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Bobcats storm back from 17 down, but fall short

Miami Heat 105 Final
Recap | Box Score
92 Charlotte Bobcats
Hakim Warrick, PF 38 MIN | 8-12 FG | 2-3 FT | 9 REB | 0 AST | 18 PTS | -12

The 4 turnovers are really the only thing keeping him from an A+ here. Impressive with ability to isolate and score and also have the ability to read the defense and kick it out when needed. 9 rebounds is much needed from whoever plays PF for this team. A lot to be encouraged by and hopefully help relieve the worry about being without Byron for what could be a month.

Coach Dunlap on Warrick: “A lot of times in this league a guy will fall off the face of the earth. You know, and then they tumble and are kind of just out there as an 11th in the league. He’s not that. He can play and he’s got an offensive game and can rebound. He just needs some time, it’s not instant coffee.”

Bismack Biyombo, PF 38 MIN | 3-8 FG | 1-3 FT | 10 REB | 0 AST | 7 PTS | -12

A lot of positives tonight. Was great on the glass and also very effective defensively. He’s the best big that Charlotte has to hedge high on PnR’s as Dunlap likes to do. Biyombo was also stuck on Lebron some on switches and when Diop was playing 5 in this game and showed an effectiveness at guarding him away from the basket. Offensively, he’s certainly improving and going strong to the rim much more often.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, SF 22 MIN | 2-6 FG | 2-2 FT | 5 REB | 2 AST | 6 PTS | -1

Limited minutes tonight as Sessions and Warrick played in many lineups for offensive reasons. The most impressive aspect about MKG is the fact that he takes everything in stride and never tries to play outside of his own abilities.

Kemba Walker, PG 43 MIN | 9-20 FG | 5-7 FT | 6 REB | 6 AST | 27 PTS | -10

Awesome night. Wow, has this guy turned a corner.

Gerald Henderson, SG 44 MIN | 5-19 FG | 4-5 FT | 7 REB | 4 AST | 14 PTS | -13

Hendo struggled from the field tonight, but don’t let that overshadow how much effort he exerted on the defensive end and on the glass. He was given the assignment of guarding Wade for most of the night, so that obviously had an effect on his game, but you have to love the effort.

DeSagana Diop, C 12 MIN | 0-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 3 REB | 0 AST | 0 PTS | +3

Diop had 4 blocks. Okay then. After the game I heard one person joke that he receiving 2 million/block. Haha. For now, it’s clear that Diop is receiving Haywood’s minutes. No one is certain as to why, but there’s plenty of speculation that Dunlap hasn’t been happy with him.

Ramon Sessions, PG 36 MIN | 7-12 FG | 4-6 FT | 1 REB | 5 AST | 19 PTS | -13

Listen to end of interview when Sessions talks about Wade and his cheap shot in the 3rd quarter.

Mike Dunlap

Coach Dunlap quotes in post game.

“To guarantee yourself a chance in this league, you have to play hard. I’ve said that’s the one thing where people can see where we are at. The second is execution and defense on a string. I thought we were better tonight than we have been in those areas. I’m just trying to hold that down until the young guys figure some things out.”

Dunlap on Henderson’s game: “i thought he did some gritty things tonight that were very good for him.”

Two Things We Saw

  1. Bobcats gave up 32 points in the paint and 14 second chance points to Miami in the 1st half. In the 2nd half Charlotte changed the course of the ship defensively and only gave the Heat 8 points in the paint and also surrendered 0 second chance points.

    Dunlap on the defensive adjustments to make this possible: “Our biggest defensive adjustment was not to give them run-outs off our turnovers. That’s where they got separation and pushed away from us was our mistakes on the offensive end. They have done that to everyone. I am unaccepting of a high turnover count whether we are on the road or at home. We have to be at 12 (turnovers) or less to be able to win a game. That’s just the way this league is.”

  2. Bobcats next game will be Friday in Brooklyn.

7 comments to Bobcats storm back from 17 down, but fall short

  • Spencer/SDS

    havent been able to watch the last few games, busy with time off…how that is i have no idea^^, but family so whatever

    anyway sad to hear about Mullen’s, 1 what did he do? and 2 will it prevent him from becoming a gym rat and bulking up at least in the upper portion of his body? dude weighs 275? but has like no muscle, lose the baby FAT!!!

    either way, Kemba dude will be better then IVerson, and Iverson although a POSSIBLE/UNLIKELY hall of Famer was VERY good but couldn’t shoot efficiently really in his career to average the amount of shots he jacked up, Kemba is currently shooting more efficient then IVerson ever did and still being able to score around 20 a game, dude will be Iverson like driving, just better at everything else^^ man i love kemba,

    Biz having a good game again, really impressed by him of recent,

    Warrick a surprise tonight, a good surprise, lets hope he keeps it up

    Haywood, what happened to him? i thought he would be at least a role player for this team: like Charloteen said in another post Mosgov anyone?

    P.S.: someone has got to tell this team that 7 is not a lucky number in the NBA, as in 7 wins is not something to keep long term^^, ehh we found the wrong time to start going against the majority of these teams who all happen to be going on winning streaks by the time they get to us

  • Spencer/SDS

    the future after the Lebron era: perfect for the MKG era^^

    i mean really, once Lebron starts to lose his step who is left to become that “superstar hall of famer 1st ballot monster that will lead a team to multiple championshiops”-seriously who is there? KD? i love the guy but idk if his body will last anything past 30 if he never gains weight, he very likely could but if he doesn’t ever bulk up athletically he will be sourly diminished and unable to get to the rim as easily, and if he doesn’t ever bulk up, even with his height he won’t ever be a monster on the block…he will be a Dirk shooter, which is by no means bad^^, but still….so who is there to take the reigns? who is that next superstar? MKG might be him, he has the mentality to be him, as does Kemba, only thing stopping kemba is the thing no one wants to hear, his height, it WILL slow him down once he losses a step or two

    Anthony Davis? he easily looks like he could be it, but injuries are hurting him in this man’s league as of yet, i assume that he will learn that he can’t be this stick and gain around 20lbs of muscle this off season, which will obviously help, he could be the next Duncan, he has the ball handling skills, passing skill,s defensive monster and board eating ability, only issue is durability/strength and mentality, does he have it to be the “man”. he wasn’t even the “man”/leader in college, MKG was…

    Griffin? with his athletic monster abilities he very well could be it, but i have an issue, he is playing PF which i don’t believe is suiting his abilities to the max, SF could well be it, he has well above average ball handling skills as a big man, he is athletic and one of his biggest weaknesses is post defense, although he is big he isn’t long. His wingspan to body height will remind you to our own Jeffery Taylor..but he is extremely good at one thing defensively; his feet, he is quick and can stay in front of people, he has in him to be a defensive force on the outside, while overpowering his opponent “sfs” and with a hopefully improving jump shot he would be a monster…

    Irving of Cleveland: has one of the best jump shots in the game, it will remind you of Stephen Curry a native of Carolinaville, dude can outright shoot it…but he is better then Curry at everything else, driving and finishing ability, athleticism, defensively, everything, looks like the next Chris Paul just bigger and possibly better…

    James Harden? dude has best SG in the future written all over him? or maybe another 1, or even 2 of his ex teamates, Serge Ibaka-will remind you soo much of Kevin Garnett, only thing stopping him is the fact that Durant: one of the best if not best players at putting the ball in the bucket, and the super athletic SG turned PG Westbrook, who is passing considerably better, although his shooting % have fallin

    or maybe another like Westbrook, D Rose? dude is as athletic if not even more, but will injuries make him look like the next Grant Hill? or will it be someone we haven’t seen yet? such as sophmore bigmen ranked #1 in the nation in high school Diamond Stone: C 6ft 10, 250? or will he fall into the category of: not mentally capable to be the next Lebron/Kobe/Jordan, although at the Center position, as the GAON, Greatest as of now…watching him he is no where near ready physically or mentally, but he is a sophomore in high school

    who will be it? or more importantly who has the mentality to be it? who has the work ethic? who has the drive to deny himself from losing, who would rather die then lose? who just didn’t have enough time to win? I would say Charlotte has 2 candidates to vow for once the Lebron era end: Kemba Walker and MKG, will they reach it? maybe…they have the GOAT to learn from…a man who know’s work ethic and the passion to win is as important as talent itself…Kemba, MKG, Bismack, Taylor, all show that work ethic, Kemba MKG and Bis have the athleticism, but only Kemba and MKG have the passion have the mentality to kill or be killed…MKG will learn to contain it, foul less and get fouled more, Kemba from year 1 to year 2, is a different person, year 2 to year 3? eww he could become sexy…MKG should and i believe will be the same…lets hope for it…

  • charlottean

    Durant will definitely carry from lebron but who carries after durant could easily be mkg. His jumper is really the only hole in his game and it will come. He’s shooting 50% from the field as a rookie even with that horrible jumper. That shows an uncanny ability to finish as a rookie.

    Walker being iverson without the attitude would be insane….his height is iverson like. I don’t think he’s capable of 30ppg though. A more efficient 20 and 8 should be the goal. This group of walker/henderson/mkg/mullens/biyombo could be something special. The game against miami showed it.

    Mullens had a horrible ankle sprain. Grade 3 or whatever is the extreme one is what it looked like. He’s probably done for 2 months and maybe not fully rehabbed until next year. Makes for an insane predicament with him. His value on the open market somehow increased to some and decreased to others. The ones that don’t get to see him play mediocre at times and inconsistent will shrug off the poor numbers as a shortened season and take a flier. The others who saw enough will be hesitant about a big coming off of injury who never fully established himself prior.

    If he ends up missing most of the rest of the year it would be horrible for his development, but probably increase chances of him being here at least for one more year. Hopefully he’s back in 3 weeks and after sitting and watching develops a sense of urgency and starts going at it every night.

    Biz is going to be something special. Never going to be olajuwon, but i think he could be varejao or maaaaybe mutumbo like. He has a solid touch around the basket. With time he could be a solid post up option. His work ethic and hustle makes me think both his ball skills and rebounding will continue to improve. Thinking of his potential 6 years from now is insane.


    Only ones I see as starters on this team in the future is Walker and MKG. Henderson is not special hell he wouldn’t start on 85 percent of NBA rosters. Biyombo seems to be a better option off the bench (for now could change in time). Our center position is just plain bad Haywood is clearly better than Diop so why is he not playing because he even has better numbers in the same minutes. I would draft a SG in the draft for scoring (which is still needed by this team) and go after a decent young Center in Free Agency. Hopefully this is the last year with that horrible “BobJohnsonCats” name and they switch back to Hornets because that will draw the interest of the 15 million people in Carolina and give the franchise a brand that can last in Carolina and will sell.

  • Spencer/SDS

    only issue with Durant is that he isn’t a weight room rat, he is a gym rat^^, just doesn’t like that weight room i guees, he is still a top 5 player in the league today, and will be until he is 28-30, only issue is if he doesn’t really bulk up a big part o his game will be diminished(possibly)and that is driving to the basket, if he bulks up (like Jordan/Kobe) and can get better in the post (remember lebron) then the loss of athleticism won’t hurt nearly as much, especially with his height he could be dominate in the paint, especially if teams still have to put smaller sf’s on him…he will likely be the next Lebron, i just want him to gain weight^^, idk…

    MKG-special driving force and in the paint obviously as you pointed out^^, Kemba, same thing except he has a VERY efficient mid range jumper, from 16 to 23 feet he is shooting 10th overall percentage wise and that is off of 3.6 Attempts per game 35th overall from that range, very efficient, Iverson almost never did that. At the rim/driving to the basket he is shooting at 52%, 25th overall for PGs and attempts the 3rd most shots at the rim for a pg, at 5.4 attempts per game…Kemba, i think if he jacked up as much as Iverson did, he could score 30 a game. Iverson’s highest fg % was 46%, that was in his 13th year and in denver, where he wasn’t the worst nightmare for opposing teams defensively. His 30+ ppg years he shot 42%, 39.8%, 42.4%, 44.7% and 41.3%…not good at all considering the amount of attempts…Kemba could do that, just would need to jack up some more shots and give him another few years^^, i just hope he doesn’t jack it up like Iverson did…we need a PG, and he is becoming it^^

    To hornets-Biz is our Center^^, dude is easily big enough, he is 6 ft 9, but has a 7 ft 7 wingspan, he is basically 7 ft 2….he is actually “bigger” then Mullens considering wingspan and height combined…plus Biz is a starter and will and should be on any team like the Cats, a rebuilding team that has no reason to start the older guys who won’t even be here when this team becomes relevant…

    Also if we can draft him i want Ben McLemore, he is surpassing Shabazz on a couple draft boards because well…Shabazz had the worst idea possible to go to UCLA, a team known to fuck people over in college…still a top 5 caliber player in this draft, but he would have been better off going straight to the D League and getting paid then go to College(yes you can do that)or just go to Kansas….If not him i want Zeller or Alex Len please and thank you…screw Nerlens, dude is a wannabe “Brow” to skinny to be a post up player at this point and that is what we need, we already have a defensive specialized big man that can block shots, who happens to be bigger…Bismack Biyombo…

    also when/if teams “hack” biyombo, why don’t announcers ever realize his first name is perfect for a saying called Hack a Smack?

  • charlottean

    You can’t get paid to play professionally and maintain amateur status. Not sure where that came from. If that has changes enes kanter has a major bone to pick.

    It’s hack a mack.

    Iverson’s points per possessions used was solid. He got to the line a TON, 10 plus per game in those 30ppg years. And made a solid %. He also averaged over 6 assists a game for his career, 8 in one of those seasons. I’m not a huge per guy but he had a career 20.9 including some really rough years at the end. Where kemba could win out is being a better 3 pt shooter. He’s shooting a solid rate thus far this year and appears to be making drastic improvements in that area of late. There IS something to be said about the difficulty of shooting 44.7% from the field as a guard and scoring 30 plus per game. Lot of stamina and confidence issues there. Would love it if we look back at kemba and say he was better than iverson. But it would take a lot. Iverson had several incredible years.

    All 5 guys are long term nba starters. Henderson would start for most teams not 15%. Atlanta, washington, okc, chicago, new york, orlando, san antonio, toronto, phoenix, etc. Basically any team not having kobe, james harden, dwade. Sure there are teams like milwaukee that he wouldn’t start because they have a weird roster but henderson is absolutely an nba starter caliber player. He’s NOT a go to star guy, but he’s a solid number 2 and an even better number 3. With this group, he’ll be number 4. All 5 of these guys will start in their careers.

    Bismack is 20. That guy isn’t just going to start, he’s going to start so long that if he stays healthy, he might set the nba block record. Won’t come close on the rebounds but top 10 alltime is possible. This dude is 20. He’ll average a double double next year and onward.

    Look at memphis and look at us. We can’t have that type of team with these 5 guys? 5 years of playing together goes a long way.

  • Spencer/SDS

    ehh idk:(, it’s just other then the 44.7% year, looking at the stats it just doesn’t look good…at least considering other 30ppg players in history…:( but hey either way, he is another type of Iverson who i hope will just be more efficient, although scoring less:) but more assists let’s hope^^

    So far watching the nets game i feel like Dunlap messed up with not putting Biz at the 4 and starting Haywood at the 5 immediately coming in from the half, all he did was allow Lopez to get hot again against Biz who just doesn’t seem big enough:(, Warrick isn’t any valued young asset, so why give him the more minutes? :( ehh whatever…

    couple things i wanna see from Biz this off season- footwork, gain weight, footwork, gain weight, foot work, foot work, and a little more weight^^, Biz is perfect for Howard who isn’t that big and has terrible footwork for being the “star” center in the NBA, but someone like Lopez? an actually good offensive center who is a true 7 footer? rather then Dwight’s 6 foot 10 frame? might need to get a little more weight^^

    Biz is 7ft2 if you add up his height, wingspan and divide by 2, not bad^^, but he is just 245-250 lbs, that is a very strong 245-250, but let’s see another 10 lbs of muscle my man^^…

    ehh i hate talking about the “future” and what players have to do, but i also love it, hate it because it means the team i am rooting for isn’t “there” yet, but love it because i can just write up about it all day…which probably is annoying to some:(