player option for 11 million for next year. they have 65 million tied up next year BEFORE curry. it’s not like new orleans where they can match no matter what. if all the player options get picked up (which carl landry is the only question mark there), a max deal HAS to sink golden state if they miss the playoffs this year or if curry misses any time at all. remember, next year is the year the tax kicks up to $1.75 per dollar on 5 million to 10 million over. this year’s tax is 70 mil. They would be easily looking at the $1.75 per dollar tax and we haven’t even talked about their 1st round draft pick or the fact that the 65 million only accounts for 11 players. They could save almost a million if they don’t pick up jeremy tyler’s option in the next month but he looked pretty good over the summer and then you’d be down to 10 guys and 64 million without curry. if they struggle this year, they’re going to have to do SOMETHING. Our 2013 1st and walker should be enough to get it done. The only reason they would pay the tax is if they eat it for one year with biedrins and jefferson coming off the books after next year. But that’s going to be about a 100 million dollar payroll for a mediocre payroll.

    not to mention curry is at his best as a #1 option on offense. Hard for them to get value from klay thompson and harrison barnes that way. Also hard to imagine they aren’t going to want to keep bogut as well. numbers just don’t add up for golden state.

    shabazz is wayyyyy more offensively gifted than MKG. His jumper isn’t a red flag at all. It just isn’t steve novak. interesting to see if he gets to play this year.

  • spencer/sds

    damn hiding play options, well amnesty for Jefferson i assume^^, i seriously doubt they allow Curry to Walk, so either they amnesty Curry, or trade for a true pg^^,

    Shabazz, yea after reading up on him more, i don’t know why i thought his jumper wasn’t good, his junior year that was a red flag, his senior year in high school apparently he shot the lights out^^, plus his defense isn’t as highly touted as i thought it was^^, still a Great Athlete, average ball handling skills, favours his dominate hand noticably, but hey^^

    still look at ben McLemore this upcoming season for KU..with already a eyar under his belt with Self and KU he could be dominate college^^, KU all the way^^

    im a KU fan if you havent noticed

    NFL: Chiefs, NBA: Bobcats: Baseball: Royals College Basketball/football: KU

    the funny thing? i live in WI, was originally from Kansas city thou^^, why im a fan of the bobcats? simple 1: Jordan, 2: i loved Kemba, and Bismack Biyombo, now i just lvoe the bobcats..why? well i have no idea^^, i just do

  • charlottean

    they can’t.

    1 – they already used the amnesty on charlie bell and 2 – jefferson wasn’t on their roster at the time of the amnesty provision. it’s just incredible oversight on their behalf of how they set themselves up to fail at this juncture. They must be ready to bight the bullet, but it’s going to be about a 20 million dollar bullet if they aren’t able to find someone to give them major cap relief in the way of disappearing biedrins or jefferson’s contract. That’s going to be pretty hard to find in the next 12 months, especially when the same teams that would be capable of doing that (us for example) are the same teams that would no doubt be interested in curry. if either they are mediocre – horrible this year. OR they are good and curry is not the reason……anything is possible. even if they are great BECAUSE of curry, they still might not be able to match a max deal. not without dismantling.

    it seems far fetched and has for the pipedream that it has been for bobcats fans for years, but it’s becoming more and more realistic. think about it from GS’s standpoint……curry for a top 10 pick and kemba walker AND ~20 million dollars. that’s a no brainer. even basketball wise that’s not a horrible move but business wise? woah. especially when curry has had injury troubles.

  • spencer/sds

    woah woah woah, top ten pick for curry, plus kemba? No thank you, maybe for the pistons pick or for the 2015 pick, we can’t give up the 2016 pick because that is going to be chicagos^^..but yea no thank you, i’d rather take Biedrins or Jefferson for one year and take a first rd pick from them…which for some reason i think Cho would jump on that chance, if not take both Biedrins and Jefferson, get a 1st, but we also give them Tyrus for this…so we get two 1 year deals for guys who’s contracts will run out after that season, both would just be bottom of the roster, and we get a 1st while giving up a 2 year deal woth 8 mill for a bottom of the roster guy as well

    basically we just give up cap room to give us MORE cap room 2 years down and we get a 1st..that is a deal i would take in a heartbeat, exspeicaly if we can take a couple 2nd rounder and maybe get a for say “Tyler”? the guy we drafted in 2011 but gave up for money^^, which would amke Cho look even more genius considering we drafted a guy, got money for him, than 2 years down basically get him back for free?^^-GENIUS!!!^^

    i like curry, but if it takes one of OUR 1st rnd picks over the next 2 years for him than NTY…he’s injury prone, and isn’t worth a for say, Cody Zeller, or Shabazz Muhammad…maybe if we find ourselves with a 6-12 lottery pick, but if we get 5 and up, nty for curry

  • charlottean

    If they go ahead and sign curry to an extension in the next 2 weeks, by all means I love the biedrins and jefferson and a 1st for thomas and cap relief. Great deal for both sides. It would either have to include diop and williams or carrol or have to take place after the season. Either way I can get behind that.

    But I would absolutely give up the 1st and walker. I don’t think walker is worth much. It’s basically a 1st for curry which I think is a solid deal for a proven guy (assuming the pick isn’t top 3) and throwing in walker so they have a young point guard they can afford and their fans can live with in losing curry. I mean……looking around the league if there was an open point guard draft, I wouldn’t take walker in the 1st round. espn has him ranked like 45 or something. even if you omit a few old guys and guys that play off the ball a bit, you’re still at 40. curry is top 10. and if you lose some of the older guys, he might be top 5. It’s too early to say, but I don’t see the level of talent in the coming draft that we saw last year. Sure there are top 5 talents as always, but you won’t see a guy as talented as sullinger going late or barnes going outside of top 5. Chances of us picking top 5 are good but as the lottery always is…..1st is not probable for anyone. We also have portland’s pick this year which will probably be another lottery pick. Could easily trade 1 of them for curry and use the other on a big, re up mullens and henderson and be in a VERY solid situation.

    and the detroit pick very easily could be top 10. it’s lottery protected this year and there’s NO WAY they make the playoffs so it’s either top 8 protected the following year (9-14 in 2014) and then top 1 protected in 2015 (2-14) unprotected after. it’s actually pretty probably that it IS a top 10 pick unless they are horrible this year and next and then all of a sudden awesome the following year. I doubt it. I think they are the new raptors. Talented but mismanaged. Long as they have stuckey making 8 million a year, they won’t be cracking playoffs.

    in the next 4 years are miami, brooklyn, new york, indiana, chicago, boston, or philly not making the playoffs? I doubt it. there’s one spot in the east up for grabs. Doubt it’s detroit’s.

  • spencer/sds

    hmm, good points,

    this last game, it makes me wonder what were teams thinking about Perry? i was begging that the bobcats trade up for him, he has the highest ceiling of anyone in that draft imo…the he goes to a powerhouse where he could turn into a monster-Harden can go, westbrook,Selfolsha-Durant-Perry-Ibaka, thats deadly, and if they amnesty Perkins to keep Harden-holy shit, plus they have a BUNCH of ex 1st rnd draft picks that are all undeer 24 yrs old at the center, they can manage to start Ibaka at center and have the others just rotate into the starting lineup against bigs such as Howard…

    Bismark didn;t do so hot, he looked goodish defensivly and rebounding, but his offense was destroyed by ibaka-which was too be expected…, Mullens shot 40% from the 3-thats good, he shot 33% from everywhere else, plus hetook 4 more 3s than everything else-thats a little less good…he has gone to living and dieing by the mid to living and dieing at the 3…, i want to see him getting some easier mid rannge jumpers down again…

    Gordon is obviously going to be a huge upgrade to this team on the bench…Tyrus Thomas with another good game-upgrading his stock for future trades such as the one that we talked over.MKG looked lost offensivly, but i think we are hiding him untill the season, he’s getting little minutes and i think Dunlap just wants to keep the “star” healthy, which is smart^^

  • charlottean

    mullens can officially be referred to as “shooter” from now on. they might as well cue up the bass lick from the robin thicke song every time he drops a 3 at home games. he’s launching A LOT but he’s hitting enough to have solid pps numbers. and remember….with a young guy like him….you let him launch now and he grows his ability to fearlessly make those shots when you need them. they should treat this year for him like OKC treated durant’s rookie year. run it through him and live with the 40% on fg’s and hope that next year it’s closer to 50. worst thing to happen is create a trade market for him come deadline or even RFagency.

    I too was high on jones. That’s part of why taking MKG at 2 instead of trading with cleveland was so idiotic. Cleveland gets beal at 2, washington goes robinson or drummond and we still get our guy at 4 plus jones at 24 and taylor at 31. Jones isn’t going to be a super star in the league but he could very easily be the josh howard of this draft. I think perkins is going to be the victim there. they just gave him too much money for what he’s capable of. he’s too replaceable. especially with aldrich, thabeet, collison, jones and ibaka all looking like they have the front court covered for the next 2 years. and they have daniel orton at the end of the bench too. I wouldn’t mind us making perkins haywood pt 2 and dealing haywood when the restrictions are lifted. I’m sure there will be plenty of suitors for perkins though.

    and regarding kemba, I actually want them to go ahead and give him 20 starts to begin the season. It’s year 2. It’s a system better suited to him. Let him have an honest go of it and see what happens, but I highly doubt results are good. but you have to KNOW. we’ve made the mistake far too many times of having draft picks fail for lack of opportunity. Ajinca very easily could have been a shot blocking byron mullens.

    but yea they need to go ahead and get mullens signed up before the deadline before his value gets inflated. 6 a year for 4 years sounds about right. Let that dude shoot til his arms get tired.

  • Spencer/SDS

    Mullen’s does make since though being the spot shooter for our 1st team, unless we start Gordon who else can spread the floor with a dangerous 3 pt game? NO ONE, Williams looks like he has lost the love for the game, Taylor is a good 3pt guy, but not one that is considered a real threat down deep-also i believe Taylor could end up being the Battier of this generation of players coming in, good lock down defender, can stop players that post up with his strength-not against PFS but good, good perimeter defender, hard worker, offensive game is mainly just his spot up 3, can finish at the basket pretty good

    Plus yea i want Kemba to start as well, one he can only get better and this year isn’t about wins, its about developing players we want to be on this team 3+ years down, plus it can help his trade value if we do look to trade him ever. Also do we know what role MKG will be playing offensively? for some reason i think he will basically be the PF/scrapper/there to rebound, with Mullens being out at the 3pt line…than i assume he might play point forward here and there considering his main thing offensively is driving, plus i think with his Bball IQ he should be able to pass out.

  • charlottean

    I’m just fearful of next year’s offseason reading like this: 2 mediocre draft picks, some mediocre trade, some mediocre free agent or amnesty claim, henderson and mullens both signing elsewhere.