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Warriors fight off charging Bobcats

Golden State Warriors 104 Final
Recap | Box Score
96 Charlotte Bobcats
Bismack Biyombo, PF 33 MIN | 2-4 FG | 1-2 FT | 11 REB | 0 AST | 5 PTS | -8

Solid night for Bismack – good work on the boards and defensively (though he continues to bite on every head fake), but he bobbled a couple of offensive rebounds away and offensive opportunities (bobble leading to a defensive recovery). And he went from B- to C+ for the turnover at the end of the third quarter – which turned into an open jumper (and basket) for Jarrett Jack.

Jeffery Taylor, SF 33 MIN | 1-8 FG | 2-3 FT | 3 REB | 2 AST | 4 PTS | -1

Taylor couldn’t get his shots to go down and he got made to look bad on defense a couple of times.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, SF 34 MIN | 6-10 FG | 5-6 FT | 7 REB | 3 AST | 17 PTS | +6

Yeah – I’m giving him the A+, even in a losing effort. MKG did a great job of attacking the basket and rebounds all game long, helping the Bobcats extend possessions on offense by turning defensive rebounds for Golden State into lose balls and doing the same on Golden State offensive rebounds. He just hustles and scraps all over the court, and the Bobcats really benefit. His +/- numbers won’t look great tonight, because he was matched up (and got handled by) with David Lee for a stretch, and he just doesn’t have the bulk for that yet.

Byron Mullens, C 29 MIN | 6-14 FG | 0-0 FT | 4 REB | 3 AST | 13 PTS | -13

What to say about Byron? It was an up and down performance for him tonight – he had me (and most everyone else) shaking my head after a couple of plays in the first half: Mullens takes a three from top of the floor, and let’s David Lee go deep for layups at the other end after the miss has been rebounded (and even gave a soft foul for the and-1 on one of them). But Byron also posted up more tonight and scored a few buckets around the basket, plus even managed to force a tough jumper for a miss by Stephen Curry late in the game on a switch following a screen.

Kemba Walker, PG 34 MIN | 6-16 FG | 9-12 FT | 1 REB | 6 AST | 24 PTS | +2

Strong offensive performance by Kemba, as he helped the Bobcats get back in this game after falling behind by 20. At the same time, he was part of the defense that led Stephen Curry have a very nice game – too often, I’ll see Kemba get really stuck on a screen, forcing his teammates to have to rotate and cover. Is anyone out there tracking that, to see if I’m just suffering perception bias?

DeSagana Diop, C 14 MIN | 0-0 FG | 0-0 FT | 6 REB | 0 AST | 0 PTS | +2

Diop had one nice block, rebounded well enough, and did little else..aside from inspire this mean/funny tweet:

Ramon Sessions, PG 23 MIN | 3-8 FG | 4-4 FT | 1 REB | 6 AST | 12 PTS | +2

Sessions was 1 for 6 inside of the 3-point line, to go along with the 4 of 4 from the stripe. His early season exploits of killing teams in the paint has evaporated for the time being – and the Bobcats could really use that magic returning. The 2 made threes saved his evening – but that’s still not his game.

Ben Gordon, SG 15 MIN | 5-11 FG | 1-1 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 14 PTS | -5

Gordon was a spark off the bench tonight – and for the right team. A couple of forced shot s, but that’s what Ben does, and when they’re going in, you just live with it.

Three Things We Saw

  1. More than once during the game, I harrumphed at my tv, frustrated by the Bobcats’ inability to start working early in the shot clock. Too often, it felt that were only finally ready to start their offense (be it a post-up or screen and roll) with less than 10 seconds on the shot clock, and it led to forced shots and turnovers.

    I need to check to see if the Bobcats lead the league in shot clock violations, because it would not surprise me one bit.

  2. Another mean/funny tweet I had to pass along:

  3. This was true – the Bobcats had a very bad first quarter, and another bad third quarter. But, then in the fourth, they slowed the Warriors down and started forcing turnovers, getting back in the game. Stretches like that make it seem like Dunlap’s philosophy and system can work, given the right personnel are on the court and more time to adopt it. We shall see.

11 comments to Warriors fight off charging Bobcats

  • charlottean

    I was appalled by the crowd booing the shot clock violations. I mean I get it……..it’s painful to watch. but booing a starting lineup of 23 and unders in their 1st or 2nd year in the league is pretty tough. There’s going to be serious growing pains with this.

    Walker took a ton of 3′s although him making 2 in a row at one point was something that gives me faith he’s seriously improving as a long range shooter. he needs to work out with curry all next summer.

    I love the youth getting the start AND all getting 30 mpg. We should go ahead and ride it out that way. Henderson and sessions should get a bulk of the minutes off the bench. haywood is wayyyy in dunlap’s doghouse it appears. it’s always incredibly uncomfortable watching diop play, but if it’s for 14 mpg for the rest of the year and biyombo is playing the rest….i’ll tolerate it. I want to see more post up opps for biz. his conversion rate isn’t horrible given the limited touches. and half of the missed “fga’s” he has are on contested put backs where he’s creating something from nothing. mullens continues to shoot sub 40% but I think the key lies in getting he and biz more shots within the offense. there are better shots than the ones this team is taking (i’m looking at you ben gordon and kemba and ben gordon and mullens and ben gordon again) and the turnovers are a result of a lack of clear direction.

    you have a game plan that consists of plan a and plan b for every possession. they take away A and B is always open. you can’t guard both. that’s why we’re getting killed on 3′s. you can’t protect the rim AND the perimeter. you have to pick your poison. we’re letting other teams dictate what we do entirely too much. we should be getting 1 on 1′s at the rim OR open 3′s. that’s the game right there. it’s never been more complicated than that. mullens/biz/mkg can all convert well enough 1 on 1 to justify going to all of them and allowing taylor and kemba (and mullens) to spot up. i do like mkg getting more touches as well. all around, we’re going to lose a ton of games so the focus should be to build these 5 guys up and wait until after we resign henderson for the cheap to let him go wild. mullens is playing himself into the 4 million a year range which would be awesome if that were the case and then he got it together this summer.


    First off Charlottean it was an ugly game without any hustle or heart shown till the end which was too little too late. People in Carolina have never been proud of a team named after its previous owner who is NOT FROM HERE after having a team (Hornets) which in name and culture represented Carolina as a whole North/South Cakalaky. Until Jordan brings that Hornets name back he will continue to find fans to fill the seats and continue to watch this team have nothing to look up to in the rafters or pride in the name enough to show up every night. It’s one thing to say a name will not bring more wins it’s another to say a name means nothing because just having the name back BRINGS FANS BACK TRUST ME THIS LIFE LONG CAROLINIAN KNOWS THAT.

    • jsn23nc

      I think Jordan should markert hiself rahter than bring back the Hornets nickname. All he has to do is use the Jordan sign and use the nickname flight or jumpmen and jerseys sells would fly off the shelf.


    *Not find fans to fill seats but looking at last night it’s hard not to tell what I meant there.

  • Spencer/SDS

    shit, if we could get Mullens that cheap i would flip shit and go crazy…some people hate him, but damn, it’s like do yo realize how RARE his skill set is?

    also idk, we choose teams to beat us by the 3, the last two games….teams CAN’T miss against us, i mean seriously, the Spurs could not miss all game, i mean damn, most games you will see people miss a FEW open 3s, last two if they are open its 3 points… finally in the 4th thou the Warriors cooled off…

    idk, maybe we should play defense like a lot of offense, inside then out, or outside then inside, personally i say, although i don’t know if it would work, but play “outside” defense more in the 1st quarter and 3rd, prevent the shooters from getting hot, then in the 2nd and 4th get down in the paint…really i doubt that would work but building around that type of concept might help…but still i love watching this team

    plus what pissed Dunlap of so much to just abandon Haywood? i mean is he really worse then diop?…well at least we might be able to entice a team to load of a big contract with a 1st for Diop…which i wouldn’t mind, 2-3 yr big contract with a 1st rounder for diops expiring contract wouldn’t be half bad…

    Also althou some hate Gordon, GOD DAMN CAN HE SHOOT THAT THREE, i mean seriously he already has a couple 4 point plays this year…that is rare…i love the guys scoring ability…just gives our offense a new dimension when he is out there, only issue is that it hurts us also defensively, but with the younger guys getting better i think them getting better will help him a lot, who wants to drive against a Biyombo who i ahve LOVED these last few games? especially if he ever goes into Mutombo/Wallace mode

  • charlottean

    Agree regarding mullens…..his ceiling is insanely high. unlike a bargani, he actually has a post game and at 23, isn’t nearly as frail. it’s all about maximizing what you get out of him. he has a 14 rebound game, then he has a 4 rebound game. he hits 6 threes….then he goes 1 for 7. he has a 6 steal game, multi block games, and then he ole’s all over the place. i really really really like the dude’s potential a ton, but potential is worthless if it doesn’t materialize. dunlap seems to be the guy for mullens, but only time will tell.

    agree about the defense. I actually like the idea. and you can play it up 1st team vs. 2nd team.

    i think haywood’s lack of effort defensively and on the boards might have been the problem. and although dunlap has raved about his professionalism, that reputation that proceeded him might have finally arrived in charlotte. i doubt we get the same kind of deal for diop that we got for gordon but I could completely see us taking back 1 more year of a 6-8 million on someone that would be of use and getting a late 1st or 2nd. I would love to get him for dalembert if dalembert becomes a problem in milwaukee. He’d be a free agent as well but could provide what haywood is supposed to be providing in the meantime. way better defensively probably equal offensively. may be someone we could look to resign, but probably not given that he would want to start and biyombo should probably be starting every game by next year. biedrins and a 1st looks like a completely plausible deal but is a mid 1st worth 9 million? gordon and diop for boozer and a 1st? boozer could fill the same kind of role gordon does as a legit veteran scorer and bring some rebounding to the table as well at a position that we assume to be weak unless we address it in the draft or tyrus returns and looks like a keeper.

    gordon is shooting something like 47% on 3′s which is disgusting. the problem is….he basically makes every good 3 he takes and then some bad ones where he’s trying to draw the foul (and has often succeeded) but that other 50% are HORRIBLE SHOTS and the turnovers aren’t the kind that you can excuse. they’re just stupid unnecessary turns where he’s doing something he shouldn’t. i mean ben gordon is borderline biyomboesque with the ball. he can catch and shoot, he can create a shot off a few dribbles, but you don’t want him creating for the team which we’ve asked him to do too much and handling the ball and passing are not strong suits of his. he’s not a very smart player outside of creating his own shot.

    regarding charlotte hornets………there are 14 and 15 year olds who are the biggest fans of the franchise and realistically the biggest part of the future customer base long term and they never saw a hornets game and probably didn’t have any kind of memorabilia or posters or anything. The move away from bobcats more to cats and the use of the carolina cougar throwback has been a solid move in strengthening the brand in the post johnson era. I hate johnson more than most, but at the end…..he paid for another nba franchise in charlotte and sold it to a carolina guy instead of a st. louis guy even though the st. louis guy offered a bit more. You have to appreciate that, especially in comparison to the guy that named the team the hornets. logically, your argument is horrible. shinn packed the team up and moved it. 10 years ago. it’s not like washington with the bullets or seattle with the supersonics. seattle didn’t get their name tainted by another city. Just as everyone has called the bobcats the hornets for the last 10 years on accident from time to time, they will do the same to new orleans for years. better to take the opportunity to stand on our own. move forward not backward. the new uni’s look great and i’m sure the jordan team will continue to develop in that area as that’s one of the biggest strengths of his team.

  • Spencer/SDS

    ^^, Gordon IDK, i guess i’m just being…bedazzled? by his shooting ability from the 3…i mean after last year it literally just makes me drool…admit he shouldn’t handle the ball as much and should watch what ray Allen does off the ball, the thing that has made ray soo good is his ability to create an open look for himself OFF the ball, Gordon well he needs to work on that and how to just do a jab step if the guy doesn’t fall for it pump, no go…pass out,

    Mullen’s if he could be consistent is already better then Bargnani…too bad that’s a BIG if, i think he is way more athletic then Bargnani or Dirk ever was, better rebounder then either…and as you said better post up game then Bargnani…the biggest rarity about a Mullens/Dirk, he can be both your outside and inside offensive game…

    also i feel like the increase in production from Biyombo so far has been…he doesn’t think^^, the biggest thing about sports is reacting, not thinking over stuff. Hell the coaches said that he just thinks too much, they need to make it simpler for him, well he might have gone into the “react” zone rather then “think” zone. Rather then going alright i have the ball, now what????alright shoot…now its have ball, shoot, or whatever he needs to do^^

  • charlottean

    i just want biz to develop the instinct to dunk everything close. he’s trying to layup too much when he’s close enough to dunk and that leads to blocks instead of fouls and misses instead of easy conversions. he’s definitely getting there. the rebound rate is solid and should get better with more confidence.

    mullens IS already better than bargani. the thing about dirk is that he has a WAY better handle than mullens and more bulk. he developed his post game late so mullens getting that improved early should help so that when he adds the bulk like dirk did with age, he should be even more of a force down low. he has way more defensive potential but equally as bad effort wise. he’s shown the ability to make some great passes both from the block to the wing and from the wing to the block. that’s a huge asset going forward if he is potentially the focal point of the offense of the future. i just want him to get nasty on a more regular basis. he shows it in flashes with a vicious dunk or a block or ripping a rebound away and even stepping into a dagger 3, but all too often lately he’s giving the ole defensively and taking step back jumpers. he’s the one we’ll have to be the most patient with because of the potential ceiling and the amount of confidence building he needs. he’s the kind of guy that if he had stayed 1 more year in college, he would have had been a top 5-10 pick and had a team build around him from the get go and had a ton of confidence and been coached up all along. because he came out and was low priority in OKC and even last year here, he’s just NOW starting to find out what he’s capable of mentally. like he said post game regarding the dunk against portland…..he thought it would be a charge or get blocked. there’s not a lot of guys that can stop him making THOSE kind of athletic moves. guys like kemba and gerald and taylor experienced a lot in college and never had to sit and loose their confidence as blue chip guys. mkg neither. biyombo clearly understands his role with the team at age 20 which shows insane maturity which is probably his biggest strength.

    as for gordon….it’s the gift and the curse. I cosign everything you said about ray allen mentality. that’s exactly what I want from him. but I also don’t want the team to depend on him so much with henderson back. I would much rather see if henderson is capable of being THAT for this team, and I think he is. he won’t hit 47% from 3, but if he’s hitting 37% that’s better for the team than gordon hitting 47%. he’s 7 of 12 thus far. that’s from a guy that made 11 of 47 last year and says he dedicated himself to improving that this summer. if we keep both mullens and henderson, we have 6 of 8/9 of our rotation CLEAR. sessions would make 7. tyrus thomas hypothetically and optimistically would make 8. we draft or trade for a backup big and we are very very very much so set and in go mode.

    the losing is going to be tough, but i’m still super bullish about this team and it’s ceiling as a group. kemba is doing everything he didn’t do last year. still needs to create more for his teammates, but he has at least hit augustin level there. he’s low on the turnovers too. I’m still super excited by the progress on this team right now. can’t believe how many people are hung up on the losses to the knicks and spurs and golden state as if we’re supposed to be beating more experienced teams at full strength. we’ve been blown out a few times and we’ve come back a few times but we’ve played a few of the best teams in the league down to the wire. that is real.

  • jsn23nc

    Bobcats need to trade Henderson, He has messed up the chemistry they had earlier in the season. Bobcats are shooting way to many jumpers now that Henderson is getting plyaing time need to go back to attacking the basket and if they struggle on defense atleast casue alot of turnovers.

  • charlottean

    hahahahahaha he had absolutely nothing to do with it. they won games against teams that were missing like 8 key players. they still have that same good chemistry as evidenced tonight. they played a close game against a legit title contender. they went blow to blow with them and the clippers just hit too many shots down the stretch. solid game tonight. but henderson a problem? no. should they trade him? debatable. he’s in the last year of his deal so they either need to be prepared to resign him this summer or trade him now, but we have PLENTY of cap room and dude is definitely worth 5 or 6 a year.

    we beat dallas without dirk or marion.
    minny without rubio, love, pekovic, barea, roy, etc.
    indiana without granger
    washington without wall and nene
    washington again without wall

    toronto and milwaukee were legit wins with all their core. henderson has played in the last 5 of a 9 game losing streak. all 5 against winning teams. 3 against title contenders.