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Cory Higgins cut; Jeff Adrien added

This is a very touchy subject within the doors of Time Warner Cable Arena, I’m sure. Cory Higgins, who was cut by his father and President of Basketball Operations, Rod Higgins, yesterday is now without work after being with the Bobcats since early last season when Paul Silas wanted to carry three point guards.

Higgins always seemed to be overwhelmed by the speed of the game in the NBA. He never looked comfortable on the floor and always had a tough time handling the ball against defenders in this league.

It’s fair to assume that Higgins size is something that kept him on Charlotte’s roster longer than many would have assumed. At 6’5, Higgins certainly had a size advantage over other PG’s. The other assumption is obvious- his father is the President of Basketball Operations. Everyone is going to believe what they will, but the bottom line is no one really knows that Rod Higgins was simply flexing his power to keep his son on the roster. We do know that Paul Silas wanted Higgins because he wanted to carry three PG’s and also wanted a guard who was big enough to play PG and SG. Either way, don’t play Cory.

Jeff Adrien, who was with the Bobcats during training camp has now been awarded a roster spot. Charlotte kept a close eye on Adrien with the Rio Grande Valley Vipers of the NBA D-League. With the Vipers, Adrien is averaging an impressive 17.6 PPG, 11.2 RPG and shooting 56% from the field. Adrien can play both SF and PF, but it’s clear that he plays bigger than 6’7. Hakim Warrick’s minutes have taken a huge hit lately, so it’s not inconceivable to believe Adrien will sneak up and grab some of Warrick’s minutes in the backend of the rotation.

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    This team needs a CENTER BADLY and they go get another 6’7 guy….they must love Diop like a son in that organization because playing him at center is worse than playing Kemba there just saying. There are plenty of D-league big man they could of given a shot in the NBA.

  • charlottean

    please name on of these unicorn like d-league big men. the big men who don’t make the nba get snatched up QUICKLY by european teams. You’re picking between guys like jones, gladness, whiteside, benson and butch. adrien was outrebounding all of those guys.

    diop is becoming more tradeable by the day, but the worst thing that could happen is his contract expires and we can afford to sign some one else to airball free throws and not play offense. sadly, haywood hasn’t separated himself from diop over the last several games soo……time for bismack to play 40 minutes a game. and mullens to start defending like he did at the beginning of the year. that’s been one of the biggest problems over the last several games is mullens not playing defense at all. that and stupid turnovers.